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Unique FUE® Is Globally Recognized as the Best Hair Transplant Method

Published on Feb 27, 2023 08:10 PM IST

The Unique FUE® method is chosen as the best hair transplant method. It was invented as a collaboration between a Turkish hair clinic and German engineering, leading to a revolutionary success rate of up to 99%

Unique FUE® Is Globally Recognized as the Best Hair Transplant Method
Unique FUE® Is Globally Recognized as the Best Hair Transplant Method
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The number of patients with hair thinning and hair loss issues is constantly increasing, and it is not only men who face the issue. It is even found in women, and it is no surprise that the causing factors are similar among both. The most common factors that cause problems with hair include a poor diet, bad habits like heavy alcohol consumption, health conditions, and, most commonly, genetics.

With varying factors leading patients towards hair issues, professionals have developed several methods with innovations. One of those innovative treatments for such patients includes the Unique FUE® technique developed at a Turkish hair transplant clinic.

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What is Hair Transplant And Its Different Methods

Different methods are used for a hair transplant, depending on the transplant specialist's expertise. However, none of the transplantation techniques offers a promising success rate because the situation may vary from patient to patient. Still, applying the right transplant method according to the patient's conditions greatly matters.

When it comes to different methods, there have been several advancements in the industry of hair transplantation, and the two most common methods used today are:

Direct Hair Implantation

It is known as the DHI method, and in this method, a medical pen is used to take hair follicles and plant them into the scalp one after the other.

Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE method is another popular method for hair transplants, and it has seen several improvements in the past decade. The different versions include Percutan FUE, Gold FUE, Sapphire FUE, and the most successful of all, Unique FUE®. In FUE, the hair follicles are extracted first, then implanted in the scalp with specialized equipment.

What Difference Does Unique FUE® Hair Transplant Make?

Comparing the traditional FUE methods and DHI method with the Unique FUE® method, there is a miraculous level of difference in terms of success rate. It is because the Unique FUE® has been developed in a Turkish clinic by the experts working here after years of research and studies.

The success rate in the hair transplant Sapphire FUE or DHI hair transplant methods was only ranging between 60% to 90%. It was considered very successful in the last decade. However, the Unique FUE® technique sets the bar higher with up to 99% success and satisfaction rate.

So, with the innovation of this new hair transplant method, patients are enjoying better success and satisfaction rates with almost no loss, which gives this method a significant advantage over all previous transplantation surgery methods.

How Effective Is Unique FUE® In Comparison?

The Unique FUE® hair transplant method has significant advantages regarding the retention rate and overall experience. One of its biggest benefits is its denser and more natural look.

However, with all the advantages, it does not promise the same results for every patient. According to the results, it is still up to three times better than other methods in terms of success and retention rate. This latest method is developed by a collaboration between German engineering and Turkish Clinic, and it sets new standards for hair transplant surgeries.

How to Get Natural Appearing Hair After Transplant?

A major part of a hair transplant surgery is getting a natural look after your hair grows fully for a few months. As per specialists conducting these surgeries, the natural appearance after hair growth depends on the drawing experts make before the hair transplant. Additionally, conducting a dense transplant with follicles implanted in the right direction also matters.

However, a major part of natural looks still depends on the drawing experts make. A perfect drawing can be achieved when the specialist has knowledge of the patient and has lots of experience in dealing with hair transplants. As per most specialists, the Unique FUE® transplant method has been the most successful innovation to achieve natural looks, and that's why specialists globally recognize it.

Where Can You Get Unique FUE® Transplant From?

Unique FUE® is a technique developed after a decade of research work and studies done by the Turkish Hermest Hair Clinic in Istanbul. The clinic has put lots of effort and millions in investment for the research, and as a result, this Unique FUE® gives miraculous success rates.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey Award Winner: Hermest Hair Clinic also holds a patent for this innovation, so only this clinic has the right to perform Unique FUE® hair transplants worldwide.

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