SoulFul Musik Academy: Empowering Young Talent To Build A Successful Career In The Music Industry

Published on Sep 04, 2023 11:36 AM IST

SoulFul Musik Academy is currently one of the top-rated musical training institutes in Mumbai

Shreyash Shandiliya, Founder, SoulFul Musik Academy
Shreyash Shandiliya, Founder, SoulFul Musik Academy
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Shreyash Shandiliya, is guiding young talents towards success in the music industry through SoulFul Musik Academy, and SoulFul Musik Studio collaboration with HS Musik Company.

Music has always been an integral part of Indian culture, weaving its melodies through various aspects of life. In the colorful landscape of the Indian music industry, there are several artists whose names shine brightly, due to their remarkable contributions and achievements in the field. One such name is Shreyash Shandiliya, a renowned singer, music composer, and lyricist in the Indian music industry. He also acts as a mentor to young and budding talent in India's music industry.

Shreyash Shandiliya has recently released his latest song "Tu Aur Mai," which has a romantic tone of voice in it. Along with Shreyash, the song was sung by Pooja Aaywale, while it was composed, and written by Rishita Bapna. Both Pooja Aaywale, and Rishita Bapna are students of Shreyash's music school, SoulFul Musik Academy.

Shreyash Shandiliya: A Multifaceted Music Guru

With a passion for music and a dedication to nurturing young talent, Shreyash has not only captured hearts with his latest romantic composition "Tu Aur Mai," but he is also making waves through his SoulFul Musik Academy, guiding aspiring artists toward a rewarding career. This can be seen from the fact that besides the song "Tu Aur Mai," the 1st International Track “Every” was released by yet another student of SoulFul Musik Academy, Aanya Shine. She composed, wrote, and sang the song at the mere age of 13.

Yet another whizzkid that SoulFul Musik Academy has churned out is Ruhan Joshi. He is a 13 year-old boy who has learned to play the Piano and Keyboard from the academy. Shreyash Shandiliya is proud to say that they will release Ruhan Joshi's first music album, titled 'Enlightenment' on 13th September, 2023.

Shreyash's musical prowess is undeniable, as he effortlessly navigates singing, composition, music direction, and composing songs. His versatility extends to playing instruments like the guitar, keyboard, sitar, and violin, showcasing his deep-rooted connection to music.

"Tu Aur Mai": A Musical Journey of Love and Longing

Shreyash's latest masterpiece released this year, "Tu Aur Mai," is a heartwarming ode to love, capturing the emotions and yearning of two souls separated by distance. The song's poignant lyrics and soulful melodies have resonated with audiences, tugging at heartstrings and leaving an indelible mark.

"Tu Aur Mai": Fostering Student Collaboration and Excellence

"Tu Aur Mai" also stands as a testament to Shreyash's commitment to nurturing young talent. The song features the collaborative efforts of Shreyash and his student, Pooja Ayawale, a testament to SoulFul Musik Academy's success in shaping the next generation of musicians. Another student of the academy, Rishita Bapna, is the Lyricist and Composer of the song, which has been presented in collaboration with HS Musik Company.

Both, HS Musik Company, and SoulFul Musik Academy, are visionary ventures founded by Shreyash to fulfill his passion for creating music and providing education.

Guiding Emerging Talent: The HS Musik Company

Beyond creating beautiful melodies, Shreyash's dedication to nurturing budding talent is equally impressive. In 2012, he founded the HS Musik Company, a platform aimed at assisting emerging musicians, producers, audio engineers, actors, and writers in launching their professional careers. With Shreyash's expert guidance, the HS Musik Company has created hit songs like "Maa," "Kyun Barse Naina," and “Shiv Tandav Stotram.”

HS Musik Company, is a Mumbai-based music publishing company, that helps Shreyash in fulfilling his mission of nurturing musical talent and helping his students make a career in the music industry. Songs released by HS Musik Company include Maa, Shiv Tandav, Kyun Barse Naina, Namaskartha Mantra, Baarish Hogi, and Tere Bin Banjar.

HS Musik Company has successfully reached more than 1.5 crore people and gained 50,000 plus subscribers, during its journey. It is noteworthy here that the company has managed to do so only on the strength of its audio in today's world where most of us like to watch a song rather than listen to it, however hit the song may be.

SoulFul Musik Academy: Nurturing Tomorrow's Musical Stars

The real jewel in Shreyash's crown is the SoulFul Musik Academy, a beacon of musical education and mentorship.

Shreyash's philosophy that understanding the fundamentals of music paves the way for decoding any musical piece resonates deeply with students, enabling them to become skilled musicians capable of creating awe-inspiring compositions.

Statistically, the academy has enrolled over 1,47,000 students, out of which Shreyash has trained more than 1000 students personally since the start of the academy on 24th October 2012.

SoulFul Musik Academy is currently one of the top-rated musical training institutes in Mumbai.

Shreyash says, “What makes this academy so different is his belief that if an individual learns the ABCs of music, such as ear training and theory, it is not so hard for them to decode the notation of any song or musical piece in this world just by listening to it. Thus, giving the students a strong foundation in music, from sounds to notes, the academy builds musicians who are trained to the core and can create music accordingly.”

Guiding Young Talents to Success: SoulFul Musik Academy's Holistic Approach

SoulFul Musik Academy is unique in its approach, not only imparting musical knowledge but also guiding students through the entire business of music, which includes learning the music, producing it, and finally advertising it or promoting it in the market. Notably, the academy stands out as the only institution that not only educates but also releases and promotes its students' creations, solidifying their foothold in the industry.

From learning instruments and vocals to understanding the intricacies of music production and marketing, the academy equips its students with a holistic understanding of the music industry. SoulFul Musik Academy works together with Shreyash's music publishing company, HS Musik Company, to nurture young musical talents and help them make a career in the music industry.

As Shreyash Shandiliya continues to compose soul-stirring melodies and mentor the future stars of the music industry, his impact on Indian culture and the music landscape is undeniable. He is now inviting more young talent to make a name for themselves in the music industry through the collaboration of SoulFul Musik Academy, HS Musik Company, and SoulFul Musik Studio, which are all geared up to educate, create, and release the songs of not only students but also other aspiring singers and musicians worldwide.

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