Why low-cost flying may never be the same anymore

A bed in the clouds? Why not? Leading low-cost carriers today are ensuring that a luxury air travel experience is no longer the prerogative of a select few.
Why low-cost flying may never be the same anymore(Pexels)
Why low-cost flying may never be the same anymore(Pexels)
Updated on Nov 22, 2017 11:27 AM IST
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With the entry of several low-cost airlines at the turn of this century, Indian travellers had much cause to celebrate. No longer was it necessary to plan a trip months in advance in the hope of finding affordable flights, while last-minute holidaymakers now had an option beyond Tatkal tickets. Largely known for being fuss-free and efficient, these attractive new airlines introduced much of the country to an experience once largely available to the privileged alone.

Most flyers today don’t expect the frills of full-service flights on budget airlines, and a majority of budget carriers ensure only the minimum required amenities on board. However, the once-strong demarcation between ‘luxury’ legacy airlines—with their complimentary meals and first-class privileges—and affordable carriers is slowly blurring. A prime example of this is AirAsia, one of the fastest-growing budget airlines in the country’s aviation space today. Launched in India in 2013, the airline has consistently introduced quality features which ensure that budget does not necessarily mean compromise where it comes to the flying experience.

Here’s a quick look at the latest premium in-flight services in store for travellers flying on AirAsia X.

The chance to be flat-out comfortable

For all the conveniences of flying, sitting on cramped seats for long hours – especially during those dreaded early-morning flights – is not comfortable by any standards. We have all envied the luxury of first-class seats that promise to transform into beds when needed. AirAsia’s newest Premium Flatbed experience ensures that even budget flyers can now experience the bliss of falling asleep 30,00 feet above the ground. Its unique design not only allows the seat to become a flatbed when reclined, but also features a privacy screen, an adjustable head and foot rest, as well as a pillow and duvet for maximum comfort. There’s also a reading light and a universal power port to ensure that your bedtime reading is not interrupted.

You can pack your world

Not only do you get your beauty sleep while flying, but AirAsia’s Premium Flatbed experience also includes free baggage allowance for up to 40 kgs in check-in luggage. For anyone who has an agonizing time choosing outfits before a trip, this one’s a definite plus.

Why low-cost flying may never be the same anymore
Why low-cost flying may never be the same anymore

A world of in-flight services

Apart from the Premium Flatbed itself, customers can enjoy a host of special privileges on board: From complimentary meals with a wide selection of meals and beverages the option of stretching out on a roomy seat in the premium section. In addition, AirAsia X also offers exciting on-board entertainment option with hours of movies, TV series, music, games, and magazines—all on the Xcite Inflight Entertainment Tab.

Special treatment all the way

The AirAsia Premium Flatbed experience comes with benefits even before you’re on the flight. Customers can avail of the dedicated Premium Flatbed Counter for all their queries, while the airline’s Xpress Boarding option lets you bypass those weary queues and get on board before others. Now, there’s nothing standing between that inviting Flatbed and you.

Flight flexibility for convenience

Flight delays and last-minute changes in plans are an inevitable part of air travel. However, as a premium customer with AirAsia X, one now has the freedom to make unlimited flight changes up to 2 hours before THE original departure time, and 4 hours before the new departure time, subject to fare difference.

Ensuring fast exits after touchdown

Even the most comfortable flight experiences are marred when you have to wait over an hour for you checked-in baggage at the arrival terminal. As a priority guest with AirAsia X, however, your bags will be among the first to show up after touchdown—ensuring one smooth ride from beginning to end.

Exclusive track and lounge access

At certain terminals around the world – such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport – guests who have selected the Premium Flatbed experience will also have access to a dedicated counter to fast-track their immigration process. In addition, passengers can also enjoy AirAsia Premium Red Lounge Access to unwind or catch up on work while waiting to board.

AirAsia’s Premium Flatbed experience promises to redefine flying like never before. To know more about the features and benefits of the service, visit AirAsia.

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