The chimneys come in different sizes, designs, and colours, and are equipped with the latest technologies.(Glen)
The chimneys come in different sizes, designs, and colours, and are equipped with the latest technologies.(Glen)

How to enjoy smoke-free cooking time

The answer lies in choosing smart technology offered by Glen.
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UPDATED ON SEP 17, 2019 11:23 AM IST

If any room in a house remains full of action all day, it is the kitchen. This is where, in the morning, tea is brewed and breakfast is made, followed by lunch to be packed for office. By afternoon, it is time for snacks. After that, it’s time to prepare dinner. Imagine the odour of oil and spices permeating the entire house! Not a pretty scene, is it?

Yes, mothers and homemakers love to cook for their families. But why not skip that smoke and make cooking a pleasurable experience with modern gadgets from Glen?

From innovative technology to creative designs, Glen India offers smart solutions to make your kitchen more modern and cooking more fun. Your cooking time will turn into leisure time when you have Glen kitchen hoods installed in your house.

These chimneys come in different sizes, designs, and colours, and are equipped with the latest technologies. Designed for every Indian home, Glen kitchen chimneys give you the advantage of a smoke-free cooking time. Let’s look at some of the special features of these chimneys –

Higher suction: The first and foremost advantage of having a Glen chimney in your kitchen is that it comes with a higher suction rate. You can now choose 750m3/h to 1400m3/h suction rates depending on the size of your kitchen, the length of the ducting and type of cooking. The higher the suction, the cleaner are the indoors. Enjoy a smoke-free kitchen right away!

Cleaner environment: Imagine spending hours to remove kitchen grime. Tough task, isn’t it? Well, not anymore! Glen kitchen hoods will now come to your rescue. The hoods help efficiently extract smoke and oil particles generated from cooking, thereby keeping the kitchen environment clean. They come with easy-to-clean Baffle Filters, which last for a lifetime.

Sophisticated look: With their urbane look, Glen chimneys add a touch of class to your kitchen environment. It is a must-have kitchen décor for every modern home. The range of designer and Island hoods from Glen is upscale enough to catch the attention of every visitor.

Touch sensor controls: Smart technology makes life easy. Hence, the premium models of Glen kitchen chimneys come with touch sensor controls. For a homemaker, the sensors are easy to use, intelligent and swift in operations. That’s not all. Some of their models come with motion sensing technology that allows hand wave movements to start or stop the chimney.

Durability: If you are looking for a chimney that makes life easy and also lasts a lifetime, then invest in a Glen chimney. Most of the chimneys come with a lifetime warranty offer so that you can enjoy cooking for many years to come.

LED lights: Cooking needs attention. And Glen understands that. To provide ample illumination while cooking, the premium models of Glen chimneys come with energy-saving LED lights. They brighten up the cooking area, thereby making cooking easy.

Italian motors: The heart of a kitchen chimney is the motor and in most of its models, Glen uses 100% copper Italian motors with thermal overload protector for longer life and powerful performance. The housing and wires are made of flame-retardant plastic for complete safety.

With these and many other features, Glen chimneys instantly transport you to an odour-free zone. It ensures a smoke-free kitchen that keeps you healthy too. Glen belongs in your kitchen!

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