(Illustration: Sunil Kumar Mallik)
(Illustration: Sunil Kumar Mallik)

Decoding detox: 5 workouts to go with a detox diet

If you are on a detox diet, it is wise to keep the exercise intensity safe to avoid excessive fatigue
Hindustan Times | By Deckline Leitao
UPDATED ON JUL 13, 2019 09:49 PM IST

Since detox diets are generally a shock to the body, the desired output of exercise routines has to match the input of detox diets. As excess calories and protein can be on the lower side, it is wise to keep the exercise intensity safe during detox period to avoid excessive fatigue.

Brisk walking: This will give you a simple but superior aerobic workout without taxing your body with impact and jarring of the knees, like in running.

High-repetition muscle endurance training: This is best suited at the time of detox because the energy requirements are lesser compared to heavy strength or explosive training. High repetition muscle endurance training is also a great way to relearn your exercise training techniques.

Swimming: As the whole purpose of detox diets is to feel light and fresh, there is no other land-based exercise that’ll give you the anti-gravity feeling like swimming. It will cushion your body and keep it cool.

Yoga: As it is aimed at building balance, it works well during detox. As the movements are controlled and involve using your own body for resistance it is great to reconnect with your body’s awareness.

Dancing: This is the best way to lift your spirit. The inter-muscular coordination will improve the toning of your body and works well for those who don’t like conventional exercises.

­Deckline Leitao, CSCS NASM-PES, CES, CPT, is well-known for his personal training expertise and works closely with Olympic-hopefuls

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