How well do you know the Aries astrology sign?

We take a look at those born under the fiery Aries zodiac sign, their personality traits and who make their best buddies.
The Aries sun sign(istock)
The Aries sun sign(istock)
Updated on May 13, 2020 07:21 PM IST
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Known to be the ‘head’ of the zodiac, people born under the Aries sun sign are born leaders – full of energy and determined yet at the same time loving and compassionate. Much like kings, they are known to be good decision-makers. They hold their ground and hate to be pushed around.

According to the English calendar, those born from March 21 to April 20, fall under the Aries sun sign. It is the first sign of the zodiac making it the ‘head of the pack’.

The Vedic connection

Ancient Vedic astrologers tell a slightly different story. Back in the day, Indian munis (scientists) identified 27 stellar constellations which kept appearing with the moon on each day. These were used to represent the star signs in vedic astrology.

Back in the day when there were no calendars, calculations of the time were done based on the movement of the sun’s rays from East to West. A one-degree movement was calculated as four minutes in time. With this calculation, a movement of 15-degrees translated into an hour and 360 degrees into 24 hours, which is the time taken by the Earth to make a full rotation on its axis.

This calculation was easy to make in the day when the sun’s rays were shining. But at night, the images were not available. This made Indian astronomers look at stars. They found that the same star formations could be seen in the background of the moon every 28 days and went on to discover 27 such star constellations and used them to represent each day of the month.

They considered the five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) that they could identify, along with the Sun and the Moon, as the most influential celestial objects and cast a chart representing their positions in relation to the earth. While preparing the chart they also used two lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, which denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon, as they move on the celestial sphere. These charts (horoscopes) were used to identify the timing of agricultural activities like sowing/planting and harvesting in ancient times as well as predicting significant life events for persons, temples, palaces, etc..

Based on the movement of seven planets, all those people whose moon lies in Mesha Rashi in their birth charts are classified as Arians according to the vedic astrology. Sun is their yoga karaka planet indicating prosperity and affluence. Mercury, Saturn and Venus are considered their malefics which bring them bad luck and misfortune while Jupiter, Sun and Mars are considered to be their benefices or good-doers, which bring positive influence.

The warrior people

The Aries sun sign is controlled by Mars, the warrior planet. This makes Arians hate imperfection, laziness and inactivity. Living up to their position of being the first planet of the zodiac; those born under the Aries zodiac sign like to be first at everything, love speed and competition. But this can sometimes make them stubborn, reckless and competitive as they try to outdo themselves and others.

They are known to be upfront and direct in their communication. They don’t mince words and therefore, form the strongest bonds with those who are as energetic and brave as themselves.

Compatibility with other signs

Broadly speaking, Leos, Sagittarians and Aquarians are known to be their best mates. We take a detailed look at the other zodiac signs and their relationship with Arians.

Aries: Aries men are supposed to get along well with Aries women and vice versa. But this compatibility will be higher if their stars (nakshatra) are different.

Taurus: Taureans are ruled by Venus which is a very powerful planet, but is known to be very good too. So, the relationship shared between Taureans and Aries is that of two powerful personalities, which can thrive on respect and understanding.

Gemini: Geminis are known to be high-witted and full of life and fall for Aries for their debonair nature.

Cancer: Building a long-standing relationship between a Cancer and Aries needs a lot of effort. They are god-fearing, intuitive and highly family-oriented.

Leo: A Leo-Aries partnership is a great one as both of them are fire signs. Leos are known to be fiery and loyal, though they can be lazy too.

Virgo: People born in the Virgo dates are shy and feminine and are known to be perfectionists. They share a unique relationship with Aries personalities which can’t go unnoticed!

Libra: Librans and Aries share a good partnership, as the former are respectful and balanced and are also known to be god-fearing.

Scorpio: Aries may find it hard to understand Scorpio, as these people are romantic but mysterious. Partnering with Scorpios means going the extra mile and sorting out those trivial issues, which may creep up in their relationship.

Sagittarius: This is one sun sign that shows great compatibility with Aries. They are energetic, curious and full of life and share great personal bonds.

Capricorn: Capricorn people are doubtful of accepting others and have a strong clash of personalities. A Capricorn-Aries relationship will be better, when both decide to set aside their differences in perspective and work towards common objectives.

Aquarius: Aquarians are independent people with low levels of commitment to personal relations. They share a high degree of understanding with Aries people and share great relationships.

Pisces: They are very romantic but have sharp mood swings, something Arians find hard to understand. This often adds complications to relationships between these two signs but once they understand their personalities better, they tend work better.

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