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The problem solver: Offering simple remedies for common quandaries

As one of India’s leading Vedic astrologers, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi uses his expertise and experience to solve a wide range of problems and challenges that frequently crop up in our lives.

Updated: Feb 13, 2018, 15:04 IST
Partnered Feature, HT Brand Studio
Partnered Feature, HT Brand Studio
(Dr. Vinay Bajrangi)
Contact Dr. Vinay Bajrangi for a personalized consultation on +91-9278665588 / +919278555588 or visit

    Life can throw several unexpected challenges and roadblocks at us, especially in matters that are often beyond our control. In such troubling yet recurring cases, many people seek the assistance of accomplished astrologers and experts for solutions and guidance. Finding the right expert, however, can be an equally complex matter. Very few astrologers have the experience and expertise to tackle the wide range of common problems that crop up in our lives.

    Based out of Delhi-NCR, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi has successfully emerged as one of the leading Vedic astrologers in India. Besides being well-read, he comes with the unique distinction of possessing a double doctorate in astrology and extensive experience in reading over 80,000 horoscopes over the last decade and a half.

    Among his various skills, Dr. Bajrangi is adept at mixing the Parashari, Bhrighu, Krishnamurthy, and Jamini systems of astrology along with rare south Indian Nadis to arrive at predictions. His range of expertise involves the following astrological services and solution.

    Karma correction

    Dr. Bajrangi is a Karma Korrector, wherein he can analyse one’s karma and then explain the corrections to be applied. The main methodology behind this practice involves the understanding of the following points:

    •Pending karmas from one’s previous life.

    •Liability karmas from this life.

    •Negative karma from this life which can be corrected

    •Residual karmas for the afterlife

    Birth-time rectification

    Dr. Bajrangi is an expert birth-time rectifier. It is commonly believed that faulty birth-time could lead to the construction of defective birth charts; therefore, the predictions that follow, too, would be flawed. It’s possible that even the surest details could be off by few minutes, which could alter elements in the finer divisional chart. In this case, even an error of 30 seconds could be detrimental.

    Career selection

    Dr. Bajrangi has the unique ability to read the strengths and weakness of any individual and offer suggestions on what subjects they should study as per their capabilities. He does this by preparing a mental map and finding a balance between capability, knowledge, and its eventual usage in their careers.

    Professional decisions

    People seek all sorts of remedial measures for the betterment of their business, without realizing that their horoscopes may not be equipped for ‘business yoga’ or ‘employer yoga’. Analysing these elements and other minute details before taking the plunge could be a hidden key behind one’s success.

    Job prospects, stability, and promotion

    Have you experienced a delay in getting a promotion or that much-deserved raise at work? Have you ever been denied that overseas assignment or, worse, lost your job without a reason? If your repeated and frenetic efforts are not producing any results, it’s possible that someone has supernaturally gained control over the situation. Timely astrological intervention could be essential in such cases.

    Testimonials and reviews
    • After terrible experiences with two other ‘faulty’ astrologers, I had the good fortune of meeting Dr Bajrangi. He was spot on about my predictions. After following every instruction he gave, I am much better now. My life is going smoothly. I would urge people to go to him and follow his guidance.- Mitali Ghose from Kolkata
    • My father had grave business issues. We had consulted two astrologers; however, they could not diagnose the problem. Someone referred us to Dr. Bajrangi, who made us confront many things from the past very frankly. He also suggested simple Vedic remedies and Karma corrections in his life. We are very impressed with his deep grip on the subject and our family feels quite positive now. His whole team is also very supportive. - Punya Taneja from Faridabad

    Business decisions

    From choosing the wrong business idea or selecting the wrong time to start one’s business to expanding the business in a negative environment or with the wrong partners, there are several aspects that can affect your enterprise’s progress and profit. The karmas or deeds from one’s previous birth contain two armies associated with their astrological charts – one of these is against the individual’s progress while the other works towards upliftment. Gains or losses experienced by the individual within a particular time span depend upon the respective strength of these two armies. Knowing their traits and managing them effectively is often the key difference between winning and losing in business.

    Marriage compatibility and pre-marriage counselling

    Dr. Bajrangi’s skills also include being an excellent chart matcher. Prospective couples should ideally get their horoscopes matched before marriage; not just ‘Gun Milan’ but also a comprehensive ‘Vedic milan’. The latter includes extensive matching for sexual, mental, age, and financial compatibility, as well as match of mutual respect and adherence towards family values from both sides.

    Post-marriage sustainability

    Marriage can come with a host of problems, from family issues and the failure to communicate to the lack of respect and trust between couples. An in-depth analysis of the couple’s astrological charts can evaluate the specific problem and identify a likely solution. The married couple undergo a few sessions, followed by simple but effective remedial measures, in order to successfully enhance and revive their relationship.

    Besides the services mentioned above, Dr. Bajrangi further excels in dealing with non-routine but fairly common problem areas such as childlessness, family disputes, and litigations. He is an efficient birth-time synchroniser, vastuvid, name corrector, and a Pashana specialist. Contact him for a personalized consultation on +91-9278665588 / +919278555588 or visit

    (This content was created in partnership with HT Brand Studio and not the editorial team)

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