The secret to cracking IIT-JEE

Toppers from FIITJEE—the number one coaching institute for engineering entrance exams—talk about what it takes to be ahead of the competition.
Over the years, FIITJEE has garnered the reputation of helping thousand of IIT-JEE aspirants turn their dreams into reality.(iStock)
Over the years, FIITJEE has garnered the reputation of helping thousand of IIT-JEE aspirants turn their dreams into reality.(iStock)
Updated on Dec 31, 2019 04:14 PM IST
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There’s no bigger dream for students than cracking IIT - JEE. For as long as we can remember, engineering has been viewed as one of the most promising career options but, over the years, the interest has peaked even more. The statistics say it all- a staggering 11.47 lakh students appeared for the JEE Main exams this year!

Over the years, FIITJEE has garnered the reputation of helping thousands of IIT-JEE aspirants turn their dreams into reality. For the last 27 years, the institute has recorded consistent results - no wonder, it is ranked as India’s number one coaching institute for engineering entrance exams by India Today. That’s not all - out of the top 50 All India Rank holders for JEE Advanced 2019, 21 were from FIITJEE.

Let’s find out from the toppers of FIITJEE what it takes to be ahead of the competition:

Consistency and practice is the key

Himanshu Gaurav Singh, who secured AIR 2 in the JEE Advanced Exam, believes that nothing can replace consistency and working on your weak areas. “I started my preparation in class X when I enrolled in FIITJEE’s Three Year Classroom Program. My preparation strategy was to analyse my weak areas and work upon it till the time I gained enough confidence. Practising questions in time-bound conditions was another important aspect of my preparation, which helped me to give my best on the actual JEE day. In the end, I must add that I never missed my classes at FIITJEE, as every class added some value,” he says.

Archit Bubna, AIR 3, began his journey as early as Class VI. While it isn’t necessary for everyone to follow suit, he believes that it was this decision that helped him hone his analytical abilities. “See, preparation for JEE does not start from class VI but yes, it will help you at a later stage to step into the world of JEE preparation with a lot more confidence and zeal. In my early years at FIITJEE, I got success in various milestone exams like Junior Science Olympiad and RMO. I can confidently say that my early years at FIITJEE developed my logical thinking and enhanced my IQ and analytical abilities. All this has made a substantial contribution in my eventual success in JEE Advanced 2019,” he adds.

The juggle is real, be it any exam, and fundamentals are vital

Several students find it difficult to juggle their Boards and Competitive exams. Himanshu has advice, “This is more of a psychological concern for many students. You must understand that if your fundamentals are strong and you have a firm grip on all the topics, then you can sail through any exam pattern. Another important point is to be regular at your school and make sure that you appear in all the school exams.

Self-motivation is significant

The competition is fierce, which makes many students feel demotivated and give up on their dreams. Shabnam Sahay, AIR 10, believes that this is what must keep the aspirants going. “During this journey, you will meet many students who are better than you and this should only motivate you to work harder and perform better. Don’t get disappointed at any point of time. I was really fortunate that at FIITJEE, I had a very competitive peer group and it helped me a lot to uplift my level of competency manifold,” she says.

There are others like Archit, who have always been so passionate about cracking IIT-JEE, but know that taking breaks is important to stay motivated. “I always dreamt of studying at an IIT and my passion to give my best has kept me motivated all through these years. However, there were days when I didn’t feel like studying and it was hard to maintain the momentum. On those days, I used to take some break and rejuvenated myself by indulging in a sport, or any extracurricular activity,” he says.

Don’t miss out on tests

FIITJEE are the inventors of the Specific IQ Test that tests the temperament and potential of a student for IIT-JEE - they are the only institute that can successfully predict a Students’ Rank Potential Index (RPI) and relate it to his / her future Potential Rank in IIT-JEE and various other exams.

In addition, the institute has also created myPAT- The Online Test Series, which focuses on analytics using intelligent data metrics to review a student’s performance, including their speed and time management. The tests are bifurcated into Learn Mode & Test Mode, which further enhance learning. The scope of improvement is measured scientifically in order to give a correct understanding of what action or remedial measures will give maximum benefit.

Further, the Computer Based All India Test Series (AITS) by FIITJEE is the only test series that helps students know their strengths and weaknesses, and is the only test series of real substance in the country!

Manan Aggarwal, AIR 14, says, “From time to time, through FIITJEE’s All India Test Series, I got to know the gaps in my preparation and about the points which required my attention. Moreover, I got to know of my standing at the national level, which certainly egged me to perform better and beat the competition. The best part is, it gave me a simulated test environment like JEE Main & JEE Advanced Exam, thus enabling me to be much more confident on the day of the actual CBT exam of JEE Main & JEE Advanced,” he says.

Attempting FIITJEE’s AITS is like attempting JEE Advanced, according to him. “I realized this when I appeared in JEE Advanced. The questions asked in AITS are designed closely on the lines of JEE. So, when I appeared in JEE Advanced, it was just like appearing in one of the All India Test Series Tests. It is like preparing for the Olympics. If you are preparing for the Olympics and dream to succeed in it, then the level of your preparation, practice, and planning has to be at the desired level. You have to keep raising the bar of your performance and you can only achieve that by regular practice,” he adds.

What else must one keep in mind?

It is important to put in maximum effort before approaching a teacher. The idea is to work yourself and if there is no other way, then get help. “Well, what I have observed is that many students approach their teachers to help with doubts, without putting sufficient efforts in solving a problem. Only after you have exhausted your attempts in solving the problem, you should approach your teacher. This way, your doubts get removed totally and you understand the concepts very well. Another example, which can be stated as a mistake, is the frequent use of calculators. IIT-JEE does not allow the use of calculators. I advise you that you should shun this habit and should aim to do the calculation by yourself, as it will help you develop the speed required in JEE Exam and boost your confidence,” says Manan.

Others believe that nothing beats revision when it comes to JEE preparation

“Revision stage is an important stage of your JEE preparation, where you overcome your shortcomings. Your study notes will be of great help. During revision, do not try to touch new concepts. Rather, attempt as many mock JEE papers as possible,” says Shreepranav Varma, AIR 15.

And if you do not do well in the first attempt, you still have another chance. What’s more, it will help you prepare better for the second shot.”I recommend you to give both the attempts. Through the first attempt, you will get to know your weaknesses and loopholes in your preparation. Overcome all the shortcomings and then appear for the second attempt with more confidence & assurance of getting a big score,” says Manan.

While students and parents both are under immense pressure to perform, Shreepranav feels that there is no better support system than your parents. “There might be instances where your child might not meet your expectations or may perform poorly in a few tests. In those situations, you should not reprimand your child, as that will further demotivate and dishearten him / her and put unnecessary pressure on him/her. A parent should always motivate and guide their ward to be strong in all the situations of life,” adds Shreepranav.

If IIT-JEE is your biggest dream and you also want to excel in your board exams, then FIITJEE is the answer! With access to good study material, personal attention, tailored mentoring and, most importantly, a stress-free environment, you are one step closer to your goal!

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