Marriage astrology and predictions explained by top astrologer in India Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Updated on Nov 13, 2020 02:03 PM IST

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi offers practical solutions to all marriage-related matters. Know more about it!

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi
Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Love, relationships, and marriage – if you are looking for any of these, astrology could help you make the right choice. When you do want to get married, many of us think about whether it should be a love marriage or an arranged one? In fact, this is just the beginning of different thoughts that come to your mind pertaining to marriage. Among the more important issues are those that arise in maintaining that marriage through the subsequent years. If you are also facing similar issues or just thinking of getting married, or if you are a parent worried about your son or daughter’s marriage prospects, you may need all the help that you can get. However, the help has to be professional and straightforward says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the best astrologer in India, who himself offers practical solutions to all marriage-related matters. His comprehensive answers to your questions on marital issues are life-changing.

Here is an excerpt of an interview with him –

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Q - Can we get marriage predictions through date of birth?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: It all starts with the Date of Birth of the person whose marriage is being considered. DOB helps formulate the person’s birth chart or horoscope, which, in turn, provides an insight into his life events, including marriage. It is easy for an astrologer o to predict a person’s marriage prospects from his or her date of birth. If an astrologer is really experienced, he would know how to interpolate the Dasha (periods) and the Gochar (Transit) with each other and then forecast the correct timings of the marriage from the date of birth. Having said that, you need to have the person’s accurate time and date of birth so that your astrologer can prepare the correct birth chart or horoscope. In case you don’t have the correct time and date of birth, you first need to go for birth time rectification.

Q – How can one get predictions on life partner?

DVB: It is possible to receive predictions regarding your life partner with the help of astrology. After all, astrology can tell you everything about your future, including how your married life is going to be. Different aspects of your Birth Chart or horoscope can tell you everything about your life-partner. You can learn about your life-partner’s bodily features from the seventh house, background from the eighth house, career from the fourth house, financial status from the fifth house, and the spouse’s location can be seen from the sixth house of the native’s horoscope. However, that is easier said than done. You will need to talk to an experienced astrologer because it requires complete professionalism to study these traits in your Birth Chart and give your clear answers. In my opinion, the Navamsha (the D-9 Chart) part provides amazingly clear answers to such queries. Doing that actually narrows down your search and refines your questions in your quest for the perfect life-partner.

Q – Is it possible for astrologers to predict whether one will have a love or an arranged marriage from date of birth?

DVB: It is sad to notice that arranged marriage as a concept is fast losing its relevance in the present times. We see a lot of people getting married for love instead of relying on their families to find them a match. However, astrology is equipped with tools to find out what the native should go for. At the same time, I would also like to point out that several feature combinations that were used to point towards arranged marriage are not applicable anymore, at least not to the society en bloc. What is required is a careful application of the native’s Desh (location) Kaal (timing), and Patra (individual) analogy. Armed with this information, an experienced, as well as an adaptive astrologer, can tell whether one would have a love or arranged marriage.

Q – What if there is a delay in my marriage? Can astrology help tell reasons for the delay in marriage?

DVB: If there is marriage yoga in your horoscope, that marriage yoga will have at least five marriage cycles built into it. For the uninitiated, marriage cycles are time-periods during which the native’s planets suitable for marriage get activated and circumstances conducive to marriage are created. One reason for such a delay is if the cycles are activated but not strong enough in their impact. To overcome this obstacle, the native needs to wait for a cycle with sufficient strength, which takes time and patience. Another cause for delay in marriage could be if the native, knowingly or unknowingly, pursues other interests like career, education, etc, during the stronger cycles. Therefore, it is a foregone conclusion that many marriages can also be delayed because of human interference, and one cannot hold responsible, just planetary combinations for the delay in marriage. As result of such interferences, whether planetary or human, lead to the native eventually deciding to get married during cycles that are weak or not suitable enough for marriage. It is up to astrology and an experienced astrologer to tell you the reasons for the delay in marriage.

Q – How to find out about marriage compatibility from date of birth?

DVB: Marriage compatibility by date of birth involves a systematic matching of charts, which further includes taking into account several aspects of human behaviour. An experienced astrologer would also study the physical aspects of the intending couple and try to match the same before arriving at a decision and conveying it to you. You may have heard about “Gun Milan” or “Asthakoot Milan” and it is one of the aspects of features studied to arrive at a decision regarding marriage compatibility. For the uninitiated, “Gun Milan” or “Asthakoot Milan” is often mistaken for being the only required part of match-making or chart-studying before taking a decision regarding compatibility in marriage. Here, I would want to alert the readers that they need to re-educate themselves properly before falling for such half-baked astrology. You can also visit my website,, and read my write-ups in this regard. I have clearly listed the correct way of matching horoscopes or Kundalis for marriage. If your astrologer is matching your marriage compatibility in the correct Vedic way, there is little chance that that marriage would fail ever.

Q – What to do when in-laws create problems in your married life?

DVB: Again, it is the planetary interference that creates problems in your married life, especially with regard to your in-laws. This holds true for both the husband and the wife. If a native’s tenth or third house is distorted in a horoscope and he/she has “Lagna” incapable of dealing with the distorted houses, you might face in-law problems in your marriage. However, it is astrology itself that will offer you remedial measures to deal with such problems. The best thing is that you can find out the nature of your relationship with your in-laws even before the marriage has culminated. Since that is possible, under the guidance of an experienced astrologer, you can also correct the problem in advance. Here is an astrological tip for you – your in-laws are guided by the same houses that also guide other aspects of your life like your career and prospects. For instance, the tenth house of your horoscope governs both your career and your mom-in-law’s relationship with you. Same way, a relationship with your father-in-law and courageous opportunities in your life is guided by the third house.

Q – Can astrology help in improving married life and relationship problems?

DVB: I have repeatedly been saying that a good astrologer is also a good counsellor. If an astrologer has the right education and enough experience behind him, he can be an effective counsellor too, whether in case of marriage or relationship. In fact, the Astro-Marriage counselling is one of the most sought-after aspects of astrology. You can go for marriage counselling both before & after marriage. The technique adopted is to study the couple’s horoscopes and find out planets that are not in alignment with the desired results. The astrologer uses Vedic rituals and Karma correction to assuage the negative planets and heal the broken relationships. If the couple follow this process properly, they will eventually start enjoying a blissful life together. Marriage counselling in astrology helps resolving married life and relationship problems immensely. This is a special process that an astrologer adopts to take effective steps through birth-chart reading and face-to-face chat with the couple to help them resolve their married life and relationship issues & move on with each other.

Q - What is the role of astrology in divorce? Does any specific planet cause divorce?

DVB: As per my professional experience, if a couple goes for a complete marriage compatibility session before a marriage takes place, there is little chance of a divorce or split. However, even then, if a situation leads to a divorce, you can come to an astrologer to avoid it. In case of the absence of compatibility, relationships might suffer and even reach the verge of divorce. Vedic Astrology can come to their rescue in the form of an accomplished marriage astrologer, who knows the fine art of Astro-marriage counselling. His techniques would inspire the couple to give their marriage a second chance, eventually saving a relationship. However, this process requires patience as well as a sincere approach on part of all the participants.

Q – What is the best solution to avoid divorce?

DVB – Reason for divorce can be anything but best solution to avoid divorce is Marriage Counselling. A good marriage astrology counsellor will first try to identify main reasons leading to divorce co-relating these reasons to both spouses’ birth charts. Further the life after divorce will be predicted to the native, which can immensely help a person to avoid divorce & settle instead of going for a divorce. You see, a known devil is always better than an unknown angel.

Q – Can astrology predict about second marriage?

DVB – Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Since we know that divorce cases are on the rise in the modern times, so are instances of second, or even third, marriages. Yes, astrology has the answer for second marriage. An astrologer can predict your second marriage from the second house of your horoscope. As for a third marriage, the 8th house from 2nd, i.e., 9th house from Lagna will indicate the prospects for that.

Q – Is it possible for an astrologer to predict the longevity of a marriage? Why are divorce cases increasing in modern times?

DVB: An experienced astrologer would look for longevity of marriage while matching the charts. This is one of the principal aspects of married life, isn’t it? While studying the holistic chart matching, astrologers won’t forget to check the two aspects necessary for a good, long married life. First is that there should be no divorce indicated in the charts and second is that the couple should live long enough. Once the astrologer finalizes a chart/horoscope for marriage, these two factors are on top of his list. As seen in the context of the birth charts, these two features help the astrologer predict the longevity of marriage.

The main reason for rising divorce in present times could be that today’s women are empowered, unlike their counterparts in the past. Since the women these days are not financially dependent on their spouse, they are equipped to take a decision in their favour and walk away from an unhappy marriage. The conflict between a patriarchal society and growing empowerment of women is deepening with the passage of time. Therefore, divorce cases seem to be on the rise.

Q - How can astrology help in having a happy married life?

DVB: For starters, a good Astrologer would never let you tie knot with an incompatible life partner because he or she would know how to read the chart or horoscope correctly. There are a number of marriage compatibility factors that need to be considered comprehensively at the level of astrology. In case of any issues, astrology helps in de-activating those planets, which may cause unrest in your married life. In my opinion, astrologers who know how to deactivate the planets are a real help for couples interested in a happy, married life. And ultimately, as I’ve said earlier, a good astrologer is also a good counsellor. If you are looking for a blissful married life, go for professional marriage counselling with an astrologer.

Astrology is a science of Karma correction and not doing mindless rituals, says Dr.Vinay Bajrangi, the top best astrologer in India.

He can be reached at or 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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