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Start your day right: 10 breakfast essentials

Here are some superfoods to jumpstart your day

brunch Updated: Apr 13, 2017 18:29 IST
Kavita Devgan
Kavita Devgan
Hindustan Times

There are at least 10 proven reasons why you must never ever step out in the morning without eating like a king. The brain uses energy (glucose) from body stores when we sleep, and this must be replenished in the morning. But you need to eat right too. Here’s how.


Eggs are loaded with protein (about 6 grams), which increases satiety and reduces the appetite.
Eat it: Place a poached egg on a toast lined with steamed spinach. Top with salsa.


Oats are a delicious way to add fibre and nutrients to your body first thing in the morning. They help cut cholesterol and boost immunity too.
Eat it: Put 1 cup diced kiwi fruit, 3 tablespoons cooked oats, 1 small banana (chopped), 6 ice cubes and 200 ml milk in a blender. Whizz until smooth and creamy (for approximately 30 seconds). Pour into glasses, add honey and cinnamon.


One cup (250 gms) yoghurt gives about 150 calories and is loaded with complete pre-digested protein and calcium.
Eat it: Add sunflower seeds, chopped nuts or wheat germ to flavoured yoghurt for a pleasant crunch.


This spice keeps blood sugar levels in control by helping the body metabolise glucose faster. Eaten in the morning, it helps keep blood sugar stable and metabolism high through the day.
Eat it: Sprinkle cinnamon on oats, Greek yoghurt or in your coffee.

Fresh fruits

Eating fresh fruits is an easy way to get a dose of multiple vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre into your first meal of the day.
Eat them: Concoct a breakfast parfait with layers of yoghurt, sliced fresh fruit (strawberries, banana, kiwi etc.) and crunchy cereal and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower). Top with roasted almonds/walnuts.

Orange juice

Besides vitamin C, oranges are also loaded with B vitamins (including vitamin B1 and folate), as well as vitamin A, calcium and potassium. All these help boost immunity.
Drink it: Fresh, and as often as possible.


A natural sugar, it is easy to digest and is power-packed with minerals like iron, calcium, manganese, potassium, and vitamins like B-complex and K, besides umpteen enzymes (specially anti-bacterial ibumin). It scores outright over sugar, which merely sweetens.
Eat it: Spread on hot toast or slice a banana and drizzle with honey.


Barley delivers eight kinds of essential amino acids. The slow-release carbohydrates (fibre beta-glucan) in barley mean that it is digested very slowly and does not spike body sugar. It is also a great source of zinc.
Eat it: Place cooked barley on a plate, top with grated cheese and a scrambled egg.


Wholegrain cereal or bread adds B vitamins and more dietary fibre – the perfect breakfast recipe.
Eat it: Top with milk and honey, and dig in.


Nuts are a good source of protein and good fats, which help start the day right and keep you full for long. Almonds and walnuts are great breakfast additions.
Eat them: Sprinkle walnuts in your oatmeal, spread peanut butter on wholegrain toast or throw almonds into your smoothie.

From HT Brunch, April 2, 2017

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First Published: Apr 01, 2017 21:41 IST