Help 10-year-old Nisha fight thalassemia and go back to school

Gajanan Jadhav is struggling to fund his daughter’s bone marrow transplant. Find out how your contribution can change a family’s future.

brand stories Updated: Jan 16, 2018 13:27 IST
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(Gajanan Jadhav)

‘I’m tired of these medicines, dad, please make it stop.’ Every time I give my daughter her medicines, this is what she says. I listen helplessly as her frustration builds up day by day. ‘Why am I different from others, baba?” She often asks. Even though we both know the answer to this, I divert her attention with a game of carom on my phone. My daughter’s ailment has discontinued her schooling since 8 months now.

My name is Gajanan Jadhav, and I’m Nisha’s father. She is 10 years old and suffers from a blood-borne ailment called thalassemia. She was diagnosed when she was barely 6 months.. Due to this condition, she has to undergo life-saving blood transfusions every 15 days.

With your help in the form of donations, we’re hopeful that Nisha can win this battle against thalassemia.

I work as a painter and earn a meagre income of Rs. 6,000. Nisha’s blood transfusions cost a total of Rs. 1,000 per session. At times, she needs a transfusion within 8 days if her RBC count drops drastically. Being the sole breadwinner, I have to field other expenses in the house as well.

My daughter has received a total of 240 blood transfusions and I’ve spend more than Rs. 2.4 lakhs on this. I need a permanent solution to get her out of this misery. Doctors have said that a bone marrow transplant will cure Nisha, however, I’m unable to afford this life-saving amount that costs Rs. 10,00,000. My child had hoped to spend her 10th birthday with her friends; instead, she celebrated in the hospital, around doctors and nurses.

We live in Powai, Mumbai and our home is located uphill, because of which my daughter faces problems in getting anywhere. Her schooling was discontinued when she began to find it difficult to keep up with her daily commute, especially while climbing uphill towards home. Her age is such that she keeps bombarding me with questions: When will I get cured so that I go back to school, baba? I never have answers to this as I do not have the life-saving 10 lakh rupees.

Ever since her diagnosis, I pray for forgiveness for any mistakes that I may have made in the past; which may have resulted in my daughter suffering so terribly. We cannot fathom why this misfortune has befallen us. Our son has been very understanding about his sister. He even gave her his phone so that she isn’t bored. After seeing her struggle to walk to school he said, ‘I do not want Nisha to go to school. Let her be home.’ Then he started crying.

Nisha has never known normal life. She needs multiple visits to the hospital, take painful injections in her stomach, and doesnt go to school. Badminton and cycling mean the world to her, but we cannot allow her to play beyond half an hour as they tire her out. I hate having to cut short my child’s playtime. This is the same girl who loved her vada pav, biryani, and Manchurian; however, she cannot eat them more than three times in a month.

Nisha has been suffering for 9 years 6 months, which is nearly all her life. We request your prayers and your support in saving her from this terrible aliment. Please help me save my daughter by donating to her fundraiser on Ketto.

• As told by Gajanan Jadhav to HT Brand Studio

Founded in 2012, Ketto is a trusted crowdfunding platform that focuses on raising funds and awareness, chiefly on issues in the social domain. Much like an online support network, it allows individuals to know more about issues they support and actively facilitate change through donations. They’ve previously helped raise significant amounts for a variety of different causes. Presently, the organisation is trying its best to make Gajanan’s story a positive one by ensuring that he receives funds for his daughter’s treatment in time. You can help Gajanan by donating to his fundraiser on Ketto here.

First Published: Jan 09, 2018 10:32 IST