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Groom right for that dream job!

According to experts, companies look for employees who can represent themselves well.

brand stories Updated: Mar 27, 2019 18:30 IST
A survey says that 69% of hiring managers cite bad grooming and inappropriate dressing as their top turn-offs about candidates.(Pexels)

You have laboured for hours to get your resume right and make sure you get into the interview shortlist for that top-rated company. You have the right skill set for the role and the interview preparation is also on track. But that is just about 30 per cent of the battle won. What you wear and how well you are groomed comprise the remainder.

A recent survey by Head Hunters, for instance, revealed that 69 per cent of hiring managers cited bad grooming and inappropriate dressing as their top turn-offs about candidates. Good grooming is an indicator of self-esteem, and companies look for employees who are confident and can represent themselves well.

For men, the first step is to pay attention to their facial hair. A clean-shaven look is often recommended for all those appearing for an interview. Therefore, invest in a good razor for a close, smooth shave. If you prefer to keep a beard, make sure to trim it properly. After all, a scruffy beard or moustache is considered to be a sign of a lazy person.

With the changing job landscapes, different jobs demand different dressing styles. For instance, if you are interviewing for a job in the finance industry, dress in business formals. But if your calling is a start-up, smart casuals would be more appropriate.

Subtlety is the key for all, women especially. Try to wear an outfit that makes you look the part of the role that you have applied for but make sure it is not too bold. Women should keep make-up and accessories, including jewelry, to the minimum and have long hair neatly tied back. Make sure you have your clothes ironed and ready for the go the evening before the interview to ensure minimum chaos at the last minute.

Good grooming is also synonymous with good hygiene. Take a shower before an interview and make sure you smell good as body odour is an instant turnoff for any interviewer. Invest in a mild perfume or deodorant and use sweat pads if the weather demands it. Get a neat haircut and trim your nails. Shine your shoes well and if you wear glasses, ensure that the lenses are not clouded.

To help students get a grip on the interview process, Hindustan Times, in association with Gillette, is conducting personality development sessions at colleges across Mumbai and Pune.

The initiative, which was launched in February, has seen experts speaking to students about key topics such as professionalism, confidence, adopting the right attitude during interviews, grooming, and right etiquette.

Dr. (Mrs.) C.T. Chakraborty, Principal, Thakur College of Science & Commerce, Mumbai, was in awe of the initiative. ( HT )

Students from about 100 colleges in the region have already been a part of these sessions.

Chris Dsouza, a student of St.Francis Institute of Technology in Mumbai, said, “The session was a nice change from the usual seminars held in engineering colleges. It was truly a unique initiative from Hindustan Times and Gillette. The motivational talk by RJ Glenn and the ICBI video played made me conscious of the physical attire of a candidate and the impact it holds during placement interviews.”

One of the sessions was held at St.Francis Institute of Technology in Mumbai. ( HT )

On being asked whether he would attend a similar event in the future, Nelson James, another student, said, “I would definitely do so. Although the Gillette freebies drew me in to the hall, the session and the opportunity to do an internship abroad was the real highlight.”

The importance of grooming was also emphasized by Dr. (Mrs.) C.T. Chakraborty, Principal, Thakur College of Science & Commerce, Mumbai.

“How a student talks and behaves at an interview is very important. I am thankful to Hindustan Times for taking up such a wonderful session for my students,” she said.

Hopefully, this programme will go a long way in making every student ace any interview!

First Published: Mar 27, 2019 17:10 IST