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Case fatality rate in Ghaziabad falls below 1%

By Peeyush Khandelwal, Ghaziabad
PUBLISHED ON AUG 17, 2020 11:50 PM IST

The overall case fatality rate (CFR) in Ghaziabad has fallen to below 1% of the total Covid-19 cases, according to the state government’s Covid portal till 3pm on Monday.

The state government’s daily health bulletin, which gives a 24-hour report, on Monday read a CFR of 1%. The Covid portal on the other hand gives real-time data that read 67 deaths over 6,730 cases gave a CFR of 0.99%, marking the first time that the statistic fell below 1%.

While the number of cases in the district keeps on increasing, experts say that this was expected given the increase in testing. The focus, they said, should be on reducing deaths.

Overall in UP, the CFR stood at 1.58% till August 17, according to the health bulletin, and 23 of 75 districts had a rate below 1%.

The district administration officials said that the rate was achieved with putting in place certain measures and more efforts will be put in to further lower down the death rate.

“The Uttar Pradesh chief minister had directed all districts to work hard to lower down the CFR. Now, we will try to reduce it further. We are constantly trying to maintain 3,000-3,500 tests per day along with extensive focussed surveillance activities to detect suspected cases. Once detected, they are tested and referred to appropriate Covid facility if found positive. The idea is to detect cases and get them treated before they move to stage of complication,” said Ajay Shankar Pandey, district magistrate.

“For this, the district has also come up with an integrated command and control centre where all the Covid-19 related activities like those related to contact tracing, monitoring of patients in Home isolation and surveillance teams, assigning ambulances and other activities are integrated. We also have ICU beds reserved in private hospitals where the patients from government facilities can immediately be referred in case of need,” he said.

A majority of death cases in Ghaziabad were reported in the month of June when 51 fatalities were added to the tally. Thereafter, the officials put in measures and the fatalities reduced to nine in July and three in August till now.

“We have also come up with 200 L-2 (moderate cases) beds at Santosh Medical College,, while 200 are reserved as L-3 (serious cases) beds. Since the L-2 and L-3 beds are at the same premises, the time required in transferring patients was considerably reduced. At present we have overall 135 ICU beds in Ghaziabad with 98 in private hospitals and 37 in government Covid facilities,” said an officer from the health department who wished not to be named.

Upto August 17, 30 Covid-19 related deaths have taken place at hospital in Ghaziabad while 33 took place in Meerut besides two each at hospitals in Delhi and Noida.

“We have also stopped referrals to Meerut besides strict monitoring of patients in home isolation is being done. With constant monitoring, there has been no fatality of any patient in home isolation,” said Dr NK Gupta, chief medical officer.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a recent interaction over video-conferencing with the chief ministers of 10 states, including UP, on August 11, had encouraged them to take CFR to below 1%.

“It is good that the CFR is on decline. However, the efforts to contain cases should continue. Rapid antigen kits have made a lot of difference for early detection of cases and it must continue. Otherwise, the RT-PCR test reports take 2-3 days to arrive and suspected cases continue to be under risk. While attending different seminars it has come out that the effect is on decline. But monitoring should continue as many facets of Sars-CoV-2 are still unknown,” said Dr VB Jindal, president of Indian Medical Association, Ghaziabad.

According to the official figures till August 16, the district completed testing of 153992 samples, which include 86688 through the rapid antigen kits.

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