Ghaziabad: Signal-free ride at Mohan Nagar from June 1

Commuters have been facing traffic congestion at this intersection since long. Now, free left turns have been proposed for all major roads leading to the crossing, and roads will be widened.
None | By Peeyush Khandelwal, Ghaziabad
UPDATED ON MAY 29, 2015 12:24 PM IST

In a major decision, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has decided to make the congested Mohan Nagar intersection in Ghaziabad signal-free from June 1. To ensure a smooth ride for commuters, the authority has proposed major diversion plans that will allow uninterrupted flow of traffic moving between Ghaziabad, Anand Vihar, Dilshad Garden, Wazirabad and Loni areas.

Free left turns have been proposed for all major roads leading to the crossing and traffic won’t be allowed to come to a halt at any point at the intersection that sees around 17,000 passenger car units (PCUs) during peak hours on any given day. Currently, the intersection is chaotic with traffic cops struggling to ensure the smooth flow of traffic amid reckless buses and autos that stop almost everywhere.

“For the project, we have proposed a traffic island at the intersection and will erect cemented barriers. These will be
beautified once commuters get used to new traffic plan. We have proposed widening of roads falling under the new traffic movement plan,” the authority’s chief engineer VK Goel said.

“Before we implement the project, a traffic flow and benefit analysis study by Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) was done. Commuters will initially face problems due to traffic diversions,” he added. The project was envisaged
last year and will cost around Rs. 10 crore. Under the plan, the GDA has decided to make use of two major stretches— the Wazirabad-Hindon air base-Karhera and Mohan Nagar-Hindon air base roads.

As per the revised traffic plan, commuters travelling from Anand Vihar towards Ghaziabad will proceed straight from Mohan Nagar to the Hindon air base and then take a right turn towards Karhera road and proceed further towards GT Road to Ghaziabad. Earlier, the traffic took a right turn from Mohan Nagar and went directly towards Ghaziabad on GT Road.

Commuters travelling from Dilshad Garden towards Ghaziabad, Meerut or Hapur can travel straight on GT Road and then take a left turn from Mohan Nagar towards the Hindon air base road. Thereafter, they will proceed towards Ghaziabad from Karhera Road.

More pedestrian cross-over facilities required

Commuters are upbeat about the plan to make the Mohan Nagar intersection signal-free but pedestrians may feel the heat in the absence of proper cross-over facilities. Currently, people cross the road when vehicles stop at signals but from June 1, the intersection will witness continuous flow of traffic, making it extremely difficult for them to move over to the other side.

Out of the four sides at the Mohan Nagar crossing, there is only a single foot over-bridge on one side and it is hardly used by pedestrians. “We had plans to construct more foot over bridges but the space falls under the 9.41km metro alignment. So it has become difficult to build bridges,” authority’s chief engineer VK Goel said.

But commuters are positive. “Traffic cops struggle hard to man the busy intersection. Ambulances get stuck and traffic is a mess. Even if the plan involves driving a few more kilometres, it is worthwhile. But the traffic flow should be smooth. We will wait and watch and suggest changes in case they are needed,” said Jugal Kishor, a resident of Shalimar Garden.

Auto union officer-bearers have decided not to increase fares even if the travel distance increases by a few kilometres. “The minimum auto fare starts from Rs. 7. We have decided to travel under the altered route plan and will not increase fares. At least, the flow of traffic will be smooth,” said Dilshad Ahmed from the auto union.

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