Bianca Ghose of Wipro interacts with Rameet Arora of HT in Episode 12 of HT Brand Studio Live, Season 2.
Bianca Ghose of Wipro interacts with Rameet Arora of HT in Episode 12 of HT Brand Studio Live, Season 2.

HT Brand Studio| Marketers of the new era talk about leveraging content

Communicating to diverse audiences, breaking new ground and building a brand along the way—that is what content marketing is all about today. In the 12th episode of HT Brand Studio Live, Season 2, four brand leaders shared their views.
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UPDATED ON JAN 28, 2020 10:07 AM IST

Gone are the days when content was relegated to a simple print ad or a TVC. Today, experimentation is a must, with new storytelling formats emerging every day. Even consumers pose a challenge; their shifting priorities, sensibilities, and preferences have made the world of digital media more volatile than ever.

This is where thought leadership comes in. Bianca Ghose, Chief Storyteller, Wipro, said, “Thought leadership is more than just content; it’s more of buyer enablement. It is all about empowering and enabling the buyer with the right information. Also, brands shouldn’t forget about distribution platforms. They have to go beyond the expectation of being at a place where their customers are; they should be at places where they are not expected to be.”

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Ghose was speaking at the 12th edition of HT Brand Studio Live, Season 2, which looked at the unexplored facets and opportunities of content marketing.

HT Brand Studio Live is a series that gets the brains behind India’s top brands to decode marketing innovations and more. It is anchored by Rameet Arora, Chief Operating Officer, HT Digital Streams, and co-hosted by HT Brand Studio and DMAasia.

In order to leverage content effectively, the importance of data cannot be denied. However, it’s not enough to just collect data. Information, when mined and analysed thoroughly, can help brands align their interests with that of their core consumer groups.

Shubhodip Pal, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd., said, “We use data points to try and create customer experiences that actually compel users to experience our offerings. As a part of our communication, we make sure to never alienate a customer with jargon and technology. For best results, it’s important to let them understand and play with what they have.”

And there’s no better place to interact with consumers than social media. It has opened up newer and more effective customer touch-points. Effective content marketing can work wonders in such a scenario.

Ramin Saherwala, Chief Marketing Officer, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, said, “Customer touch-points need to have immersive experiences. Moreover, it’s not only about developing interesting content, but also about analysing it. Content helps you channelise the positive experience of a consumer and learn from their negative experiences as well.”

Seamless consumer experience stems from relatable, relevant, and actionable content. As Jayati Singh, Global Head-Marketing, Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd., said, “Consumer segments are diverse; defining the customer journey itself is a process. Digital has provided us the platform to really target the specific profiles of companies, and positioning and customise our communication based on their requirements. It’s not only important to acquire new consumers, but also retain the old ones by keeping them engaged.”

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