Why is Crypto Down? Check the Top 6 Crypto Buy During the Crypto Crash

Published on Sep 15, 2022 12:08 PM IST

Here are our choices for the top six cryptos to buy during the crash

Tamadoge is one of the newest crypto offerings on the markets.
Tamadoge is one of the newest crypto offerings on the markets.
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With Bitcoin plummeting to its lowest point in the last 18 months, we are witnessing the largest crypto crash in history. In the last couple of months, an estimated $300 billion (some experts claim as much as $600 billion) have been wiped out from the world’s crypto exchanges.

The last year has been a turbulent one for the crypto market, as we saw both incredible gains and massive losses. 2022 started better, even with the Russian invasion of Ukraine that sent shockwaves across the markets. However, April was a fairly good month, but then May came and it all went crashing down. The effects of the crypto crash are so massive that we already have prophets of doom foretelling the death of crypto and return to the dominance of fiat currencies. While the situation is obviously dire, we feel that perhaps forecasts may be a tad exaggerated. The future of crypto post-crash may not be as gloomy as some would have you believe.

Top 6 Crypto Buy During the Crypto Crash - Outline

Despite all the gloom and doom you can hear these days about the future of the crypto market, some distinct investment opportunities have become quite attractive during the crypto crash. As suspected, some tokens proved more resilient than others and are weathering the storm easily. Here are our choices for the top six cryptos to buy during the crash.

  1. Tamadoge (TAMA)
  2. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)
  3. Battle Infinity (iBAT)
  4. DeFi Coin (DEFC)
  5. Bitcoin (BTC)
  6. Ethereum (ETH)

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Top 6 Crypto Buy During the Crypto Crash – Detailed Overview

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is one of the newest crypto offerings on the markets. It’s the next big thing in the meme coin ecosystem, and a real successor to Dogecoin. In fact, Tamadoge uses the success of DOGE to attract investors, and it’s doing so flawlessly.

The project is advertised as a meme coin, but it’s much more than that. The core of the project is set in a vibrant metaverse where users can meet each other, hang out, compete in various games, and win valuable prizes. It also features a built-in NFT store, interactive digital pets, and multiple play-to-earn games that can help you win tokens and in-game items.

The game is loosely based on a popular hand-held digital game from the early 90s called Tamagochi. Like in the original title, your primary goal is to take care of your digital pets and ensure that they are happy and healthy as they grow up. You can use each animal to play levels and complete challenges. As you progress, your pet becomes stronger and bigger, giving you an edge when battling other pets. Moreover, every pet and in-game item work as NFTs, so you can buy, sell and trade them using the platform’s native currency - TAMA.

TAMA tokens are used as the platform’s utility coins, and you’ll need them for all types of transactions within the Tamaverse. They come with zero transaction taxes, which is always a welcomed feature. You can also obtain tokens by reaching the top of the monthly leaderboards. The most active players earn extra TAMA tokens they can spend or swap for other cryptos on exchanges.

Tamadoge is one of the best cryptos to buy during the crypto crash because they haven’t reached the market yet. After the project goes live, you could get as much as 100x in returns.

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How to buy TAMA?

Everyone interested can buy TAMA with ETH or USDT, and there is no minimum amount of money required for the purchase. However, we recommend buying a minimum of $150 worth of ETH or USDT to make the most of the opportunity.

Here is a short guide on how to buy TAMA tokens:

  • Set up your wallet – We recommend using Metamask or Trust Wallet for easy integration.
  • Obtain ETH or USDT – You will be able to buy TAMA in these currencies.
  • Visit the Tamadoge website – This is where the presale happens.
  • Make a purchase – Click on Buy, then click on Connect wallet and connect your wallet.
  • Buy Tamadoge – Enter the amount of TAMA coins you want to purchase and click Convert ETH.
  • Claim your tokens - Once the presale ends, you can collect your tokens by clicking the Claim button on the website.

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Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is the gaming platform that offers its players daily giveaways in the form of LBLOCK, its native token. Thanks to its utility, Lucky Block is far less susceptible to market swings than many other cryptocurrencies. Although the crypto crash has affected its value, this only makes it a more attractive option, as you can now buy it on the dip.

With daily giveaways slated to start in mid-May, Lucky Block is set to gain some value and maybe reach a new all-time high. Its current value is lower than it was at the launch in February, making it an ideal time to pick it up on the cheap.

The Lucky Block’s founders have demonstrated that they are in for the long haul with the launch of their own NFT platform, designed to complement the existing elements of the Lucky Block ecosystem.Read more about it in this Lucky Block review.

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Battle Infinity (iBAT)

The project Battle Infinity is one of the most recent and promising cryptocurrencies to invest in. Battle Infinity initially focuses on fantasy sports, in which players form teams and compete against other players to achieve the highest ranking in their leagues. Users of the platform will earn from a stake pool, so the revenue source is clear.

Users of Battle Infinity have an entirely safe and unrestricted immersive experience. The Battle Infinite platform ecosystem consists of six distinct items that are effective, practical, and easy to use. (IBAT PREMIER LEAGUE, IBAT BATTLE MARKET, IBAT BATTLE GAMES, IBAT BATTLE ARENA, IBAT BATTLE STAKE)

IBAT presale recently sold out just 24 days into the 90-day event, which throws light on the long-term growth potential of the project. The token will soon be listed on top crypto exchanges, starting with PancakeSwap. Given the unique value propositions of Battle Infinity, early buyers can reasonably expect 100x gains.

Do your homework before investing by learning more about the project on the Battle Infinity website and joining the Telegram group.

DeFi Coin (DEFC)

DeFi Coin was launched as the native token of DeFi Swap, a decentralized crypto exchange. As almost all crypto exchanges have their own tokens, this was an expected move, except for one minor detail. Due to some teething problems, the coin was launched way before the exchange, causing it to linger in limbo. DeFi Coin was almost useless, as the exchange it was meant to be used on still didn’t exist. Finally, all the issues were resolved and DeFi Swap was launched in early May, causing DeFi coin to skyrocket almost 500% in a span of just a few days.

Unfortunately, its success came just in time for the crypto crash, causing it to lose more than 40% of its value. However, this may be good news for people looking for good crypto to invest in during the crash. DeFi coin is something you should consider, as it has proved that it has the ability to rebound. DeFi Swap is an innovative crypto exchange that will have a bright future and DeFi coin will follow on that success.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Considering that Bitcoin lost almost 30% of its value in the first two weeks of May, it may sound strange to recommend buying it during the crypto crash. Still, as the most established and widely accepted crypto on the market, Bitcoin is sure to bounce back. This is your opportunity to grab some well below their market value. One issue with this strategy is how long you need to wait before the price goes back up again.

The Bitcoin price prediction after the crypto crash is mostly favorable, as the token is too deeply ingrained into the digital world. According to some experts, we could see it setting new records as early as Q1 2023. That means you will need to hold on to your Bitcoin investment for between 7 and 9 months if you are to see any profits. If you can afford to tie your capital for that long, then Bitcoin is an excellent choice for you.

Ethereum (ETH)

Another big-time crypto that has been hit hard by the crash, Ethereum has fallen below the $2,000 mark for the first time since June 2021, trading at $1,701. Several big Ethereum holders have decided to sell early on, almost at the first hint of the crypto crash, driving the price down and causing smaller investors to follow suit.

Despite all this, Ethereum remains the world’s second-biggest crypto and one of the most influential ones. Even though the market has shown us time after time that there is no such thing as “too big to fail”, Ethereum will almost certainly bounce back and regain much, if not all, of its former value. Just like with Bitcoin, the only issue is time and whether investors will have enough patience to wait it out. If you are looking for some tokens below the market value, then Ethereum may be perfect.


Investing in crypto during the crypto crash is a high-risk move, but you have to keep an eye on the future. To that end, we recommend investing in Tamadoge, followed closely by Lucky Block, as two tokens showing the most promise for a quick recovery post-crash.

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