Prof. Anirudh Pradhan(GLA University)
Prof. Anirudh Pradhan(GLA University)

Prof. Anirudh and Prof. Panchanan’s inclusion in the list of top scientists is proof of GLA University students’ successful future

This achievement is also great in itself because the ranking has been released by the renowned and prestigious Stanford University of America, California.
UPDATED ON NOV 24, 2020 12:42 PM IST

The major problem of the country can be solved only through education. With the help of education, we can shape the future of our country well and we all know that what are most needed for a good education are good teachers who have a distinct identity globally. With the help of which both the thinking and knowledge capabilities of students are honed and Mathura’s GLA University topped in it. Prof. Anirudh Pradhan, from the Mathematics Department and Prof. Panchanan Pramanik, from Chemistry Department here, has been included in the top two percent scientists in the world in the field of Particle Physics and Materials Science. The entire country is proud of this great achievement of Prof. Anirudh Pradhan and Prof. Panchanan Pramanik along with the GLA University, Mathura.

This achievement is also great in itself because this ranking has been released by the world-renowned and prestigious Stanford University of America, California. The inclusion of the names of two GLA University professors in this list shows the higher education provided to learners in the institute and the incomparable progress of the country. In this ranking, Stanford University has analyzed data of the world’s top scientists. In which, Prof. Panchanan Pramanik from Chemistry Department of GLA University is at 12th place in India and at 665th globally, and at 14th place in India and 1479th globally, Dean Research of Mathematics Department of GLA University, Prof. Anirudh is there. In this ranking, Stanford University of California has analyzed databases of scientists, particularly in the research fields. It should be understood that this is not a common analysis, because it has names of more than 6 million scientists in it, worldwide and these two researchers at GLA University have achieved this excellent feat by securing their place in top 2 percent of this list.

Prof. Panchanan Pramanik (GLA University)
Prof. Panchanan Pramanik (GLA University)

After this achievement, the name of GLA University, Mathura got famous not only in India but in the whole world. It is also a proud moment for parents whose children are studying from here and there is no doubt that the learners studying at GLA University, Mathura, after getting higher education from top scientists like Prof. Anirudh Pradhan and Prof. Panchanan Pramanik, will definitely be headed towards a bright future. Talking about the achievements of Prof. Panchanan Pramanik, he so far has more than 290 research papers and 20 patents on his name, and under 3 patents, he has landed his prototype in the market. Not only this, more than 35 students have got their PhD done through successful research paper under their guidance. Apart from this, 1 student is currently proceeding to complete his PhD under his guidance. Prof. Panchanan Pramanik says that being included in the list of top scientists in Materials Science is a historic moment, due to which the university has gained recognition globally and the learners studying here will surely benefit from it.

Prof. Anirudh Pradhan has shared one more information about this ranking of Standford University, that these are based not only on numbers but also on the basis of the quality of the publication, journal impact (publication in a renowned journal), citation of a research paper in other research. Prof. Anirudh Pradhan has so far held more than 250 research papers and two patents in his name. 24 students have successfully completed PhD under him and at present, 7 students are pursuing PhD under his guidance. 5 books written on the subject of Mathematics at the graduate level in various educational institutions are studied by the students. Prof. Anirudh Pradhan also gave the mantra of success to the learners while expressing his happiness over this achievement. He said, students do not need to spend 15-16 hours studying or copying others, but whenever you study; you should study hard, devote yourself and work hard with interest and concentration.

After this great achievement, there is an atmosphere of joy among all the professors and learners of GLA University, Mathura. University Chancellor Narayan Das Agarwal, congratulated the professors with a lot of warmth and said, it is a matter of pride that Prof. Anirudh Pradhan and Prof. Panchanan Pramanik’s names’ are included in this list of scientists and it proves that the learners studying in this university are getting prepared in a better way for research. In future, when these students will pass out from the university, they will set an example of the modern education being provided here along with shaping the future of the country in a positive manner.

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