Bruises on complainant’s neck, did Amit Mishra try to strangle her?

Cricketer Amit Mishra might have tried to strangle the woman who has accused him of assault, the medical report suggests.

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Sudipto Mondal
Sudipto Mondal
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Amit Mishra (C) is mobbed by the media after his arrest and subsequent release by Bengaluru police on October 27, 2015. Mishra was arrested for allegedly assaulting a filmmaker in his hotel room.(AFP Photo)

Cricketer Amit Mishra might have tried to strangle the woman who has accused him of assault, the medical report suggests.

The report, a copy of which is exclusively available with HT, says that the woman had contusions (bruise or blood clots) on the “anterior” (front) portion of her neck.

Doctors HT contacted were divided in their opinion. While some said that further tests need to be conducted to establish an attempt to strangle the victim, others said that the injury could have been caused by somebody pressing her neck. “The fingers of the accused need to be matched with the injury to establish attempt to strangle beyond reasonable doubt,” said one forensic doctor on the condition of anonymity.

The woman, a Bollywood producer, had lodged a complaint against Mishra on September 27 alleging that he had abused and assaulted her in the room of a Five Star Hotel on September 25. Suggesting that they knew each other well, she has said in her complaint to the Ashok Nagar police, a copy of which is with HT, that she let herself into Mishra’s room when he wasn’t in.

The complaint, which has been corrected for grammar, said, “Once he entered the room, he started fighting and asked me how I got into the room without his permission. He started hitting me with his hands and threw a kettle at my face. He started choking me hard and I suffocated. I screamed. I was frightened as I almost stopped breathing. He twisted my right wrist and fractured my right ring finger.”

Mishra was detained at the police station on Tuesday and interrogated for 3 hours.

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Police sources, who are investigating the case, said that their strongest piece of evidence against the leg spinner is the medical report which also notes that the woman’s ring finger was fractured. However, investigators are yet to make conclusive statements at the moment as the woman’s statement too has discrepancies.

For instance, she did not tell the police that she entered Mishra’s room by conning the hotel staff. In their statement to the police, the hotel’s staff said that the woman claimed Mishra’s room to be her own.

“She told the staff in the reception lobby that Mishra was expecting her. Once upstairs, she told the housekeeping staff that she had lost her key and needed to use the washroom urgently. She looked confident and her posh dressing and mannerisms convinced the housekeeping staff,” said one police officer. The same officer also said that the woman had tried to make several phone calls to Mishra on that day but he didn’t receive any of them.

Another officer, however, said, “There’s no doubt that the two knew each other very well. The woman has told us that they were in a relationship. She was forced to take the step of sneaking into his room as he was trying to avoid her. These things are common among couples and her entering the room cannot be construed as trespassing in the strict sense.”

This officer also said that the two had spent considerable time in the room on past occasions. “She was a familiar presence in the hotel. So the version of the hotel staff also can’t be taken on face value,” the officer said.

Meanwhile, Mishra told the police during his interrogation that he was shocked to see the woman in his room. He allegedly told the police that he was bound by BCCI rules that ban players from entertaining guests in their rooms when they are on an official tour. He has also allegedly accused the woman of stalking him and denied that he had assaulted her.

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