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Home / Brand Stories / Life before technology: 5 things we can’t believe didn’t exist when we were kids!

Life before technology: 5 things we can’t believe didn’t exist when we were kids!

How did we book train tickets in the past? What was shopping like a decade ago? How did we find our way through a new place? Get ready for a trip down memory lane as you realize how technology has impacted your life in so many ways.

brand-stories Updated: Sep 21, 2018 12:49 IST
Promotional Feature, HT Brand Studio
Promotional Feature, HT Brand Studio
Ever since the world went digital, all of us have had access to a host of facilities—many of which we didn’t even think of in the past
Ever since the world went digital, all of us have had access to a host of facilities—many of which we didn’t even think of in the past(iStock)

Didn’t a wise man once say that we are living in the age of convenience? We indeed are.

For instance, can you imagine writing a letter to a friend today and having to wait a week for him to reply? Or, having to open up a giant, dusty encyclopedia every time you wanted some information?

You cannot, because you’d rather Google, right?

Ever since the world went digital, all of us have had access to a host of facilities—many of which we didn’t even think of in the past; but which have now made our lives so much more comfortable and stress-free!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and find out what some of these are!

Buying tickets for just about anything


Remember how Simran in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge nearly missed the train at the end? Yes, she probably lived happily ever after with her boyfriend, Raj, but have you ever pondered over the fact that she did not have a ticket on her? Imagine what would have happened to their plans had a ticket inspector asked Simran and Raj to get off the train?

Now, if the movie were to be remade today, Raj and Simran wouldn’t have to worry; because Raj would have easily booked their tickets online prior to boarding the train (after all, he always knew he wouldn’t leave without Simran)!

The Internet has truly revolutionized ticket booking—whether it’s for a movie, for travel, or for an event. Most importantly, we no longer have to worry about people cutting the queue outside reservation counters!

Finding our way through a new place


If you took a lot of vacations in your childhood, tell us if this sounds familiar:

“Dad, do you know the way to the hotel?”

“Sure! We take a right, then a left, and then another right. Then you take another right, and then go straight, and then take a left, and then…”

“Dad, I think we took a wrong turn…”

And then, of course your dad would deny he was miserable at giving directions, and you would end up squabbling as you poured over a printed map!

Fast forward to 2018, and you can easily reach anywhere in the world thanks to your GPS-enabled device. Even when it comes to tracking down the best hotels or eateries, an array of apps has got you covered. You can literally see how your hotel room looks by ‘Googling’ it. The best thing technology has done: it’s saved you from so many fights with your parents who may still prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. This means you get to take charge of all travel planning without any fuss.

Reviewing and buying insurance


Didn’t you simply loathe dealing with tons and tons of ‘pending paperwork’ when you visited the post office or the electricity bill payment centre? And, God forbid, if there was a queue! You would have to spend the rest of the day calculating the average time taken by each person to exit the line!

For all the times that you procrastinated buying an insurance policy because you thought you had to hire an agent, here’s something that you need to know: you have access to round-the-clock customer service teams who will recommend suitable plans online for you, as well as remind you to pay your premiums on time. In addition, insurers like HDFC Life also enable you to compare different policies online before zeroing in on the one you want. Buying insurance online is also cheaper than doing it offline because of the lower premium rates. That’s not all. Some online products also have exclusive discounts that make them more affordable.

Knowing where your food is


A decade ago, if the restaurant manager told you your food order was on its way, you had no option but to believe him. Or imagine that situation when you thought you placed the order an hour ago, and the restaurant manager thought it had only been 30 minutes! Now food apps enable you to live-track your food from the oven to your doorstep. So, now, restaurant managers can’t fool you into thinking that the delivery guy is on his way when he isn’t.

Shopping without hassles


“Where are my parents? I thought they were shopping for yoghurt!”

“Where are my kids? Did I leave them in aisle four?”

“You just spent two hours trying on these dresses, and now you want to discard all of them at the checkout counter?”

If any of these situations sounds familiar, you know that online shopping has been a boon. Shopping expeditions no longer turn into hide-and-seek games with family members who get lost in the store. Plus, imagine discarding all of the clothes you wanted to buy at the checkout counter. How distressing is that! Now, you can easily delete items from your online shopping cart without a care in the world.

Today, technology has not only simplified shopping and food delivery but also the insurance buying process because it allows you to tackle all of these activities on the go—and without having to depend on anyone.