Live your dreams—Success lies in planning your finances

Updated on Dec 18, 2017 05:01 PM IST

Depending on what your long-term goals are, a prudent financial plan can help you negotiate many roadblocks in life as you strive to achieve your dreams.

Live your dreams—Success lies in planning your finances(Pexels)
Live your dreams—Success lies in planning your finances(Pexels)
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All of us have dreams, be it chasing a career goal, owning a house by the beach, riding in a fancy car, or going on that much-awaited adventure trip. But, is all of this possible without money? It is not. Unless you plan your finances properly, you will not be able to attain your desires. Sound monetary decisions can also help you realise your priorities by realigning these with your objectives.

Wondering how rewarding your career might be in the long run? With a good investment plan in place, you don’t need to. When money is tight, or you have a family emergency, a savings scheme always helps. People who have made it big today also realised the importance of money while battling all that which posed a threat to their dreams.

To shatter the stereotype that creative people ignore financial planning, and to delve deeper into how young India plans its finances, HDFC Life tied up with eight talented artists to understand how smart financial decisions played a crucial role in their creative journeys. Let’s take a sneak peek into some of their lives.

Priyanka Bose | Actor (HDFC Life)
Priyanka Bose | Actor (HDFC Life)

Self-belief is important

Priyanka Bose always knew that she wanted to be an actor. But it was a dream that she had to work on all by her herself. “I made a decision and went with it. I decided long ago that it was not my parents’ place to propel my dreams,” says Priyanka, who is best known for her performance in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Lion’. From once being thrown out of her rented accommodation for being unable to pay the rent, to having to live in her car for days together, Priyanka’s path to success was peppered with many hardships.

She, however, never took up work that she didn’t believe in. When you’re young, alone in the city, and out of cash, sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. But Priyanka believes that as an artist or an actor, it’s important to have the opportunity to choose roles and projects that resonate with you.

Priyanka says money isn’t something she chases, but she knows it’s a necessary evil that can help her meet her other goals of travelling, educating herself further, and helping out in the society.

Shamir Reuben | Writer/poet (HDFC Life)
Shamir Reuben | Writer/poet (HDFC Life)

The power of storytelling

Shamir Reuben was pursuing a career in journalism when he realised that he wasn’t happy with his job. He joined Kommune, where he hoped to tap into the subculture of storytelling and poetry. Shamir, however, wasn’t sure if people would love him. There were days when he would struggle to pen down his thoughts, or wasn’t convinced enough of his talent. Today, Shamir has shared stage with actors such as Kalki Koechlin, and is willing take on bigger challenges.

Shamir stresses that money is important for every artist. After having seen many talented artists suffer financially—living on bare necessities, yet unwilling to give up on their dreams—Shamir himself is very careful with his finances. “We’re lacking severely when it comes to giving performance art the monetary value it deserves,” says Shamir.

He adds that while this needs to change fast, it’s important to make prudent financial decisions to safeguard one’s future.

Saba Azad | Musician/actor (HDFC Life)
Saba Azad | Musician/actor (HDFC Life)

The pursuit of happiness

People seem to undervalue the importance of being happy, but not musician-cum-actor Saba Azad. Even as a child, she knew what she wanted out of life—to be happy and be able to do what she loves. So, when Saba finds work that she is not interested in, she doesn’t go for it. She says sound investment planning has given her the luxury to say yes to only those projects that appeals to her.

“Money in the field of performing arts grants you the luxury to be discerning; the lack of it would mean you end up doing work with which you may or may not agree entirely,” says Saba.

The artist, however, doesn’t believe that she’s achieved her dreams. She thinks that life would be incredibly drab if we were able to meet all our goals.

Harshavardhan Kadam | Illustrator (HDFC Life)
Harshavardhan Kadam | Illustrator (HDFC Life)

Art with a vision

As a child, Harshavardhan Kadam was completely enthralled by the idea of creating something new. Today, his creations have found way to India’s streets in the form of colourful murals. He also illustrates characters for graphic novels and children’s books, and runs an art collective called ‘Inkbrushnme’.

Harshvardhan knows that money can fuel dreams, but he refuses to take a loan to achieve his goals. “I never borrow. My dreams were my super cars. I had to fuel them myself as I had to drive them on my own,” says the artist. There were times when he hardly had any money left in his bank account, but he worked through all the rough patches. When he does have money, the artist uses it to fuel his passion projects, and these, in turn, have become his much-treasured assets.

Harshvardhan says he is thankful to his parents for always believing in him and letting him choose his own path. Although they’re no longer with him, their teachings always keep him inspired and motivated. The artist also believes that to be successful in life, you need to live your dreams, not just chase them.

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Secure your tomorrow

If you are planning to take your finances more seriously this year, the first thing to do is to keep track of your expenses. Creating a monthly budget for your household or making a list of things that are important for you helps in prioritising your costs, thereby helping you save. It is also important to have an emergency fund for all unforeseen events, such as an injury or a phone breakdown. Setting aside a part of your income in monthly investment plans can go a long way in securing your tomorrow. Having a term insurance plan can protect your family against uncertainties. Depending on where you are in life and what your long-term goals are, a prudent financial plan will help you negotiate many roadblocks as you strive to achieve your dreams. No matter what career you choose or what path you take, a sound financial foundation is the first step towards ensuring that your aspirations see the light of the day.

Finally, while saving is important, we shouldn’t have to cut costs by sacrificing everything we want in pursuit of a secure future. Sometimes it’s alright to splurge on things you love, as long as you have an understanding of how much you need to put away at the end of the day. As American author Robert Kiyosaki puts it, “It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep.”

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