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Fusion SaaS: How Neumetric Streamlines Information Security for Cloud-Native Organizations

Published on Apr 01, 2024 07:57 PM IST

Fusion offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the unique demands of cloud-native environments

Fusion, a SaaS solution provided by Neumetric, is the result of the company’s experience, expertise and technological innovation.
Fusion, a SaaS solution provided by Neumetric, is the result of the company’s experience, expertise and technological innovation.
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The requirement for strong information security grows as businesses continue to adopt cloud-native systems. And with this high rate of cloud adoption, the security, privacy, compliance, risk and governance needs of organizations has increased manifold, specifically for those who provide enterprise class SaaS products. With a focus on helping organizations in tackling these challenges, Neumetric comes along as a dependable partner in the constantly changing field of information security compliance and certification.

Started by Cyber Security experts, Neumetric is well-aware of the changing cybersecurity needs of organizations and has employed its extensive domain knowledge to fit the demands of cloud-native operations. Fusion, a SaaS solution provided by Neumetric, is the result of the company’s experience, expertise and technological innovation. Fusion redefines the way cloud-native organizations approach and handle security, privacy, compliance, risk and governance. This cloud-based SaaS solution is more than just a tool; it is a strategic asset that streamlines and simplifies security implementation, aligning seamlessly with the security needs of cloud-native operations.

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In an industry marked by constant evolution and escalating cyber threats, Fusion offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the unique demands of cloud-native environments. A majority of security products are designed to serve large organizations, making them unsuitable for smaller organizations due to high cost or complexity. Fusion can be used by organizations of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises as it not only automates workflows but does so in a manner which is simple and intuitive while being highly scalable.

How does Fusion simplify Information Security Workflows?

Fusion contains a wide spectrum of innovative cybersecurity management features:

1. Cloud-based Accessibility: Fusion is offered as a multi-modular, microservices-driven, cloud-based Software as a Service [SaaS]. Users can seamlessly access the platform, from any location and on any computer. This not only eliminates the hassle of complex setups but also provides a plug-and-play [PnP] experience, aligning perfectly with the agile nature of cloud-native organizations.

2. Centralized Record Management: Fusion’s centralized and automated record management capability facilitates easy retrieval and utilization of crucial information. All data uploaded to Fusion, or created through its suite of cybersecurity modules, are secured by industry-standard security algorithms and secure architecture.

3. Workflow Automation: Historically, the InfoSec function of enterprises has been encumbered under heavy workloads. Fusion introduces efficiencies and effectiveness through workflow automation. The platform significantly reduces the time required for conducting and completing audits, managing remediation tasks, creating and maintaining documentation, tracking incidents, conducting continuity tests and managing an infosec awareness education program. Follow-ups, notifications and alerts are automated thus eliminating the need for offline reminders. Several compliance activities are asynchronous thus removing dependencies that result in slow downs.

4. Simplified Compliance Management: Navigating compliance requirements becomes a breeze with Fusion. The platform's intuitive features simplify compliance management, whether it is for conforming to industry-specific standards such as ISO 27001 or SOC 2 or addressing regulatory compliance requirements such as EU GDPR or HIPAA. Fusion's capabilities cover a wide range of cybersecurity standards, global regulations and industry frameworks.

A modular approach to Information Security

Fusion is made up of several Modules, each one meant to automate and streamline a different aspect of cybersecurity compliance management.

1. Auditor for Audit Management: This module provides a rapid and accurate assessment of an organization's readiness in terms of security and compliance. Supporting various frameworks such as ISO 27001, EU GDPR, SOC, Digital PDPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA and many more, Auditor results in 50% faster audits and 60% cost reduction.

2. Arc for Compliance Management: This module acts as a command center for compliance management, offering a comprehensive dashboard for tracking remediation and compliance objectives and activities. Arc streamlines operations, ensuring real-time updates and collaboration among relevant stakeholders. All compliance tasks from the various Fusion modules pour into Arc automatically where the right people can handle them centrally and efficiently.

3. Documenter for ISMS Management: This module is a streamlined document management system [DMS] which simplifies the creation, editing, review and approval of policies, procedures, processes and other documentation. Creation of ISMS documents is fully automated and instantaneous. Workflows for review, approval and collaboration are inbuilt.

4. Educator for InfoSec Education Program: This module is dedicated to the learning initiatives that are focused on information security awareness and education. It facilitates multi-modal Information Security Awareness training programs. The ability to conduct assessments is built-in and the success of the education program is measured through the real-time stats dashboard.

5. Mitigator for Risk Management: All security standards and frameworks are risk-based, so any security and compliance management system is incomplete without a full-fledged risk management system. This module automatically prescribes risks based on the context of the organization and is an important aspect that external auditors expect. Risks management can be done through prescribed risks which are assessed using industry-standard risk assessment methods. Custom organisation-risks can be created and tracked just as easily.

6. Continuer for Business Continuity Management: A comprehensive business continuity management program, spanning diverse scenarios across multiple departments is necessary to ensure that an organization can continue to function during adverse conditions and has tested its ability to recover from disasters. Its user-friendly interface seamlessly incorporates the ability to record observations and learnings from each test, allowing for continuous improvement. The module facilitates efficient collaboration by effortlessly adding required personnel to execute and validate the test scenarios. With the capability to upload and manage evidentiary materials, Continuer ensures a thorough and well-documented Business Continuity Management process.

7. Investigator for Incident Management: Investigator specializes in Incident Management, addressing critical needs for organizations in tracking, analyzing and responding to security incidents effectively. It serves as a centralized repository, systematically organizing all pertinent information and evidence related to each incident, facilitating thorough investigations. Its functionality extends to tracking and managing the actions required for investigation and remediation, ensuring a streamlined and accountable response process. Additionally, it generates detailed Incident Reports, including the ability to record the root causes of incidents, hence fostering a proactive approach to prevent their recurrence.

8. Remediator for Vulnerability Management: A module specifically designed to streamline and strengthen remediation of vulnerabilities identified during Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing [VAPT], Remediator serves as a centralized hub for tracking the status and progress of each discovered vulnerability. This module logs comprehensive details about each vulnerability such as the nature, discovery date and timelines for remediation along with evidence of remediation. Notably, Remediator facilitates efficient accountability by tracking responsible parties for remediating vulnerabilities, including information on who reported the vulnerability.

9. Enumerator for Inventory Management: Enumerator is dedicated to simplifying and optimizing IT Asset Management for organizations. This module functions as a comprehensive repository, systematically listing and tracking all IT assets. Enumerator provides a holistic view of the entire IT infrastructure, allowing for efficient monitoring and management of assets throughout their lifecycle. It reduces the possibility of shadow IT within the organisation which has become a growing threat. From hardware components to software licenses, Enumerator ensures accurate and up-to-date records, promoting transparency and accountability.

Looking ahead, Neumetric has exciting plans to introduce additional modules focused on other areas of cyber security. With the addition of these modules, Fusion's capabilities will be further enhanced and organizations will have even more automation at their disposal to improve their information security posture. The excitement surrounding these upcoming modules highlights Neumetric's dedication to ongoing innovation, guaranteeing that Fusion stays at the forefront of tackling the changing issues faced by cloud-native enterprises.

Customer Benefits:

Implementing Fusion yields a myriad of tangible benefits for organizations operating in the cloud-native landscape. This platform is created to not only meet the evolving needs of information security but also to empower organizations with a competitive edge.

The key benefits that organizations can derive by implementing Fusion:

1. Enhanced Security Measures: Fusion's robust features, including rapid audits, in-depth risk management capabilities and adherence to industry-specific standards. By leveraging Fusion, organizations can instill confidence in their clients towards the abilities to prevent, detect and respond to threats effectively.

2. Streamlined Operations: Fusion's workflow automation features are a driving force behind operational simplification. Audits are often time-consuming activities, which can be accelerated through the use of Fusion. Automation of compliance activities ensures timely closure and a clearer understanding of the security posture in real-time. By ensuring that important information is easily available, centralized record management promotes collaboration and reduces needless communication between departments.

3. Cost-Efficiency: Fusion's innovative approach to information security management translates into tangible cost savings for organizations. Fusion automates several time-consuming compliance activities thereby reducing costs significantly. The cloud-based SaaS model further contributes to cost-efficiency by eliminating the need for complex setups and maintenance, allowing organizations to re-allocate resources appropriately.

4. Adaptability to Cloud-Native Environments: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by cloud-native organizations, Fusion is designed for adaptability. The platform's cloud-based accessibility aligns seamlessly with the agile nature of cloud-native operations. This adaptability ensures that organizations can harness the full potential of the cloud without compromising on security or operational efficiency.

Fusion Use Cases

Existing Clients of Neumetric have benefited significantly from switching to Fusion for their information security management.

Implementing Compliance for multiple Standards and Regulations:

  • Scenario: Many organizations, especially in regulated industries, face the challenge of ensuring compliance with multiple standards such as ISO 27001, AICPA SOC 2 and regulations such as EU GDPR and HIPAA.
  • Fusion's Role: A single solution that streamlines all the various tracks that are necessary for defining, implementing and maintaining security, compliance and governance eases the troubles for enterprises.
  • Benefits: Organizations can confidently navigate audits and assessments with efficient workflows. Automation of compliance workflows reduces the burden on personnel and minimizes the risk of oversights or delays.The centralized record management ensures that all compliance-related documents are securely stored and readily accessible during audits.

Scaling Security for Fast-Growing Companies:

  • Scenario: Fast-growing companies experience a rapid expansion of their operations, often outpacing the scalability of their security measures. This can result in potential vulnerabilities and gaps in the security infrastructure.
  • Fusion's Role: The unique challenges of scaling security for fast-growing companies by providing adaptive and scalable solution. The cloud-based nature of Fusion ensures that security measures can be seamlessly integrated across expanding operations. Arc serves as a centralized hub for compliance management, allowing organizations to efficiently scale security goals and activities.
  • Benefits: Fusion's adaptability allows organizations to integrate security measures that grow in tandem with their evolving needs. The comprehensive dashboard in the Arc module provides real-time insights into security goals and activities, enhancing coordination among stakeholders. Efficient compliance management and automation ensure that security protocols are consistently applied across expanding operations.

Whether it is ensuring adherence to standards or adapting security measures for growth, Fusion proves to be a strategic ally in enhancing information security for cloud-native organizations.


Fusion’s adaptability, rapid response capabilities and efficient compliance management makes it a cornerstone in the industry. Fusion not only meets the unique challenges posed by the cloud-native environments but also contributes to the broader evolution of cybersecurity SaaS solutions.

Fusion's value proposition lies in its ability to empower organizations with enhanced security, streamlined operations and adaptability to the dynamic cloud-native landscape.

By leveraging Fusion, organizations can proactively navigate the complexities of information security, ensuring resilience against evolving threats. Fusion is a valuable strategic partner for businesses looking to improve their operational efficiency, strengthen their security protocols and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving field of cloud-native operations.

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