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Trends & Tips from India’s Top Wedding Planners, with Videotailor

Published on Dec 05, 2023 06:15 PM IST

Collaboration with wedding specialists, digital prowess, and client-centricity have all contributed to Videotailor's success

Trends & Tips from India’s Top Wedding Planners, with Videotailor
Trends & Tips from India’s Top Wedding Planners, with Videotailor
ByHT Brand Studio

VideoTailor is revolutionizing Indian wedding photography through creativity, technology, and endeavor. Their distinctive edge lies in their wholehearted embrace of digital technology, positioning them at the forefront of this transformation. Led by Sachi Singla & her business partners Anil Manchanda, Sagar Sharma, Rohit Keshwani & Gurpreet Singh, Videotailor seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into their services, simplifying and elevating the photography process.

Let’s delve into the knowledge shared by the most prominent decorators and wedding planners in the field, and understand the profound insights shared with Videotailor’s team into the ever-changing wedding landscape. Explore this link to see the whole interview video to discover captivating wedding stories and get to know the remarkable wedding planners behind them & their interesting stories.

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"Just Try the Waters Before Diving In It" - Ms. Shikha & Shweta from Baarati Inc.

Ms. Shikha from Baraati Inc. gave an insight on how multiple parameters need to be considered before locking a wedding budget and it can not be just about the hotel as parameters like logistics, licenses, etc are missed by the client in doing their budget planning. Also, Quick decisions are crucial for handling wedding-day challenges. Ms. Shweta spoke about the uncertainties in the wedding planning industry. While it's filled with joyous celebrations, unpredictability can test even seasoned professionals. So, it is required to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies including medical emergencies in destination weddings.

“Importance of Precise Budgeting” by Ms. Archana Goel and Mr. Adyut Goel from Octave Events

They emphasize the importance of precise budgeting to meet the needs of couples. Recent Bollywood weddings are influencing brides and grooms and they make unrealistic demands with restricted budgets. While the industry is always about joyous celebrations, teamwork and creative problem-solving help overcome challenges. Budgeting is key to realizing couples' dreams within financial limits, striking a delicate balance for a memorable wedding experience.

“ Understanding Clients Beyond Trends” by Ms. Anisha from Riwaaze-E-Rishte

Ms. Anisha offers valuable advice against the blind pursuit of trends in wedding planning. She underscores the importance of considering clients' unique personalities, traditions, and values, highlighting the need to tailor the wedding experience to meet their specific needs for a truly memorable celebration. Weddings are deeply personal, and Ms. Anisha's guidance emphasizes the significance of crafting an experience that authentically reflects the couple's individuality.

“Enduring memories that celebrate the rich tapestry” by Mansi from Wedlac

Mansi passionately emphasizes the inherent uniqueness that defines each wedding, stemming from the distinct dreams and quirks of each couple. Wedding planners skillfully weave these intricate nuances into the fabric of the event, creating not just weddings but enduring memories that celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity within the world of matrimonial celebrations.

“Shaping each wedding's individuality” by Mr. Pawan from Wedding Curators

Mr. Pawan highlights client demands and styles shaping each wedding's individuality. No two couples are alike, and they, as planners, bring their unique visions to life, keeping the industry exciting and ever-evolving. Embracing these differences makes wedding planning fresh and engaging.

“The Personal Touch of Each Couple” by Mr. Abhiram of Showtime Events

Mr. Abhiram highlights the importance of personalized invitations in the digital era, where dynamic weddings and trends like destination weddings prevail. Personalization, spanning invitations to gifts, tailored to the couple's preferences and guest connections, is vital.

“Importance of having flexible dates & documenting everything” by Megha from MoonCloud Events

Ms Megha emphasizes making a list of all the things that need to be done in the wedding planning. She also suggests that one should have 2-3 options for dates to book a good venue. Her insights remind us that the digital era extends beyond convenience, providing an opportunity to infuse a personal touch into every wedding aspect.

“Effective Communication & Collaborative Approach” by Mr. Puneet & Prateek from Modern Events

They stress the need to understand clients' needs and foster creativity. Clients often harbor unexplored ideas that have the potential to elevate events for all family members. Noticing these details demands one-on-one interactions with couples to comprehend their expectations and vision deeply. Using presentation methods aids in clarifying their preferences and dislikes. Effective communication forms the core of translating the couple's vision into reality.

“Changing the Face of Collaborations in This Industry” by Mansi from Wedlac

Meeting the couple's needs is crucial, but adding a personal and unique touch to each event is equally important. As per Mansi, Collaborating with small businesses enhances quality and personalization in gift and design elements.

“Encourage Innovative Collaborations” by Arti Gupta from Dreamz Weddings

Ms Arti talks about how Weddings aren't just about expensive decor and branded gifts and not every client has an unlimited budget. Nowadays, family dynamics have evolved, with both couples and families creating unique experiences. Collaboration is a powerful tool, offering a unique perspective and specialized skills that add creativity and personalization. Ms. Arti's advice encourages innovative collaborations.

“Impact of Bollywood Trends” by Ms. Neha Mehrotra Suri from Foreign Wedding Planners

With a decade of experience in wedding planning, Ms. Neha acknowledges Bollywood's impact on trends. However, she emphasizes that customization remains paramount for client satisfaction. Bollywood influences aspirations, but the essence of a wedding is in the personal touches that make it unique. Whether a destination wedding or a traditional ceremony, customization resonates with the couple and guests, reflecting their personalities and dreams.

“Budgeting and Attention to Detail” by Anisha of Riwaaze-E-Rishte

In India's diverse landscape, families embody distinct cultures and traditions, as noted by Ms. Anisha. She specializes in budgeting for brides and grooms, emphasizing meticulous attention to detail. India's weddings showcase a rich cultural tapestry, blending traditions from various regions and communities into unique celebrations. Budgeting is an art, especially in a country known for extravagant weddings.

“Customization is pivotal to ensure clients' satisfaction” by Yachna & Sartha from The Design Atelier Events

Ms. Yachna and Sarthak prioritize client happiness. In their line of work, turning the seemingly impossible into reality is routine. Customization is pivotal to ensure clients' satisfaction with their wedding experiences. Event design often presents challenges that demand creative solutions. Ms. Yachna and Mr. Sarthak specialize in making even the most ambitious couples' dreams come true.

Collaboration with wedding specialists, digital prowess, and client-centricity have all contributed to Videotailor's success in changing Indian wedding photography & with these beautiful insights from top planners of India, couples can derive inspiration and information before they go ahead with the planning.

Written by Ganeev Kaur & Esha Goyal, VideoTailor is your source of insight."

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