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Monday, Aug 10, 2020
Sunny Hundal

Sunny Hundal


Sunny Hundal is a writer from London, UK. Since 2001 he has built many of the biggest websites in Britain serving south-Asian Brits, and writes about European politics, identity and extremism. He tweets as @sunny_hundal.

articles by Sunny Hundal (32 results)
Feb 06, 2017 16:14
There is little point blaming others for this mess. Punjabis aren’t easily manipulated puppets at the mercy of outside forces. What lies at the heart of its problems is the political establishment that has milked it dry. The stench of corruption is turning... read more
Jan 20, 2017 18:37
Indians may point a finger at Pakistan but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Hindu groups in India too have started copying the same tactics. And if it isn’t the Hindus then Christians, Sikhs or Muslim groups are at it. People have the right... read more
Jan 06, 2017 18:35
After a year of intense turmoil and uncertainty across world, the unstoppable march of democracy seems to be crashing into the immovable opinions of angry voters. Like a train crash in slow motion, democratic norms are being ripped up across the western... read more
Dec 26, 2016 17:32
Dozens of women from Britain have been taken to the Indian subcontinent and just “disappeared”. Both the Indian and British authorities tend to ignore such cases read more
Dec 09, 2016 18:46
Europe and America may look like they are retreating inwards for now but liberals have time on their side read more
Nov 25, 2016 20:30
White nationalists only care about white power. They hate what the modern world has become, and Indians are a big part of how the world has been shaped. We are their natural enemies, not their potential friends read more
Nov 08, 2016 22:40
Shining a light on the attack on the Golden Temple, the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the planned anti-Sikh massacres that followed doesn’t need to be a religious or political issue. It is a human rights issue read more
Oct 28, 2016 21:08
The British PM is more concerned with showing Britons they will do fine without the EU than a trade deal with India. India is being used as a prop to cover up the problems the Conservatives are facing after the Brexit vote. read more
Oct 19, 2016 21:34
Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May is set to deeply shake the economic and cultural ties between India and the UK read more
Oct 06, 2016 20:26
Bigotry is dangerous because it isn’t about connecting with God; it is obsessed with taking power. Someone who believes they have God on their side doesn’t worry about the potential of doing evil. read more
Sep 16, 2016 20:58
The increasing number of wedding disruptions is part of a trend towards intolerance among some British Sikhs. There have been no such protests in America or Canada, where millions of Sikhs live, where they are more integrated read more
Sep 04, 2016 21:42
The fight against religious extremism isn’t one between religions, but one between the fanatics and everyone else. India should learn from the mistakes that Europe is making to avoid doing the same. read more
Aug 21, 2016 22:20
There isn’t a democracy in the world where freedom of religion co-exists peacefully with anti-blasphemy laws. They are incompatible read more