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Friday, Jul 19, 2019
Karan Thapar

Karan Thapar


Karan Thapar is a super-looking genius who’s young, friendly, chatty and great fun to be with. He’s also very enjoyable to read.

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Jul 13, 2019 18:58
Often, generic drugs manufacturers produce medicines of higher quality for European and American markets, where regulation is tighter, whilst blithely selling inferior and ineffective drugs in India read more
Jul 06, 2019 18:41
Many believe Nehru’s judgment was clouded by his personal attachment to Kashmir. That could be his biggest lapse. But isn’t the BJP raking up all this and also exaggerating it for political purposes? read more
Jun 29, 2019 19:57
Simultaneous elections will be considerably cheaper than separate state and national polls. No one disputes that. However, cost ought not to be a prime consideration in determining how and when elections are held read more
Jun 22, 2019 20:55
The Congress has announced it doesn’t intend to claim the position read more
Jun 08, 2019 18:03
Farmers suffering distress or the unemployed young chose to consciously overlook their difficulties in the belief that Modi, if given a second chance, would take care of their problems read more
Jun 01, 2019 18:13
A new voice, a new attitude and a new definition of Indianness has been articulated and Modi is not just its expression but, possibly, its personification read more
May 25, 2019 19:26
Modi’s admirers claim this is a truly indigenous vision of India. Nehru’s, they say, was elite and western. Perhaps, though I’m not sure I agree. What is undeniable, however, is that Modi’s India is more aspirational and less dependent and it is turning... read more
May 18, 2019 18:03
I’ve no idea who’s going to win the elections but I’m fairly certain who’s lost the campaign. The answer is Narendra Modi read more
May 11, 2019 21:24
Not only must the procedure followed be fair but it must be seen to be so. I don’t think that was the case and, therefore, the Suprem Court committee’s exoneration of the Chief Justice only raises questions, it doesn’t resolve the matter read more
May 04, 2019 16:49
The commitment to abrogate them has provoked anger in the Valley. That, perhaps, is what the BJP wanted read more
Apr 28, 2019 16:03
The problem begins with our television talk shows which encourage politicians to quarrel. They seek to portray the tamasha of politics, its theatre and spectacle, rather than its content and substance. read more
Apr 20, 2019 19:16
It’s undeniable that as prime minister Modi has a position and importance quite distinct from any other person. This means his lapses are of greater significance read more
Apr 13, 2019 20:31
Supporting or opposing parties in a democracy is the norm. But a recent survey by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies suggests two further disturbing divisions in the country read more
Apr 06, 2019 20:36
The complaints about EVMs and the belief they can be tampered with is made by parties that have lost elections. This was as true of the BJP in 2009 as it is of the 21 parties today. read more
Mar 30, 2019 18:51
It is not against the law to attend a Pakistan Day reception. Nor is it morally forbidden to do so. The government chose not to but the prime minister still wrote to his Pakistani counterpart to greet him read more