Choosing a new career path is always challenging. It’s not impossible though, and it certainly doesn’t mean that, with the right financial plan, you can’t earn a comfortable living.(HDFC Life)
Choosing a new career path is always challenging. It’s not impossible though, and it certainly doesn’t mean that, with the right financial plan, you can’t earn a comfortable living.(HDFC Life)

Zakir Khan, Sakshi Malik feature in HDFC Life’s Behind The Journey Season 2

Know how these stars became champions in their own professions because they had a solid financial plan to back up their efforts.
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UPDATED ON JAN 31, 2020 12:17 PM IST

Embarking on a new career path is always daunting, whether you’re just starting out as a working adult or switching professions. It’s also that much harder when you’re starting a business from scratch. It’s not impossible though, and it certainly doesn’t mean that, with the right financial plan, you can’t earn a comfortable living.

Take comedian Zakir Khan for instance. When he first began doing comedy, it was a hobby alongside his day job. His act first gained prominence in 2012, but he’d been putting in his efforts for years before that. Eventually, he wanted to leave his job and become a full-time comedian. So, he made himself a promise to do that when his comedy gigs started raking in at least double his monthly salary.

Zakir was careful with his spending; “Bas yahi hain ki bhaisaheb apni khwaij se do kadam upar nahin, apne aukaad se ek kadam neeche rehna.” So he played the long game, making a financial game plan years in advance. That’s what he attributes part of his success to, being able to support himself financially so he could engage in a passion project. It’s exactly how the right investments with HDFC Life can help you pursue your own dreams.

Because, as Zakir says, “Apni goals kabhi numbers nahin honi chahiye, feelings honi chahiye. Kyunki ehsaas saari zindagi rehta hain, number to ek din achieve ho jaayega.”



Jeetu has a similar story to tell. After a first attempt at a comedy video with TVF, a somewhat lukewarm response drove him to leave the gig and join a construction company. He didn’t fully give up on his dream to be an actor, but his fears prevented him from trying again for a while. When he did give things another shot, and the casting calls were few and far between, he started to panic.

However, Jeetu said some of the best advice he received then was to keep working at it, and that his career wouldn’t flourish overnight. “In the same way I think, you need to keep working at your finances, and grow them over time,” he recounts being told. That’s how investments work as well. It’s not about putting in money and withdrawing double the next week. But a financial advisor can help you, getting you the right investment plan to suit your ambitions and your lifestyle.


Ritviz, meanwhile, is a well-known name in electronic music. Having got his start at a very early age, he was writing his own songs right from the tender age of 6, and composing a new track every day by the time he was 17. That was about when he dropped out of school to pursue his music full time.

It was at that age, barely pushing 18, when Ritviz started earning for the first time. But where you’d expect a teenager to be a little spendthrift, he says he had a laser focus. He thought back to his original hopes and dreams, before his music began to take off, and knew he’d need savings for that. Now, working on a new clothing line, as well as setting up a collaborative music space where up-and-coming artists can discover their sound, Ritviz credits his success to that early focus he gave to planning the future.

“If you truly care about what you want to do in five years or 10 years, you will save and you will make sure that dream becomes a reality,” he insists.


Jasleen Royal showed immense musical talent from a very young age. By the age of seven, she could play any melody that someone made her listen too, and without much formal training. Now, she’s moved from reaching the semi finals of India’s Got Talent’s first season, to being engaged in multiple projects in Bollywood.

It didn’t start out that way though. The music business can be expensive to crack into after all, especially without the right contacts. Jasleen remembers how it didn’t seem fair to ask her middle-class parents to support what she felt was an “expensive hobby”. So she went out and put her talent to use at just 14 years old, teaching beginner music classes.

What she remembers most of all, though, is saving the money from that first taste of employment. Every penny went towards buying a massive Yamaha keyboard, her dream instrument at the time. And really, that’s what financial planning is about. Setting goals that will make you happy to achieve, and then finding it in yourself to stick to them.


“I wanted to do something big, pick a sport in which I could make a name for myself. I’d heard that my grandfather used to be a wrestler in our village, and I was very close to him, so that’s when I decided I’d become a wrestler too.” That’s India’s Olympic medalist wrestling star Sakshi Malik. Hailing from the village of Mokhra in Haryana, she remembers how much her parents had to sacrifice just so she could keep at the sport she loved.

But just like her years of training and discipline to excel at her choice of contact sport, Sakshi believes that bettering your financial gains is all about discipline to yourself and your future. “Just like wrestling, you don’t get immediate results; it takes a few years to get where you want to go.”


There’s a lot to be learnt from these stars, and how they became champions in their own professions. It’s about heart, passion, determination and, most of all, having a solid plan to back up your efforts. And that’s what HDFC Life wants to provide you with. With its help, you can find the right insurance and investments to free your mind from financial worry. And that’s when your creativity can truly soar.

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