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Cover story: who are you really?

This Sunday, find yourself, get a grip on reality, look into your future and take a good look at your present with our expert-led quizzes. Sharpen you pencil and find a quiet spot. Your time starts NOW!

brunch Updated: Aug 11, 2013 17:43 IST
Rachel Lopez
Rachel Lopez
Hindustan Times

This Sunday, find yourself, get a grip on reality, look into your future and take a good look at your present with our expert-led quizzes. Sharpen you pencil and find a quiet spot. Your time starts NOW!

Dude, we’re not calling you a square. Tick as many boxes as you like. One point for every tick. Then, calculate

Are you a hipster?
Your next vehicle is going to be…
A Vespa
A Beetle
A Firefox bicycle. Pedalling is so Euro-cool!’s in your closet?

Linen pants for weekend brunch

Something by NorBlack NorWhite

Square-rimmed glasses

Cat-rimmed glasses

John Lennon glasses

Something vintagey, if not actually vintage

A beret or a fedora (though never a sombrero)

Cool ironic suspenders

A bowtie

Socks that you mismatch

What’s a good way to make a difference?
Support Farmer’s Market
Buy artisanal cheese and honey
Campaign online
Patronise independent designers and stand-up comics
Give up voting. You tried it once but it didn’t work
Petition that Arrested Development returns to TV.

Your preferred source of news is…
Mumbai Boss
Brown Paper Bag
The app for American GQ

When it comes to food and drink…
You’ve sent a mac and cheese back to the kitchen because they didn’t do it right
You like sparkling water with lemon
You have a favourite flavour of macaron. Probably salted caramel or lavender
You stood in line when Starbucks opened and tweeted pics from inside
You’ve drunk something other than chai out of a chai glass
You’re part of some wine club, want to be part of a wine club or have attended at least two wine tastings
You want to try cronuts
You know the passwords to at least two secret bars
You’ve tasted bacon jam, bacon cake or bacon brownies
You’re waiting for the microbreweries to open. Till then, Stella!

On Facebook and Twitter...
Your photo folders are all names of international destinations
You describe yourself using the words ‘dreamer’, ‘free spirit’, ‘traveller’, ‘citizen of the world’, ‘closet poet’, ‘procrastinator’ or ‘Bryan Cranston is my God’’ve used the following words in the last week




Nom nom

So. Much. Win


So, you’re a photographer?
Yes, I bought a DSLR and started at an art festival
Yes, but I really want a lomo
Yes, I’m interested in ruins, old people’s faces, and urban decay
Yes, and I also photograph my food before I eat it

The one thing your house needs is a…
Poster of a foreign film in the original language
Set of chopsticks
Pop-art mural that your friend will help you paint
Poster of Obama. You know that one in red white and blue...?

You have, at some point…
Turned up the collar of your polo shirt
Applied to get into Aneesh Bhasin’s cigar club
Grumbled that Swedish House Mafia is now too popular
Wondered if funky boots AND funky messenger bag were too much
Had to explain that you got your Stop-Play-Pause tattoo BEFORE it became so common
Known more about the politics of Westeros than of West Bengal
Worn your hair longer in the front than the back
Tried to determine just what makes New York bagels so good
Bought something from a pop-up shop

If we can’t find you, you’re probably at...

The Bagel Shop

Yoga house

The waiting room of the OML office

Kick, playing a game of Futsal

At a silent EDM gig, with Mumford & Sons playing on loop.

You have a job but…
Your job is not your passion, it’s your other interests – making cheese, photography, blogging, wine, hiking, backpacking – that keep you going
When people ask what you do, you start with the cool hobby first, then talk shop
You’re quitting to start/join an art collective

Fewer than 22 points: Aww. Poor baby. You're really dull aren't you? Or you cheated on this quiz. What a terrible start to the new week!
Between 23 and 44 points: Nicely done! You're cool enough but not too cool. And you know when to calm the f%@# down.
More than 45 points: You hipster you! But hey, don't let us put you down. Rejoice in your pseudo cool. After all, who are we to judge but a bunch of sheep! it true love?

Answer these questions honestly (no one’s judging... except us, of course!) and see how you fare at the end. (Yes or No)1. I’d rather be with one who doesn’t love me than be alone.

2. I’d feel the same about my partner if he/she was homeless, jobless or obese.

3. I can go for weeks meeting no one, interacting with just my partner.

4. I’d feel a huge sense of loss if my partner were to leave me.

5. I enjoy couplehood more when I’m thinking of my partner than being with them.

6. With my partner, I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else.

7. Love is feeling like you’ve won the jackpot, every day.

8. If we fight, we both try to fix it, regardless of whose ‘fault’ it is.

9. His/her rough edges will smooth out after we wed.

10. You can have problems and still be a good couple.

11. If years later, you’re passed over for the kids or kitchen, love is gone.

12. A partner is a person with their own problems. Not a solution to your problems.

13. Great sex means you’re a great couple. collaboration with Sadia Raval, psychotherapist, counsellor and founder of Inner Space Counseling and Assessment, Mumbai.

Hope you responded like this
NO to odd-numbered questions. YES to even-numbered ones.

Sadia Raval finds that the most common problem with couples is that they stop demonstrating their feelings; that they expect a partner to fill a void that should be filled by loving oneself first; and they assume a successful relationship is one without problems.

Will you regret today’s health decisions?

1. You’re looking at the beverage menu. You order
Orange or carrot juice
Diet coke or something with aspartame
A smoothie
Coffee with one teaspoon sugar
Hot chocolate

2. Gym trainer’s advice: which makes sense?
A protein shake post-workout
Egg salads and soy milk are good for you
Be on the treadmill for a hour. You only burn fat after 45 minutes on it
Women should avoid weight training because it gives them manly biceps

3. When should you take a break?
Every 90 minutes. A 10-minute break helps
A month every three months
Anytime you find it all getting a bit much

4. When it comes to sleep…
You aim for eight hours, even if it’s 3am-11am
So long as you’re peppy the next morning, a few hours of sleep skipped in no issue
You need coffee to wake you up. We all do
An extra-soft mattress means better sleep Why are you interested in yoga?

You want to lose 10 kgs without a sweat

You can do 20 surya-namaskars without harm

It can balance hormones and offer vitality

6. Which of these is the fittest?
The passive smoker
The happy vegetarian
The naturally skinny one
The one who has a light lunch, and pigs out on dinner

7. Which nutrient are city folk likely to be deficient in?
A high standard of living means all nutrient needs are fulfilled
Vitamin D or any of the B vitamins

8. How can you feel better instantly?
Breathe slowly and deeply, like on holiday
Kick off your high heels
Stretch in your chair
Have any green juice, cucumber, celery etc.

9. What will up your chances of having kids in the future?
Carrying your cellphone in a bag, not back pocket.
Ditching crotch hugging jeans for a comfort fit
Switching from laptop to tablet
Using micro-wave-safe plastic to heat your food

10. No time to gym. The best Plan B?
Brisk 15-minute walk three times a week
Train for the marathon
A dance class

In collaboration with Eefa Shrof, celebrity yoga, wellness and lifestyle consultant, Mumbai.

1. Coffee is safe if you have one a day. Everything else is full of sugar caffeine or aspartame.
2. Egg salad and soy milk help. Shakes are better pre-workout. Long workouts cause burnout. Weights make women’s bones stronger!
3. Take those 10-minute breaks. And a regular holiday. Forced inactivity will not help you fight stress!
4. Eight hours, but turn in earlier. Pep does not indicate rest, coffee means you aren’t well rested and a soft mattress will ruin posture.
5. Yoga really balances your
hormones. But it’s not a slimming tool. Surya namaskars can go wrong too.
6. Sorry! All answers are wrong.
7. Sun-avoiders lack Vitamin D. Vegetarians lack B vitamins. Many Indians are protein deficient. Skip greens and you skip calcium.
8. All good! So start now!
9. All right answers too!
10. Walk or dance. Unlike marathon training, you’ll build endurance too.

Do you balance work & life?

Of the statements below, pick the side that best describes your attitude

I’ve worked on weekends, at home or at the office. It’s my normal routine now
Weekends are a ‘No Work Zone’. I’ve refused to work even when there was work to be done

I sleep an average of 5-6 hours a day. Shut-eye is wasted work time
I value my rest. If I lose sleep it should be for a reason better than work

I find little or no time for exercise in my life. I often skip meals
I don’t sacrifice my mealtime and gym time for anything, even a deadline

I find it hard to schedule time to spend with family and friends
I always put my family before my work

I find it hard to take time off work. I rarely use up all my leaves
It’s August. I’ve been on three vacations already and will fake an illness soon

I keep myself going by drinking a lot of coffee or tea during the day
My friends and family often say that I lack drive and ambition

I take away work more than I take away food
I think it’s ok to quit jobs or careers if they don’t suit my lifestyle

When in conversation, I find myself drifting off and thinking about work
I spend as little time and energy on it. Work is not worth the worry

I have woken up in the middle of the night to check my emails
I can’t find the motivation to get out of bed to go to work

I find it hard to put my phone on silent, expecting work calls


I absolutely do not take work calls after 6pm, urgency be damned

Do more statements here sound like you? You’re in the deep end of that all-consuming four letter word: WORK, and clearly floundering.
Focus on your body. Research shows that spending 15-20 minutes daily on some kind of physical activity is all you need. If you cannot even spare that, you seriously need to reassess your life.
Calm your mind and spirit. Call it meditation, prayer or quiet time. It’s is the best gift you can give yourself.
Discover your world. Give your family an hour of undivided attention, and you’ll find it more rewarding than four hours of checking your BlackBerry.

Found a balance between the two columns? Congratulations! You’ve got a good grip on office hours and after hours

Do more statements here sound like you? You’re lacking in drive or care so much for your personal life, its costing you your job.
Prioritise your goals. Ensure they’re specific, attainable and time-bound. Then set out to achieving the.
Create a routine. Start small, like a sleep schedule and follow it for a month. It will change your life.
Take responsibility. Don’t blame people and situations for your failures. Take charge of your life. You’ll end up in a career you enjoy, not run from.

Are you headed towards bankruptcy?
Bad at maths, good at shopping, addicted to fun and allergic to finance jargon? Let’s see if you still make good money decisions

1.You’re 35 and haven’t bought a house yet. All is lost?
Yes, if you have no substantial savings either
No, if all your money is in a set of investments
No, if you spent your money honing your skills

2. Have a home? How do you view it?
It’s an asset that makes me wealthy
It’s a roof over my head
It’s keeping me from the good things in life

3. Considering a cupcake/tech start-up and financing it too. Good plan?
Yes, if you have no loans and no kids to spend on
Yes. The only way to succeed is to risk your own savings
Yes, but only if you have the energy and stamina for a 24/7 job

4. The economy sucks. How do you identify a good cost for your struggling business?
You pick only what gives assured returns
You see what you can trim without it affecting your product or service
You drop whatever needs training or input

5. What should you do with a bonus?
Spend 20 per cent and invest the rest or use it to pay off a loan
Spend it all. A bonus is a surplus, don’t add it to an existing financial plan
Save it all. A bonus was earned just like the rest of your salary

6. Should you ask dad for financial advice?
Yes. He knows you best and is on your side
No. Unless he’s a financial planner
No. You’ll just end up with outdated advice, stuff that works for his needs, his dreams

7. You’re 23, fresh into the workforce. What do you put your first earnings in?
Tax saving. It’s your biggest priority
Assured, low gain investments. Little income deserves little risk
A mix of old and new investment products

8. How often should you look at your finances?
Daily. The market changes every day, no?
Never. You’re a long-term investor
Half yearly is enough

9. What’s the best way to deal with a loan or an unpaid credit card bill?
If you can’t afford something, why borrow in the first place?
With an EMI that is less than half your income
Borrow as much as you need for now. The economy will sort itself out

10. Does age or sex matter when managing money?
Yes. A kid with pocket money knows nothing. Adulthood brings wisdom
Yes. Men who deal with men in finance get better at money management
Neither. First make money then worry about it

In collaboration with Vishal Dhawan, founder and chief financial planner of Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors.

1. Any of the answers is correct! House-less at 35 isn’t so bad if you have a nest egg or invested in yourself. BPO kids who bought a home in the 2000s now struggle with loans. But ones who put their money in bettering their skills are rising higher and are prepared for home ownership.
2. If you won’t sell, your roomy new flat isn’t an asset. It’s just a roof. But it still spells security – so try not to view it as your life’s ball-and-chain.
3. Don’t think you’ll do better if it’s your money on the line. But yes, invest your own money only when you have already secure the
future of those dependent on you. Above all, don’t invest money (anyone’s money) if you can’t invest time and energy too.
4. All correct decisions! Advertising is an assured return in a down economy since there’s less competition. Work from home and save on office rent. And use slow business time to hone skills, staff or products.
5. Of course a bonus is a welcome surplus. Of course you’ve earned it. But don’t go to extremes. Spend some on yourself today and allow the rest to cushion you tomorrow.
6. Dad, alas, doesn’t know best! You may get outdated advice, follow his ill-informed decisions and aim for his dreams, not yours. Unless he IS a financial planner!
7. Mix investments early when you have the rest of your life to recover from a setback. Tax saving is only part of the game –
prioritise wealth building as well.
8. You wealth doesn’t change drastically from day to day. And don’t invest it-forget it. Twice a year is good – you escape short-term tensions and are still connected to your money.
9. By all means borrow, but make sure you can pay it back comfortably. EMIs should not be more than 40 per cent of your income.
10. Lies, all lies. Kids should know how to manage pocket money. Women are often better at managing resources. And you should take care about every rupee you make, every step of the way.

From HT Brunch, August 4

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