What makes IIT-JEE toppers stand out? Find out

While hours of studying and proper guidance are critical, it is also essential to stay calm and take breaks every now and then. Further, it is important to start preparing for the exam as early as you can and pay attention to the fundamentals.
(From L-R) Himanshu Gaurav Singh (AIR 2), Archit Bubna (AIR 3), Manan Aggarwal (AIR 14)
(From L-R) Himanshu Gaurav Singh (AIR 2), Archit Bubna (AIR 3), Manan Aggarwal (AIR 14)
Updated on Mar 20, 2020 11:51 AM IST
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The very mention of ‘IIT’ conjures up images of junior Einsteins, who we believe are born geniuses. They may have a sharp intellect but there’s a lot that goes into cracking the much-coveted IIT-JEE exam. Preparing for the exam is no child’s play - it requires hours and hours of studying before the D-day, proper guidance and staying motivated.

Let’s find out what it takes to crack IIT-JEE and other engineering exams, from the winners themselves.

Early preparation gives you an edge

Himanshu Gaurav Singh, who secured AIR 2 in the JEE Advanced Exam, believes that starting early helped him gain confidence. “I started my preparation in Class X, when I enrolled in FIITJEE’s ‘Three Year Classroom Program’. My preparation strategy was to analyse my weak areas and work upon those until I gained enough confidence. Practising questions in time-bound conditions was another important aspect of my preparation. In the end, I must add that I never missed my classes at FIITJEE, as every class added some value,” he says.

Archit Bubna, AIR 3 in JEE Advanced 2019, shares a similar view. “See, preparation for JEE does not start from Class VI but yes, it will help you at a later stage to step into the world of JEE preparation with a lot more confidence and zeal. In my early years at FIITJEE, I got success in various milestone exams like Junior Science Olympiad and RMO. I can confidently say that my early years at FIITJEE helped develop my logical thinking and enhance my IQ and analytical ability. All this made a substantial contribution to my eventual success in JEE Advanced 2019,” he says.

Focus on fundamentals

It is critical to pay attention to the fundamentals; after all, if the foundation is strong, it helps you tackle the hardest of situations! Himanshu adds, “You must understand that if your fundamentals are strong and you have a firm grip on all the topics, then you can sail through any exam pattern.”

Sharpening fundamentals is the key to cracking competitive exams, as well as Board exams, with effortlessness. Manan Aggarwal, AIR 14, who was a part of FIITJEE’s Two-Year Classroom Program, agrees. He adds that it is important to solve good-quality questions to test fundamentals, as this also enhances a student’s preparation. Besides, he believes that “it is the quality and not the quantity of study time that matters.”

Don’t forget to unwind

While dedication is essential, it is important to maintain a sound balance between work and play.

“If you are regular in your studies, then you will find time for yourself. Study with 100% dedication, without wasting a single minute. You will notice that you will get time to spend on your social engagements,” adds Himanshu.

Archit, too, feels that it is important to take breaks from time to time to refresh one’s mind. He explains, “I always dreamt of studying at an IIT and my passion to give my best has kept me motivated all through these years. However, there were days when I didn’t feel like studying and it was hard to maintain the momentum. On those days, I used to take some break and rejuvenated myself by indulging in a sport or any other extracurricular activity.”

Pay equal attention to all subjects

While a student might be good at a particular subject, one must not neglect the other subjects. “Studying two subjects and leaving the third one out can drastically bring down your rank by a huge margin and crash your dreams of studying in a particular institute and branch. I divided my study schedule in a way that I devoted an equal amount of time to all three subjects,” says Archit.

Shabnam Sahay, AIR 10, agrees. She believes that even if a student dislikes a subject, the best way is to approach a teacher and tackle the issue.

“Speak to your subject teacher and discuss your reason for dislike. Take his/her help and try to overcome it. They will give you the right approach and a few tricks on how to make the subject interesting,” she says.

Be thorough with the study material

Shreeparnav Varma, AIR 15, feels that following a single learning system is important. For him, the FIITJEE study material has been more than sufficient.

Besides, appearing for tests at regular intervals helps students understand their weak areas. FIITJEE’s Specific IQ Test helps gauge the potential of a student for IIT-JEE. With the help of the latter, the institute can successfully predict a Student’s Rank Potential and guide them accordingly!

Another online test series, myPAT, uses intelligent data metrics to review a student’s performance. Whether it is speed or accuracy, everything is analysed to help with a more focused preparation.

“Attempting FIITJEE’s All-India Test Series is like attempting JEE Advanced. I realised this when I appeared for the actual exam. The questions asked in AITS are designed on the lines of JEE. If you are preparing for the Olympics and dream to succeed in it, then the level of your preparation, practice and planning has to be at the desired level. You have to keep raising the bar of your performance and can only achieve it with regular practice. Similarly, when you regularly appear for the AITS, you can strive to set new benchmarks of performance, and aim to surpass those every time,” says Manan.

While tests are critical, Shreeparnav feels that revision is equally important. “You overcome your shortcomings during the revision stage. Your study notes will be of great help. During revision, do not try to touch new concepts. Rather, attempt the mock JEE papers as much as possible,” says Shreeparnav.

Keep stress at bay

While it is obvious to have apprehensions about the exam, one must not let stress overpower him / her. Realising a dream is important, but why not make it a joyful experience?

“Many students and parents believe that preparing for JEE is stressful. I can firmly say that at FIITJEE, it is not. If you follow the FIITJEE system with absolute focus and dedication, then you will be devoid of any stress and anxiety,” says Himanshu.

Cracking IIT-JEE is a dream for many but only a few make the cut! While hours of studying and proper guidance are critical, it is also essential to stay calm. With FIITJEE, there’s a window of opportunities awaiting you. After all, the institute has produced toppers since 1992, and there’s really no stopping!

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