Rivaah by Tanishq: Ode to timeless traditions through stunning wedding jewelry

  • The beautiful rituals are the soul of a wedding and every piece of wedding jewellery is a symbol of these rituals.
A Bride of Bihar sporting exclusive bridal trousseau from Rivaah by Tanishq
A Bride of Bihar sporting exclusive bridal trousseau from Rivaah by Tanishq
Updated on Jul 07, 2021 11:38 AM IST
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A glow with the joy that fills her heart as she embarks on life’s biggest adventure, the Bihar bride is a picture of pure radiance. Her Dholna and Choker along with the other jewels, tinkle as she walks to the mandap accompanied by those she loves. Tanishq’s bridal range, Rivaah, - is the perfect addition to every Bride of Bihar’s collection.

The beautiful rituals are the soul of a wedding and every piece of wedding jewellery is a symbol of these rituals. Tanishq’s Rivaah understands this very emotion and caters to ‘A JEWEL FOR EVERY TRADITION’. Wedding Jewellery across cultures symbolizes the richness & heritage inherent to Indian Weddings as they signify start of a new journey for the bride.

Exclusive designs keeping culture and traditions of Bihar in mind

Tanishq’s Rivaah, a beautiful union of ‘Riwaaz’ and ‘Vivah’, offers a wide range of bridal jewellery created with traditional craftsmanship and modern motifs. Keeping in mind the traditional ornaments worn during weddings in Bihar, special attention has been paid to unique designs inspired by the traditions of a Bihari bride. One is sure to notice the unique design sensibilities of jewellery pieces under Rivaah hand carved by master craftsmen with showcase of brilliant design details including local rituals, traditions and culture.

Buying these dazzling bridal jewellery pieces from Rivaah by Tanishq is sure to accentuate various regional wedding looks with a timeless jewel for every tradition.

A real Rivaah bride on her wedding day
A real Rivaah bride on her wedding day

Special focus on traditional jewellery

‘Be it her Nath, Mang Tikka, Haar, Jhumkas, Bangles or Hath Phool, each jewel the Bihar bride adorns is a reflection of her enchanting grace.’

Each state has traditional forms of jewellery that are exclusively worn by married women. They form a part of her identity in her marital life. Dholna is one such ornament that’s commonly worn by married women in Jharkhand and Bihar. It is given to her by her in-laws. Usually given in red thread, it is gifted to the bride by the elder brother-in-law along with other ornaments. A married woman wears Dholna her entire life. Tanishq has designed this ornament keeping in mind the unbreakable bond of trust between the couple and with the hope that this faith and unending love continues for many generations making it a symbol of eternal love. It is sure to fulfil the dreams of young women and to give wings to their desires, hopes, and love. To give it a modern look, Dholna has been blended and designed in the form of a Mangalsutra. Families can choose from a wide range of designs available at Tanishq.

Exclusive designs of Jitiya pendant and Chokars

Jitvaahan is a very important festival of Bihar-Jharkhand celebrated to pray for the long life of one’s children. The mother usually keeps the Jitiya Vrat and prays for the long and happy life of her married daughter.

Wearing the Jitiya pendant by the mother is the expression of the trust and love that exists between the mother and the daughter. Tanishq has strung together a range of stunning designs that are rooted in tradition so that you can choose the one that will sparkle forever as a symbol of the prayers of the mother. The other prominent wedding ornament which has been evergreen in terms of design and style is the Choker. Wearing a Choker adds to the beautiful ensemble of the new-age bride while honoring the age-old traditions of various communities.

Tanishq’s Rivaah Aashirwad- A unique wedding jewellery purchase plan

With the onset of the big wedding season in India, families and brides have begun preparations for the most special day in their lives. The gold jewellery purchase takes precedence of all these wedding preparations. Buying gold jewellery in India is a family affair and forms a very important part of the wedding purchases, families start carefully planning purchase of jewellery much in advance.

To simplify and make the process of jewellery buying a memorable one, Tanishq has introduced a new jewellery purchase plan- Rivaah Aashirwad in a move to assist customers. Through Aashirwad, consumers can plan their wedding jewellery purchase in a structured and systematic manner and yield great benefits on the making charges towards the end of the scheme. As the name signifies, Aashirwad is the blessing in gold that is gifted to the bride as a token of love and appreciation to the daughter by her loved ones as she embarks on her new journey in life.

For many years, Tanishq's has stood as India’s most trusted and loved jewellery brand for the assurance of purity, unique design sensibilities and quality of craftsmanship.

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