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This V-Day, thank your partner for shining brighter than a diamond

For all the times that she has added value to your life, it’s time to make her feel special, too.

brand stories Updated: Feb 26, 2018 13:20 IST

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It’s early February, and you can almost smell it in the air: there’s nothing but love. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you can’t wait to shower your loved one with affection. A walk by the lake, a three-course meal at a swanky restaurant, a much-awaited rom-com—what have you in mind? Or, are you still racking your brains to come up with a plan? After all, your partner deserves nothing less than the best given how special she is. But, have you ever given a thought to what makes her so? Let us count the ways…

1.When she makes you ‘glow’ with happiness

You know you are with the right person when her mere presence can make you smile. This is what gets you going every time you see your partner. And, what about the times when people tell you how beautiful she is, or how helpful she can be? There’s nothing like being with someone who makes your heart swell with pride. All the more reason to hum to the song, “She makes me happy on the coldest day…She makes me happy when the clouds are gray.”

2.When her laughter adds ‘sparkle’ to your life

What is a joke if you don’t have somebody to share it with? As the saying goes, “Couples who laugh together, last together”, it’s always your partner that you are most comfortable with when it comes to chortling at even the lamest of things. Feeling down in the dumps? You know it’s your partner who can easily fix your mood. Admit it or not, but she has even saved you from embarrassment at parties where your humour went a little slapstick. You are, after all, her Jim Carrey!

3.When her guidance is ‘priceless’

It’s 3 a.m., and you are struggling to finish an important project. The deadline is in 6 hours, and you know the terrible fate that awaits you if you don’t end up making it. Who do you turn to for advice? Your partner, of course! Most importantly, isn’t it incredible how she never fails to come up with a solution, no matter how difficult the situation is? Priceless, indeed!

4.When she goes the extra mile to make you feel ‘precious’

Had a bad day in office? Fought with a friend? Fret not. Your partner always has tricks up her sleeves to put the smile back on your face. From complimenting you on your new shirt to treating you to your favourite dishes, she doesn’t let you sulk even for a moment. Because, you are nothing short of precious. Maybe now you know what that biryani was doing on the dinner table the last time you got home all weary and drowsy?

5.When you ‘treasure’ her honesty

Imagine that your partner is away for a few days. Would you be constantly calling her to check on her? You know you don’t have to, because her honesty is something that you treasure. You’d rather be heading to the coffee shop, and finishing up the last few pages of War and Peace, with some mud pie to keep you company. Oh, and remember the last time your partner told you that you had put on a little weight? Well, she definitely wasn’t lying. That kind of honesty is for keeps.

With so many qualities, doesn’t you partner deserve to be told how special she is? This Valentine’s Day, remind her that with a gift that is equally extraordinary. In such a case, chocolates, flowers, or teddies wouldn’t suffice. Instead, how about some jewellery that is stylish, yet pocket-friendly? Check out P.C. Chandra Jewellers new collection that comprises more than 50 exquisite designs in both 14k and 22k carat gold. From pendants to earrings to rings, there’s something for everybody, all at a price of Rs.2,500 and onwards.

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First Published: Feb 09, 2018 17:23 IST