India’s first self sustainable housing community to address climate change

Published on Sep 02, 2022 03:53 PM IST

Revillage is a self-sufficient regenerative enclave designed aiming to improve quality of life, living in harmony with nature and establishing microeconomic sanity and stability by providing energy, water, and food independence to homeowners

Here we aim to promote a healthy regenerative coexistence of people and the planet. Overlooking a 32 km lake, revillage is an off-the-grid habitat that harnesses nature to produce its energy and nurtures nature to provide food and economic livelihood for the community.
Here we aim to promote a healthy regenerative coexistence of people and the planet. Overlooking a 32 km lake, revillage is an off-the-grid habitat that harnesses nature to produce its energy and nurtures nature to provide food and economic livelihood for the community.
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Lake Brahmani ((Lat.22.903409, Long.71.141336)) is a 32 km freshwater lake surrounded by rich biodiversity. It is common to see pelicans, flamingos and a variety of ducks on every stroll. The neighbouring farmlands are used to grow seasonal organic produce using perma- culture techniques for soil preservation and quality. The lake is also used for recreational water sports like kitesurfing, fishing, boating and even a sweet swim.

Nestled amongst flatlands, surrounded by hillocks, Revillage is a quaint neighbourhood adorning breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. The area around is rich in topsoil and clay, ideal for communal food production. Surrounding areas include stone quarries that provide the stone for our off-grid homes - built with these locally sourced, natural materials. A few natural springs and a large freshwater lake are the primary sources of water, the community will also have a catchment set up to harvest seasonal rainwater.

Revillage has embarked on a quest to design and build homes that are fully independent in power production, water harvesting, food production and wastewater treatment to develop a natural and waste-free way of life. Its community aims to offer a path to a smaller environmental footprint, greater financial freedom, and ultimately a self-sufficient life.

Some wild inhabitants and neighbours include the four-horn antelope, Indian grey mongoose, Indian hare, jungle cats, porcupines, striped hyenas, desert cats, herons, flamingos, pelicans and a lot more. The neighbouring deciduous forests include species like teak, dhavdo, timru, karanj, amli, bor and several others.

Revillage has developed a 20-acre sellable area to build 290 independent custom-designed Earthship homes when fully built by March 21st 2023. The adjoining 40-acre farm leased to revillage for 25 years to grow food for the revillage community is now fully functioning to sustain 290 homes' food supply chain. The sample house is ready, and we are open for site visits to showcase/show off the lush green ecosystem powered by nature.

A fully furnished ready to move-in, air bnb compatible home at Revillage would cost 51 lakhs with maintenance charges for 20 years included and including all legal document processing charges to register the homeowner as the new owner. Each homeowner that buys a home on Revillage will get a home with a 200 sqm area plot size that comes with an 8 kW solar energy system. Water will be harvested using the lake and natural springs in our vicinity with individual grey water, black water management system in each home included in the cost of each home. Revillage is building the homes of tomorrow that will give back homeowners free electricity, water and food for life without the burden of carbon emissions and the freedom to solve pressing issues of their choice. The homeowners will bear the cost to replace solar or upgrade solar panels and their independent solar system after 20 years which is the warranty provided by the solar panel manufacturer provided to homeowners.

Lakes are synonymous with peace, serenity, and the opportunity to experience time on the water. There are many types of water sports that all ages and skill levels can participate in on a lake. One of the most relaxing water sports is fishing, a perfect water sport that can be done by almost all ages and is often a pastime handed down from one generation to another. Fishing can be done from the lakeshore, the end of a dock, a boat, a kayak, or even a paddleboard. Another popular water sport is kayaking - Kayaks are easy to maneuver, lightweight, and have no steep learning curve. They are versatile and can be used on a calm lake, stream or take them down whitewater rapids. Kitesurfing, paddleboarding & sailing are also great lake sports that unite adrenaline rush and zen. Being on the water is refreshing to both mind and body - At revillage, we encourage you to engage deeper with the water element as a lifestyle choice. Lake sports such as KiteSurfing, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Rowing, Kayaking, and Sailing can be enjoyed by homeowners in their comfort when you purchase an off-grid home at revillage.

Kitesurfing is an exhilarating water sport that is powered by wind, a board and a kite are used to propel you across the water. You can go on faster, free-styling tricks, jumping and have your way along the coast. “To fly with the wind and strive in life, this is the sport for you.”

Revillage hosts North India’s first kitesurfing school set up by Dylan and Arjun, who also have their own kitesurfing school and resort in Tamil Nadu called Aqua. Both are pioneers in introducing kitesurfing in south India.

Dylan Fernandes is a kiteboarding instructor certified by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and is here to help homeowners kick start their Kiteboarding and kite-foiling journey. These adventure sports will be included in the Olympics for the first time in the year 2024. It is also worth noting that, Kiteboarding is the fastest-growing extreme watersport in the world.

Revillage Kitesurfing school provides an opportunity to get international certification (IKO) that allows one to Kitesurf anywhere on planet earth - ocean coastlines, freshwater lakes, and gulfs. A 32 sq. km freshwater lake, formally known as Bramani or Sundari adorns Revillage and will be used for all Kitesurfing training. Safety is the priority here, and all training will be held by certified instructors only.

Revillage Kitesurfing school has offered different courses since 2021. These include Introduction to Kite (Couples Kite Adventure), which include Level I and II Certification course and costs 25,000 while taking 3-5 days. There are other Level I, II and III certification courses as well, costing 50,000 while taking 7-9 days. The Level IV and V course, which is an Advanced course, would cost 1,25,000 while taking 9-14 days. Accommodation and food are not included in the above-mentioned prices, and the above-mentioned cost is the course fee and includes equipment rental charges.

Gujarat is the second windiest state of India and is positioned to be the kitesurfing and kite foiling enclave of India, and revillage has positioned itself to serve as a hub of kitesurfing as kitesurfing is just not possible without stable, consistent wind. Revillage is India’s first kitesurfing residential enclave. It offers land, water and air-based extreme sports such as kitesurfing for 7-8 months in a year that all homeowners can enjoy for free that too for life.

Next to revillage and inside aton’s and Aanya's village, a 10-acre area has been leased by a public charitable trust called “extreme sports and kitesurfing of India” to build India’s exclusive extreme sports park with a motocross track, skateboard track and many lands based extreme sports so mainly colleges, universities, schools can conduct picnics and organise sports competitions, festivals, etc. The 10-acre extreme sport adventure park will bring in average foot traffic of 4000 students/visitors per day, allowing revillage residents to sell all its extra food, electricity and services to park visitors and create full-time jobs for nearby villagers, which in turn will help revillage homeowners earn a stable rental income when they do not use their off-grid home. The extreme sports park has been included to ensure all extra food, energy, and water harvested from nature which can not be stored by revillage, is not wasted and to offset the maintenance cost to manage revillage. The homeowners will also get a monthly rental guarantee of 51,000 while they are not using their fully furnished air bnb compatible home by the lake for 20 years.

Revillage off-grid community is brought to you by Rebamboo Naturals Pvt ltd India, an international award-winning big data-based tech and software development company specialising in developing sustainable big data solutions for a few sectors, including housing, in association with Eden group of companies that specialise in manufacturing high-grade tiles for many sectors, industries and constructing homes/apartments with an annual turnover exceeding 1800 -2000 crs each year.

Visit to view or download the cognitive master plan with home specifications or to pre-reserve one 200-square meter plot out of the limited 290 plots.

Also, prospective students who want to sign up to learn kitesurfing at Revillage, Mandvi beach, or Shivrajpur beach can visit or the NGO's Instagram handle: atonaanyavillage.

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