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Thank you Hansa

The streets are full of stray animals fending for themselves on a daily basis. From food to medical attention these animals need our help for many matters and people like Hansa have been contributing their bit without any acknowledgment in return. Cadbury would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Hansa Sharma for her noble cause of animal welfare.

brand-stories Updated: Jul 23, 2020, 10:21 IST
Hansa Sharma
Hansa Sharma

One can barely walk a few steps on the street without noticing a stray animal loitering around. But, not many of us actually stop to pay attention to the pathetic state of these poor souls. Hansa Sharma, a teacher by profession for the last 30 years has been tending to the strays and other abandoned animals on the streets for almost over a decade now. From feeding them, providing them with medical attention and helping them get adopted in loving families, Hansa has been doing her bit for these voiceless souls for years. She had a profound love for animals since childhood and was heartbroken witnessing the street dogs living in pitiful conditions and the cows being reduced to eating waste and plastic from dustbins and dumping grounds which made her take a stand and look after the strays.

Her journey started by feeding the strays in and around her neighbourhood but over the years it grew into a big initiative that she now refers to by the name of Voice Fur Voiceless. From feeding strays around her home, she has expanded her efforts to helping strays and abandoned animals wherever she spots them. Both Hansa and her husband spend 3-4 hours in the evenings driving around the city and feeding and seeking medical attention for street animals either through the help of shelters or by taking them to the vets. They often buy dog food from the market, source some food for the cows from the Masoodpur dairy and even their friends have started pitching in with bags of food, water bowls and jerry cans to help them carry water.

The couple have removed the back seats of their car to make enough space to carry all the supplies. They have also tied up with an outlet that provides them with waste vegetables and fruits and have started placing a can outside their door where the neighbours drop their kitchen’s bio waste. They once rescued a young calf being attacked by dogs and took it home, fed it, tended to its injuries and eventually found him a home at a shelter. When asked how she manages to take time out from her daily routine to serve the strays she says that when you are truly passionate about something you’ll always find time for it.

Hansa says that she feels that people in urban areas are cut off from nature, they sometimes fail to realise that even the animals have the same feelings as us humans. She feels that we need to be more generous and give back to nature in whatever way we can. She believes that to truly enjoy our lives in a joyful manner we need to embrace nature and that includes being sensitive to the plight of other living beings including animals. She further adds that even a small act like leaving bowls of water outside our homes can make a big difference.

For the thoughtful gestures and the selfless service of Hansa towards the stray animals, Cadbury Dairy Milk thanks her.

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