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Top 10 Indian Businesses Leading the Charge in Innovation for 2024

Published on Feb 14, 2024 12:01 PM IST

These top 10 pioneering businesses spearheading this transformation are recognised for their exceptional contributions in 2024

Top 10 Indian Businesses Leading the Charge in Innovation for 2024
Top 10 Indian Businesses Leading the Charge in Innovation for 2024
ByHT Brand Studio

New Delhi (India), February 8: As India strides towards a digital-first future, innovations transform industries and empower lives. These top 10 pioneering businesses spearheading this transformation are recognised for their exceptional contributions in 2024. Dive into their inspiring stories and discover how they shape the future of India and the world.

1. Poly Fibre World

Poly Fibre World, since 2009, under the visionary leadership of Mr Ankur Khandelwal, hails from a line of business acumen. Inspired by his father, Mr Bipin Khandelwal, Ankur embarked on a journey.

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Highlighting the versatility of Cottages, Gazebos, Pergolas & Landscape Products, these are applicable across seaside, hillside, and various other locations. These modular cottages present optimal solutions for farmhouses, resorts, and similar venues, particularly catering to non-construction zones. Their resilience against adverse weather conditions makes them a prime choice for coastal and hilly environments, providing a dependable and comfortable housing option across diverse settings.

Poly Fibre World's modular cottages, with a 10-year warranty and a life span exceeding 25 years, offer quick assembly, customisation, and resistance against wind, water, rust, rot, and harsh weather. Mr Khandelwal envisions making luxury a necessity, expanding products, and supporting exports to Canada. Their esteemed client list also includes Tata, DLF, Godrej, Adani, Club Mahindra and many more.

2. Kepra

In the picturesque Kashmir valley, Kepra, a Pashmina shawl brand, flourishes under the visionary leadership of Shahid Ahmad Shah. Kepra is a woven story of realness, excellence, and caring for others. Shahid, a key figure in Kashmiri Pashmina fashion, engages tirelessly with weavers, dispelling misconceptions and fostering motivation.

Kepra's commitment to authenticity is symbolised by its GI certification, proof of the genuine origin of its products. The brand embraces women artisans' empowerment and preserving Kashmir's traditional craftsmanship. Shahid Shah's three-generation legacy unfolds as Kepra weaves Pashmina shawls into timeless pieces of art, each narrating a story of tradition and craftsmanship.

Kepra, with a diverse range of designs, including Sozni and Kani shawls, caters to varied tastes. Incorporating fine Ladakhi Cashmere and online accessibility further elevates Kepra's standing, cementing its reputation as a unique and reputable brand in the Pashmina market.

3. Media Skills-New York Academy

Media Skills—New York Academy, a premier institution in Mumbai with extensions to Boston and New York, specialises in cutting-edge media education since its foundation in 2007. Its recent 2023 reboot at Andheri West accentuates its avant-garde approach, particularly highlighting its AI, business coaching, and comprehensive placement support. The academy offers a diverse curriculum encompassing acting, photography, DJing, event management, makeup, video editing, and, notably, pioneering courses in digital and social media, AI, and other emerging technologies. It stands out for its unique blend of hands-on training by industry stalwarts and a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, preparing students to navigate the media industry's challenges independently. With international certifications recognised in 193 countries and dedicated placement assistance, Media Skills—New York Academy is committed to transforming aspiring individuals into media professionals and entrepreneurs ready to make a global impact.

4. Simplisathi

Launched in 2023, Simplisathi is a revolutionary matchmaking platform that blends the wisdom of Indian traditions with the power of AI. Founder Prashant Pandey envisioned a platform that respects cultural sensitivities, offering lightning-fast matches and complete data privacy.

Simplisathi's secret lies in its sophisticated AI algorithm, inspired by ChatGPT, which finds compatible matches faster than it takes to boil a cup of instant noodles. Every profile undergoes rigorous Aadhaar verification, ensuring genuine connections and building trust.

Forget endless scrolling and awkward dates. Simplisathi simplifies the search for love, making it as easy and personal as finding the perfect cup of chai. Join Simplisathi and let technology weave the magic of human connection, turning each dream of finding "the one" into a beautiful reality.


Vaishnav Patil, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Palghar, Maharashtra, has carved expertise in digital marketing. Since childhood, his fascination with the internet has led him to explore paid advertising, eventually helping businesses worldwide achieve explosive growth.

Despite initial setbacks, Vaishnav's belief in "implementation over learning" propelled him forward. He honed his skills through practical experience, working for free initially and later learning from his experience.

After months of relentless outreach, Vaishnav landed his first client, a real estate company. While initial attempts at lead generation proved unsuccessful, Vaishnav used this as a springboard to deepen his knowledge. During this learning period, he culminated in launching his agency, VAISH-MEDIA a one-stop shop for businesses seeking social media management, email marketing, and advertising solutions.

VAISH-MEDIA caters to solar consultants, leveraging Vaishnav's expertise in a booming industry. Vaishnav's unique approach has helped clients achieve an impressive 10x return on investment.

6. Esperance Bags

Esperance Bags, founded in 2017 by Ddissha Soares, brings a magical touch to the fashion industry with its one-of-a-kind, handcrafted bags. Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Goa and the belief in creating positivity, Esperance translates hope, dreams, and fantasies into everyday accessories.

Soares, a creative soul with a background in banking, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2012, exploring various ventures before her love of design led her to launch Esperance Bags in 2017. Each bag by the brand is intricately handcrafted, reflecting the dedication and passion poured into every stitch.

Esperance Bags, a company based in Candolim, the centre of Goa's tourism industry, finds inspiration in the state's lively fashion scene. With a focus on unique designs and good-quality craftsmanship, Esperance is set to become an established name for anyone looking for fashionable and meaningful bags.

7. Akoode Technology

Akoode Technology, a leading digital transformation firm, empowers businesses to tackle modern challenges with cutting-edge solutions. The skilled Akoode team leverages deep learning, data science, and other advancements to craft custom software, boosting connectivity and optimising operations.

From user-friendly AI tools to visually stunning interfaces, Akoode helps businesses make informed decisions and engage customers effectively. It offers secure blockchain solutions and smart living through Internet of Things services.

Acknowledged for high-quality work and comprehensive solutions, Akoode has partnered with clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company's reputation has grown with a portfolio that includes custom software, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, web development, UI/UX design, digital marketing, AI, blockchain, big data analytics, and IoT.

8. Kamal Skilled Games

Kamal Skilled Games (OPC) Private Limited has entered the online gaming domain and gradually changed how gamers enjoyed virtual wars under the leadership of Santosh Kushawah. The company's focus on fantasy sports, and other interactive gaming services reflects its adaptability to market dynamics and embrace of new technologies.

The gaming brand prioritises quality enhancement of its products. It ensures legal compliance to provide users with a platform where they can enjoy gaming while also having the opportunity to earn money. Commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is central to Kamal's ethos, positioning the company as a critical player in the rapidly evolving online gaming industry.

Kamal’s primary focus lies on user engagement, diversification of gaming services, implementation of rewarding incentives, transparency, and community-building initiatives. Using these strategies, the gaming company aims at empowering its followers and offering exclusive experiences.

9. YogKulam

In 2012, a young guy named Maneesh Pratap Singh started a community called YogKulam (formerly MDVTI India) with a big dream: to help people transform their lives through yoga. It's a vibrant community where one can learn and share the power of yoga in all its forms, from physical postures (Asana) to meditation and even the philosophy behind it all.

More than 40,000 people have benefited from Yogkulam's personalised Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs, which enable aspirant yoga practitioners to discover their path based on their interests and abilities. It skillfully combines contemporary technology and traditional knowledge, allowing people to learn yoga postures through engaging online videos, in-person teacher Q&A sessions, and easily accessible study materials.

YogKulam is more than just learning poses and breathing techniques. It's like a big, supportive family where experienced teachers and fellow students encourage individuals to find their path with yoga. Over 2,200 teachers trained by YogKulam are now sharing the benefits of yoga in different jobs, while 500+ have opened their yoga centres, and 800+ partner centres help spread the love of yoga even further.

10. Don & Danny

At just 21 years old, Muskan and Devansh initiated a venture to transform men's grooming with their brainchild, Don & Danny. Their vision was clear: revolutionising an industry stagnant with mundane products that failed to cater to men's diverse needs. Recognising the stigma attached to men embracing makeup, they aimed to redefine masculinity by introducing products that instill confidence without compromising authenticity.

After extensive research, they developed a unique product range that blends natural makeup with scientific skincare principles. Each ingredient addresses various skin types and concerns, reflecting their commitment to holistic grooming. Their dynamic range includes the innovative tinted sunscreen and the pioneering beard filler, a solution to patchy beards previously unexplored.

Established in 2021, Don & Danny quickly gained recognition as India's premier men's makeup brand, setting a new standard for grooming. With a dedication to excellence, all products are 100% natural and crafted under the expertise of India's leading professionals.

Compiled by Atelierish.

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