Winners; HT Trailblazers awards
Winners; HT Trailblazers awards

Here are the winners of HT Trailblazers awards

  • HT Trailblazers awards, presented by Ambience, is a token of gratitude to the great minds who did not let their spirit go down even in the darkest of times and emerged as an inspiration for society at large.
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UPDATED ON FEB 19, 2021 06:28 PM IST

Hindustan Times Trailblazer Awards 2021, presented by Ambience, celebrates the spirit of possibility in adversity displayed by our heroes, who have gone against all odds to build something new for themselves and for society at large.

The awards are a token of appreciation to these great minds who came from different walks of life and use innovation to create all-new experiences when the country and the world at large was battling with a severe pandemic. HT Trailblazers, an online campaign, honours them, their work and highlights their inspirational journeys.

Ankush Kaul, President, Sales and Marketing, Ambience Group
Ankush Kaul, President, Sales and Marketing, Ambience Group

Speaking about the campaign, Ankush Kaul, President, Sales and Marketing, Ambience Group, said, "The bar has been raised! Ambience - Hindustan Times Trailblazers 2020-21 has been a phenomenal experience. Congratulations to all our winners for dreaming big and scripting inspiring stories during the most testing times of the pandemic. I hope Ambience - Hindustan Times Trailblazers will continue to serve as one of the most prestigious and credible platforms for acknowledging and honouring real life heroes and their success sagas for many more years to follow."

Here are the eight winners who left a mark in their respective fields, which earned them the HT Trailblazer badge.

Dr Arjun Dang, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Dangs Labs

Dr Arjun Dang heralded a new era in Covid testing in the country with the launch of the first drive-through Covid-19 testing facility in Punjabi Bagh’s Central Market area, which made the process completely contactless and hassle-free. The lab worked at about 200 per cent of its capacity every day during the months of September to November when infections were at the peak.

Pooja Agarwal, Para Shooter

A trilateral amputee, who lost both her legs and her arm in a train accident in 2012, Pooja Agarwal overcame her adversity and took to shooting four years later. This won her several accolades and medals at international shooting events. She currently ranks 14th in the world and 11th in Asia. Agarwal took the pandemic to create a YouTube channel where she empowers others in situations like hers.

Syed Rafath Praveen, Cadaveric Donor

This 41-year-old educator lost her life to a brain aneurysm, after which doctors declared her brain dead. But she became a hero in her death and saved four other lives. Both her kidneys, her heart, and her liver were transplanted into other critically ill patients, saving their lives.

Sonu Sood, Actor

The actor is a true testimony of service before self. In the midst of all the uncertainty about the pandemic, Sood extended a helping hand to those who were hit badly – from helping migrant workers reach their villages, offering free food and giving money for urgent operations and scholarships, to even distributing free e-rickshaws.

Tushar Vashisht, CEO & Co-founder, HealthifyMe

Through his wellness and fitness app HealthifyMe, Vashisht has helped several Indians bring down their weights to healthy levels, adopt healthy diets and become fit during the pandemic. The app has seen more than 20 million downloads and is clocking 25 million dollars of revenue.

Kapil Chopra, Founder, Charity Beds

A strong drive to follow the footsteps of his doctor father and make a difference in India’s shambling public health construct made hotelier Kapil Chopra, one of the youngest Presidents of the Oberoi group, start a bed tracker facility for the underprivileged to access Delhi hospitals. This became a real boon during Covid, as the tracker was able to map the exact number of ICU beds available in hospitals across the city, saving many lives.

Dr VS Priya, Ayurvedic Specialist

Dr Priya is a Ayurvedic doctor based in Kerala, who underwent a courageous gender transition at a stage in her life when she had a flourishing professional practice and also a social status to life up to. She faced her true identity and underwent multiple therapies and surgeries to turn from Jinu Sasidharan, the boy her parents birthed to VS Priya.

Jackyy Bhagnani, Actor-Producer

His production venture, Bell Bottom, is the first film to be shot from start to finish amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. A 120-people strong crew, including actor Akshay Kumar, flew to the UK when the pandemic was at the peak in August 2020 and were able to finish the film amidst weekly Covid testing and restrictions on the number of people allowed to be present.

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