Man of the moment: Varun Dhawan shares his best-kept beard and hair grooming tips!

The 31-year-old Bollywood heartthrob, who recently joined the legacy of the iconic Brylcreem Men, talks about what it takes to be a man among boys.
The most recent to join the legacy of iconic Brylcreem Men is Bollywood star, Varun Dhawan.(Brylcreem)
The most recent to join the legacy of iconic Brylcreem Men is Bollywood star, Varun Dhawan.(Brylcreem)
Updated on Jul 17, 2018 05:21 PM IST
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Brylcreem is undeniably one of the most iconic products in men’s grooming. In fact, a brief history of Brylcreem is like a brief recap of evolution in men’s grooming. Generations of famous men have sported Brylcreem to keep their hair perfectly in place. From war heroes to the greatest sports stars, everyone has been a fan. The most recent to join the legacy of iconic Brylcreem Men is the extremely talented Bollywood star, Varun Dhawan.

Unveiling the brand’s new grooming range for beard and hair, the charismatic star talks about Brycreem’s unwavering legacy and what it takes to be a man among boys!

Get Varun’s classic side part look

Scoop a little Brylcreem Bold Hold Hair Wax on your palms.

Rub the wax vigorously and work it evenly through your hair.

Pull and rake your hair way back in an upward sweeping motion. Use a blow dryer to give it a bit of lift and volume at the crown.

Part the side neatly using a comb. And voila! You are ready to rock the classic side part

A legacy in men’s grooming

Brylcreem has been a long-standing styling staple for men. Almost everyone remembers their favorite icons using it and it is still popular with men today! Talking about the brand’s tradition, the Judwa 2 star said, “Brylcreem is one of the earliest men’s grooming products, which I think is pretty cool.” Varun also talked about the rich history and ethos that are attached to the legendary brand. The Brylcreem duo Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra also launched the brand’s new grooming range of beard and hair products.

Give your style the care it needs

Varun Dhawan is undoubtedly one of the most stylish men in Bollywood—his hair is always on fleek and his style is immaculate. The actor believes it takes hard work and a lot of care to look great. “It is hard work; you need to groom yourself, you need to look after yourself. When you love yourself, I think it shows back”. He adds, “Using a good range of products like Brylcreem is the key.”

Actor Varun Dhawan’s quick fix for a bad hair day is Brylcreem’s hair wax (Brylcreem)
Actor Varun Dhawan’s quick fix for a bad hair day is Brylcreem’s hair wax (Brylcreem)

Varun’s quick fix for a bad hair day

We asked Brylcreem’s man of the moment about his quick fix on a bad hair day. “I think Brylcreem Hair Wax is one of the most versatile hair grooming products that I have come across. My quick fix for a bad hair day is Brylcreem’s hair wax, because it is great for restyling. If you are working outdoors and you have date later, Brylcreem Hair Wax is definitely your go-to hair product for a quick fix,” Varun stated.

His favourite hairstyle

We asked the actor about his favorite hairstyle. To be honest, Varun’s love for the classic side part doesn’t come as a surprise, speaking of which he said, “I never got it right before I became an actor, but now the classic side part is my all-time favorite hairstyle. It looks neat, sharp, and very presentable.” Indeed, side-parted hairstyles are trendy, versatile, and easy to style.

Long live the beard

The 31-year-old actor manned up his beard game for Badlapur and since then, has given us some serious beard goals. Here is what the actor does to keep his beard shiny and groomed. “I think it was for Badlapur that I had to grow my beard and the first thing I realized was that it gets dry, and that is something you really need to take care of. I am big fan of Brylcreem’s beard oil, and I use it pretty often. It’s got great fragrance, which is a plus point!”


When it comes to getting a hold of your hairstyle, you need a grooming product that is workable, versatile, and most importantly, natural-looking.

Sleek and neat

Hair waxes are perfect for smart and formal hairstyles because they’re less about volume and movement and more about keeping your hair sleek and neat. Unlike water-based products, hair waxes don’t dry hard, making them ideal for a style that you can play with all day.

Re-style any time

Even Varun Dhawan swears by the Brylcreem Hair Wax on a bad hair day, and we cannot agree more. Brylcreem’s bold hold hair wax will not give you a gel-like spikey hold. It’s a re-styler that gives you a bold hold, precision styling and structure, along with a matte texture. It will change your look whenever you desire, be it for a boardroom battle or a post-work dinner date.

For exceptional styling

Brylcreem’s bold hold hair wax gives you the right balance of hold without making your hair hard like gel. With wax you’ll notice it’s quite thicker than gel, but oddly enough, the hold is lighter and exceptionally more natural in tone. Scrunch your hair with some Brlycreem Bold Hold Hair Wax and you can restyle or reshape your look on the go.

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