Top Staking Rewards This Season: Try Polkadot, ICP & Caged Beasts

Published on Jun 01, 2023 06:52 PM IST

Passive income through staking has seen a rise in popularity within the market. These are some honorable mentions of cryptos that should be on your list

Caged Beasts - Monstrous Returns
Caged Beasts - Monstrous Returns
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Apart from being one of the most dynamic industries in the world, the crypto market is in a league of its own when it comes to rewards. Since its creation, the industry has always been capable of giving out better benefits and rewards than the traditional financial industry and has not fallen victim to the same barriers as them, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Furthermore, the rate at which crypto investments grow has made the industry an attractive and popular choice for seasoned investors, crypto enthusiasts, and newcomers to the market.

There are many options on the market but the ones that have caught our attention are those that have the best returns. In this list, we have Polkadot (DOT) which is known for incredible market performance and always creating the best customer experience. Similarly, Internet Computer (ICP) has a spectacular return bracket on staking, along with Caged Beasts (BEASTS) which offers close to ICP’s returns.

In the wake of a great market recovery, there are a lot of interesting altcoins that have come out of the shadows and are revealing their potential - not in the crypto market alone but also in its staking potential. Staking is the process of investing tokens into a project in return for a percentage, which is paid out in tokens. This is a popular investment option besides purchasing and storing coins in a wallet to sell later on.

ICP Staking and Returns

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a blockchain made to bring improved efficiency, speed, and decentralization to data storage and computer systems. Furthermore, it aims to be the solution to shortcomings of the traditional internet such as poor security, misuse of personal information, and monetizing services.

ICP offers a well-rounded staking mechanism. Users have the opportunity to stake their tokens for any period and will earn great returns. Hypothetically, if you would like to stake 1,000 tokens for a period of up to 8 years, the return on this would be around 17.4%. This means that at the end of the staking period, you will be rewarded with around 174 tokens, bringing your total stake up to 1,174.

ICP offers a well-rounded staking mechanism.
ICP offers a well-rounded staking mechanism.

Polkadot - Large Spread Staking

Polkadot (DOT) is known for its innovative strategies and incredible growth potential, in addition to being a platform with some of the best user experiences in the market. It is a blockchain that has successfully eliminated its high barriers to entry and make it possible for a wide range of investors to receive rewards.

Polkadot is most likely among the best blockchains to stake in because of its widespread rewards. The yield for Polkadot staking falls anywhere between 9% - 16.5% which creates perfect conditions for the involved parties. Investors do have to lock their investments in for a minimum period of 120 days, but with these rates of return, this is a small sacrifice to make.

The yield for Polkadot staking falls anywhere between 9% - 16.5% which creates perfect conditions for the involved parties.
The yield for Polkadot staking falls anywhere between 9% - 16.5% which creates perfect conditions for the involved parties.

Caged Beasts - Monstrous Returns

The market needs to prepare for the Beasts to rise. Caged Beasts is a meme coin that has brought a never before seen concept to the market and pulls from everyone’s favorite story - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Those who invest can unlock their own set of beasts that signify their investment and watch as they grow throughout the presale stages to become fully-grown monsters.

The staking for Caged Beasts appears as a referral system. When users join the platform, they receive their very own referral code to share with others. Should the ones they share this code with use it, the owner receives a 20% deposit into their wallets, ready to spend. In addition, the person who used the code also gets a 20% deposit of tokens. This is hands down, one of the best and most ingenious ways of earning a passive income through staking.

Don't miss this opportunity to join the alliance. Join the presale now and team up with the beasts.

The staking for Caged Beasts appears as a referral system.
The staking for Caged Beasts appears as a referral system.

Final Thought

In the process of choosing a platform to earn passive income, it is important to know all the facts such as the percentage that is paid out, the minimum time it needs to be staked, and if the platform performs well on the market. Apart from this, there are many options currently on the market that provide great staking options, but these three caught our attention because of their systems and their reputation with investors.

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