Reasons for delay in marriage

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Feb 18, 2023 11:44 AM IST

Here an expert astrologer can guide you to identify reasons for late marriage and give you solutions: both karmic way and if required solutions to deal with the planetary combinations for the delay in marriage

It is not uncommon for an individual to experience a delay in marriage. There are many reasons why this may occur. The reasons for delay in marriage can be circumstantial and self-created, yes, self-created also.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi - Ph.D. Vedic astrologer.
Dr. Vinay Bajrangi - Ph.D. Vedic astrologer.

Self-created reasons for delay in marriage can be too much focus on career/professional life, family responsibilities, and many other similar circumstances. Each person has a definite cycle to getting married. Once you miss the best cycle of getting married, you can face inordinate delay in marriage which sometimes turns into a denial of marriage. But in today’s era, career-oriented peers sometimes deliberately push the decision of marriage in the back gear to achieve professional pursuits. Such cases are more seen in today’s professional females. I can say this based on my experience where over 50% of people facing delay in marriage fall in this category.

Later, sometimes they may make desperate efforts and might have to compromise on the qualities of the best life partner for them. A small word of caution here for them: don’t forget the 7th house (house of marriage) is the secondary house for the 10th house (house of career). An extraordinary delay in marriage can impact your 10th house also at some stage as some of its accelerators(houses) remain un-activated,

But the most common cause is an astrological combination that indicates a delay in marriage. There are certain planets known to cause delays in marriage, and these can be identified by looking at the individual's birth chart. Additionally, there are certain astrological houses that are associated with delays in marriage. By understanding the astrological factors that contribute to delays in marriage, it is possible to overcome them and have a successful and happy marriage.

Here an expert astrologer can guide you to identify reasons for late marriage and give you solutions: both karmic way and if required solutions to deal with the planetary combinations for the delay in marriage.

Combination seen for delay in marriage

Now, let me explain in brief the combinations seen for delay in marriage in a birth chart.

  • One such combination is when the 7th house lord is weak and afflicted. This can indicate that the native may have some issues with their partner that need to be worked out before marriage can happen.
  • Another combination that can cause delays is when there is a planet in the 8th house. This can indicate that the native may have some karmic debts to repay before they can get married.
  • If the 2nd house lord is weak, this can also indicate delays in marriage as it shows that the native may have some financial problems that need to be sorted out before they can get married.
  • Saturn, the karmic planet can be responsible for delay in marriage. Saturn placed in the 7th house, (the house marriage) of the horoscope can delay the marriage. A good marriage astrologer can help you know how to change the energy of Saturn to overcome delay in marriage.
  • Saturn in the 7th house also denotes that the native will have difficulty finding a partner or that their relationships will be plagued with problems.
  • An inflicted Venus (the main planet for love and romance) can cause delay in marriage.
  • A weak 7th Lord can become a reason for late marriage.
  • Do not get emotional or feel offended if I say that in many cases. The nearest relatives and family members also become a prudent reason for delay in a person’s marriage. I cannot write much on this subject but if the houses representing your parents and siblings dominate your mind. This is a well-judged statement based on my practical experience and exposure to handling such matters.

Another important thing here is to review all these combinations for delay in marriage, not only from Lagan (D-1) chart but mainly from D-9 (Navamsa) chart. Then all the facts need to counter verified from the Shastiamsha (D-60) chart. Only a few astrologers know or do this.

Whatever is explained above need not be alone responsible for delay in marriage. But a combination of 2 or maybe more factors can cause delay in marriage. One can read more on the subject on reasons for delay in marriage.

What if marriage is delayed

One should also understand what happens if the marriage is delayed beyond a particular age.

  • It can affect your career/professional life as the 7th and 10th house have a direct intrinsic relationship. The 7th house is the secondary house to the 10th house. The persons in the profession must understand this in very clear terms.
  • Problems in progeny especially if a female goes over age.
  • Late marriage delays the child and later, one feels in a difficult situation as a parent. A very major impact seen these days.
  • Problems in making adjustments as with the age, a person may become stubborn and indifferent to adjust and adapt to changes.
  • Natural biological frustrations.
  • Delay in marriage can block the activation of many other houses including the 2nd house, the house of fate.
  • Sometimes, it lands a person into illicit relationships or bad habits.

There can be many more effects on a person’s life due to late marriage. And later whatever be the reasons, others in your life move on in their own life. But the ultimate impact is on the person concerned only.

Marriage is an essential part of human life and marrying at the right age is a wise decision. Whatever be the reasons for late marriage, enumerated above or beyond that, one should try to figure out the reasons for late marriage. If not, take help from a good marriage astrologer. Once you know this, you can get specific advice on how to overcome their delays and move forward in your life. In many cases, simply understanding the root cause of the problem can be enough to help couples move past it. One can connect with my office for taking any specific advice on +91 9278555588/9278665588.

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