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Published on Sep 20, 2023 06:28 PM IST

One of the standout qualities of RoboForex is its inclusive approach

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In a comprehensive examination of brokers, has emerged by TU experts as the leading platform, securing the first position among 349 evaluated companies. This commendable achievement reflects an impressive overall score of 9.78 out of 10.

The evaluation was conducted using a strong and unique methodology. This approach incorporated more than 100 different criteria to ensure a comprehensive review of each broker. Moreover, the analysts paid particular attention to genuine feedback from actual RoboForex clients, ensuring the authenticity of their findings.

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One of the standout qualities of RoboForex is its inclusive approach. The platform welcomes traders of all backgrounds, irrespective of their expertise or experience. This inclusive mindset has been instrumental in its widespread acceptance, as evident from its vast clientele. Presently, boasts a user base exceeding 3.5 million members. These users hail from over 169 countries, indicating the platform's global reach and popularity.

To provide a clearer perspective to potential and existing users, experts have delved into the specifics of the trading conditions available on Their findings include detailed comparisons with other platforms, providing an unbiased viewpoint on why RoboForex stands out as a preferred trading partner. Their research is not limited to just trading conditions. For those new to the platform, the experts have provided a step-by-step guide on navigating the site. This includes crucial aspects such as setting up a personal account and strategies to earn initial profits.

RoboForex profile

RoboForex broker has been operational since 2009 and has consistently worked on enhancing its services. According to evaluations by Traders Union, it currently stands out as a top-tier Forex trading software developer and is recognized as one of the prime brokerage service providers. Over the years, RoboForex has earned numerous awards, underscoring its dependability and integrity in the industry.

Significantly, RoboForex operates under the international FSC license. This ensures that they're credible and permitted to offer their brokerage services globally.

Furthermore, RoboForex is dedicated to fostering the growth of its clients. They offer complimentary training sessions, avenues for both active and passive income, and even conduct competitions for traders, rewarding them with bonuses. The platform is designed to suit both seasoned professionals and those just starting their trading journey, making RoboForex a reliable financial ally for all traders.

Is RoboForex regulated?

RoboForex Ltd stands as a distinguished financial entity, meticulously regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under license number 000138/437. This license is a testament to its commitment to maintaining the highest business integrity and operational transparency standards. Beyond this regulatory oversight, the company's registration number is 128.572, further emphasizing its established presence in the financial ecosystem.

Proudly, RoboForex Ltd has been conferred with the "A" category membership within The Financial Commission. This prestigious affiliation not only underlines the company's dedication to financial excellence but also its adherence to the best industry practices and standards. Moreover, as a participating member of The Financial Commission’s Compensation Fund, RoboForex Ltd ensures enhanced protection for its clientele. This membership guarantees that clients have an additional layer of security and recourse in the unlikely event of any dispute or financial irregularities.

Furthermore, recognizing its global clientele's ever-evolving queries and needs, RoboForex boasts a dedicated Live Support team. This professional ensemble is committed to addressing all customer inquiries with efficiency and expertise. Available around the clock, 24/7, they stand as a testament to RoboForex's unwavering dedication to superior customer service, ensuring that clients' concerns are promptly addressed, irrespective of the time zone.

Does RoboForex have a demo account?

RoboForex offers demo trading accounts, allowing users to practice without using real money. These demo accounts help both new and seasoned traders. Newbies can learn the ropes of trading, while experts can test out new strategies. When a trader moves from the demo to a real account, they do so with confidence in their strategy. This setup eliminates financial risks and allows for unbiased strategy tweaking.

Assets and leverage of RoboForex

RoboForex broker offers a high leverage of up to 1:2000. This means traders can take big positions with a small amount of money. However, while this can lead to big profits, it can also mean bigger losses, so caution is advised.

Additionally, RoboForex provides a variety of trading options. They have a wide range of currency pairs and also offer investment in securities. For those interested in modern options, RoboForex offers CFDs on company shares and even includes cryptocurrencies, keeping up with current market trends.

Deposits and withdrawals in RoboForex

RoboForex broker offers a diverse range of deposit and withdrawal options tailored for user convenience. Bank transfers via SEPA allow deposits between 500 and 100,000 EUR at no charge, though withdrawals incur a 1.5% fee, taking up to 3 days to process. Local bank transfers come with no deposit fees and withdrawal charges of up to 4%, with both transactions clearing within a day.

The platform also facilitates electronic payments, including AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, and STICPAY. Most of these options boast a processing time of up to 1 day, with varied fees and limits. Traditional bank cards like VISA, MasterCard, and others are accepted, with withdrawals potentially taking up to 10 days. RoboForex also supports QR & vouchers and Western Union for deposits, both processed within a day and limits ranging from 10 to 500 USD. It's evident that RoboForex aims to provide comprehensive financial flexibility to its users.

Fees of RoboForex

When delving into the world of financial trading, selecting a broker is a pivotal decision. While the broker’s regulation undeniably stands out as a crucial consideration, it's equally imperative for potential traders to scrutinize the commissions and fees associated with their chosen broker. These costs, both seen and hidden, can significantly impact a trader's bottom line and overall trading experience.

In light of this, our team at TU analysts embarked on a comprehensive study of the commissions and fees levied by RoboForex, a renowned broker in the industry. Our objective was to provide potential and existing clients with a clear picture of the costs they might encounter when collaborating with RoboForex. We divided our examination into two distinct categories: trading commissions and non-trading commissions.

Trading commissions:

Trading commissions generally relate to the costs associated with executing a trade. One of the primary components here is the spread, which is essentially the difference between the buying and selling price of a financial instrument.

Our findings for RoboForex's various account types are as follows:

1. Pro account. The spread for this account type is pegged at a minimum of $13. Notably, traders using this account won't be burdened with additional withdrawal fees.

2. Pro-Cent account. Like the Pro Account, the Pro-Cent account also has a spread fee of $13. No withdrawal fees are applicable here, either.

3. ECN account. Traders opting for the ECN account can anticipate a spread fee of $13. Again, RoboForex maintains its stance on zero withdrawal fees for this account type.

4. Prime account. Standing out from the rest, the Prime account offers a notably lower spread fee of just $1 while still ensuring no withdrawal fees for its users.

Non-trading commissions

Our exploration into non-trading commissions focused on fees not directly related to trading activities. A common concern for many traders is the fees charged for withdrawing funds. It's commendable that RoboForex doesn't charge any withdrawal fees across all its account types, ensuring that traders can access their funds without incurring additional costs.

Is RoboForex broker good for beginners?

For individuals embarking on their trading journey, the choice of a broker plays a pivotal role in shaping their early experiences and fostering a solid foundation. In this regard, RoboForex emerges as an optimal choice tailored especially for beginners.

One of the standout features that cater to novice traders is the educational section offered by RoboForex. Education is paramount in the world of trading, and RoboForex recognizes this. Their educational resources are designed to equip newcomers with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate the intricate landscape of financial markets effectively. This commitment to education helps in minimizing rookie mistakes and accelerates the learning curve.

In addition to its educational offerings, RoboForex provides instruments aimed at generating passive income. Such tools can be particularly advantageous for those still finding their footing, enabling them to earn while learning.

Fees can often be a deterrent for new entrants wary of hidden costs. RoboForex, with its transparent and competitive fee structure, alleviates such concerns, ensuring that beginners can trade with peace of mind, knowing that they aren't being unduly penalized.

Lastly, the trading platform offered by RoboForex stands out for its simplicity and user-friendliness. A complex platform can be daunting for a beginner. RoboForex's intuitive interface ensures that even those unfamiliar with trading can smoothly navigate and execute trades.

RoboForex key features:

  • R StocksTrader strategy builder. Allows traders to develop automated trading systems without coding expertise. This tool can transform manual strategies into Expert Advisors, optimizing them efficiently.
  • Diverse trading platforms. RoboForex offers a wide range of platforms to cater to different trader needs. These include:
    • cTrader
    • MT4 (MetaTrader 4)
    • MT5 (MetaTrader 5)
    • R MobileTrader
    • R StocksTrader
    • R WebTrader
  • Competitive trading conditions
    • Minimum deposit. A low barrier to entry with a minimum deposit requirement of just $10.
    • Leverage. Offers high leverage up to 1:2000, providing traders with significant flexibility in their trading strategies.
  • A-Book principle operation. RoboForex operates on the "A-Book" principle, acting as an intermediary between traders and the market. This approach ensures there's no conflict of interest within its system.
  • Investment in ETFs. RoboForex provides an opportunity for its clients to invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) through its proprietary R StocksTrader platform.
  • High trustworthiness. The broker has received positive feedback from its users and ranks first among 349 companies in the Traders Union Ranking. This ranking evaluates over 100 criteria, including the ease of account opening.
  • Accessible trading. With a minimum deposit of just $10, RoboForex makes forex trading more accessible to a wide range of traders, from novices to professionals.
  • Transparent operations. The broker's commitment to operating transparently is evident in its adherence to the "A-Book" principle, ensuring a clear demarcation between its role and the market's movements.
  • ETF trading. Through the R StocksTrader platform, traders can explore investment opportunities in ETFs, diversifying their portfolios.

Pros and Cons of Roboforex

In the ever-evolving world of online trading, it's crucial for traders to have access to unbiased reviews of trading platforms. Traders Union, a reputable authority in the trading community, has recently conducted an in-depth evaluation of This review aims to provide potential users with a balanced understanding of the platform's strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make informed decisions.


1. Small minimum deposit. is accessible to both novice and experienced traders thanks to its low entry barrier. The small minimum deposit requirement ensures that even those with limited capital can start trading.

2. Favorable trading conditions. The platform offers conditions that are conducive to both short-term and long-term trading strategies, catering to a wide range of trading styles.

3. Passive income opportunities. Through the CopyFx feature, users can earn passive income by allowing others to replicate their trading strategies.

4. Intuitive constructor of trading advisors. For those who prefer algorithmic trading, offers an easy-to-use tool for creating trading advisors, eliminating the need for advanced coding skills.

5. High affiliate payments. Partners and affiliates can benefit from lucrative commission structures, making it an attractive platform for those looking to earn through referrals.

6. Instant profit withdrawal. Traders can access their profits without unnecessary delays, ensuring liquidity and flexibility.

7. No hidden charges. The platform stands out for its transparency. There are no commissions on deposits or withdrawals, ensuring that traders retain a significant portion of their profits.

8. Competitive spreads. With spreads starting from zero, traders can execute trades without worrying about significant costs eating into their profits.

9. High leverage. Offering leverage up to 1:2000, provides traders with the potential to amplify their profits, although it's essential to note that higher leverage also comes with increased risks.

10. No trade restrictions. Traders have the freedom to implement any trading strategy without facing limitations from the platform.


  • Limited trading pairs. Some account types, specifically Prime, ECN, Pro-Cent, and Pro, offer a restricted number of trading pairs.
  • Absence of cryptocurrency instruments. The R StocksTrader platform does not support cryptocurrency instruments, a potential drawback given the growing prominence of digital currencies in global trading.

How to open account on RoboForex

Here’s how to open your personal RoboForex account:

Accessing your RoboForex personal account

  • Start by visiting the main page of the RoboForex website.
  • Locate and click on the "Sign In" button.
  • You will be prompted to enter your registered email address and password.
  • Confirm your login details to gain access to your personal account.

Navigating the main sections

Your RoboForex personal account in the Roboforex member area also referred to as the “personal cabinet” is your gateway to a plethora of features and services. Here's what you can do:

Open and fund a trading account

  • This is the first step to start your trading journey. Follow the on-screen instructions to open a trading account.
  • Once your account is set up, you can easily fund it using various payment methods available.

Download the trading platform

  • RoboForex offers a user-friendly trading platform. Navigate to the download section and get the platform suitable for your device.
  • This platform will be your primary tool for trading, analyzing markets, and executing trades.

Explore broker's bonuses

  • RoboForex provides various bonuses to its users. Check out the bonuses section to see what's on offer and how you can benefit from them.

Participate in investment programs

  • If you're interested in diversifying your investment, explore the broker's investment programs. These programs might offer different returns and risk levels, so choose one that aligns with your financial goals.

Make a deposit

  • Funding your RoboForex account is straightforward. Go to the deposit section, choose your preferred payment method, and follow the instructions.

Let’s summarize has been ranked as the top platform among 349 brokers, scoring an impressive 9.78 out of 10. The thorough evaluation used over 100 criteria and emphasized feedback from actual RoboForex clients. The platform is inclusive, catering to traders of varying expertise, and boasts a user base of over 3.5 million from 169 countries. Operational since 2009, RoboForex has established itself as a leading Forex trading software developer and broker. It operates under the international FSC license, ensuring global credibility. The platform offers training, income avenues, and trader competitions.

It's regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and holds an "A" category membership within The Financial Commission, ensuring client protection. RoboForex's regulations provide clear trading guidelines, defined broker-trader relationships, and a dispute redressal mechanism. The platform is beginner-friendly, offering educational resources and transparent fees. Key features include diverse trading platforms, competitive conditions, and a minimum deposit of just $10.


Is RoboForex trusted?

RoboForex has an average risk rating with a Trust Score of 71 out of 99, based on analysis from 23 international regulators. When compared to GBE brokers, RoboForex's trustworthiness is considered average.

How long does RoboForex withdrawal take?

RoboForex withdrawal takes 2 business days.

What is RoboForex minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit for ProCent, Pro, Prime, and ECN accounts is 10 USD/EUR. For R StocksTrader, it's 100 USD/EUR.

What are the risks of RoboForex?

Risks involve liquidity reduction, price fluctuations, high volatility, and unforeseen events. Before opening an account, review our user agreement and financial market guidelines.

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