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ENG vs OMA Match 28 Results

Match 28, Antigua, June 14, 2024, ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 2024
England beat Oman by 8 wickets
Oman47/10 (13.2 overs)
4/11 (4)
England50/2 (3.1 overs)
12 (3)
1/36 (2)
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England vs Oman Commentary

9:01 PM IST That is all from this game. England keep their hopes alive with this win while Oman end their World Cup journey without a win. The action continues in the World Cup. Join us at 6 am IST (12.30 am GMT) as Afghanistan takes on Papua New Guinea. Join us early on for the build up. Till then, cheers!
9:01 PM IST Jos Buttler, the skipper of England says the tone was set by the bowlers as they took the early wickets and it’s a good job done by the team today. Adds that their was a bit of extra bounce plus the high release of Topley and Jofra challenged the batters a lot. Mentions their bowling is a challenging one and such condition make them even more lethal. Mentions that they were looking to be ultra aggressive with the bat and help the NRR so the fall of wickets doesn’t bother them. Closes by saying that he is not taken away by people counting England out so early and it is not their job to think about it and they’ll be preparing for Namibia in the coming days.
8:57 PM IST Aqib Ilyas, the skipper of Oman says there was a big collapse in the batting order, the top order has failed in this tournament. Adds the associate teams don't get to play bowlers who bowl around 145 clicks and it plays on the back of the mind. Reckons they were confused with the bat, to hit hard or to defend and feels the English players were somtimes too close to them while fielding. Mentions the bowlers have done well throughout the tournament so can't blame much. Feels they could have finished on a high but they'll look for positives out of this match.
8:53 PM IST In reply, England lost two wickets but as informed earlier, what mattered most was how quickly can they chase it down. Jos Buttler took the job on his shoulders and helped chase it down in 3.1 overs. Just look at the Net Run Rate now, England had a negative NRR of 1.80 and now they stand with 3 points and a NRR of positive 3.08. They have given themselves a shot to go for the next round. Oman on the other hand were completely beaten, cannot write much about them as the defending champions were really on a mission and Oman were taken down by some world-class bowlers.
8:50 PM IST The victory was never in doubt for England but more importanly how many overs does England eat up was the question! Just 19 balls is what England needed to chase it down. With a negative net run rate, England wouldn't have asked for a better game set up than this. After the horrible start to the campaign and a lot of unwanted noise from outside the ground, England needed this game to go in their favour and the crickeing gods showered them with a huge comprehensive win here. It was set up by the bowlers though. They cooked the Oman batting order and in a blink of an eye all of them disappered. Adil Rashid was the star as he took four wickets while Jofra Archer and Mark Wood ended with three wickets each. The highest score for Oman was 11 by Shoaib Khan.
8:49 PM IST Adil Rashid is the Player of the Match for his brilliant spell of 4 for 11. He is up for a quick chat and says they bowled well with Jofra Archer setting the tone and himself and Mark Wood continuing it. Adds that the ball was turning and the early wickets helped. Mentions that the surface was helpful for the bowlers and it was spinning which helped him a lot. Also says he was looking for a fifer but he feels delighted with the victory. Closes by saying that they are looking to play one game at a time and now they’ll start to prepare for Namibia.
8:48 PM IST ...Presentation next...
End of over 3.14 runs
ENG: 50/2CRR: 15.79
  • 4

Fayyaz Butt to Jonny Bairstow, 4 runs

FOUR! THAT'S A WRAP! Back of a length on the pads, Jonny Bairstow flicks this wide of short fine leg for a boundary to end the game. England wins this by 8 wickets and they have surely done a worl lot of good to their NRR.

End of over 322 runs
ENG: 46/2CRR: 15.33RRR: 0.11
  • 4
  • 0
  • 4
  • 4
  • 6
  • 4

Bilal Khan to Jos Buttler, 4 runs

FOUR! Jos Buttler takes Bilal Khan down for 22 runs in this over. Fuller one outside off, Jos Buttler slices this up and over cover-point for a boundary to end the over.


Bilal Khan to Jos Buttler, 6 runs

SIX! DISPATCHED! Short-pitched at a gentle pace in middle, Jos Buttler pulls this right off the middle of his bat and over the fence towards deep mid-wicket region for a maximum.


Bilal Khan to Jos Buttler, 4 runs

FOUR! PItched up in middle, Jos Buttler clears his front leg and slogs this over the mid on fielder for yet another boundary.

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ENG vs OMA Venue Details

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua, West Indies
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua
PitchBatting friendly
Matches Won
Batting First12 Won (57.14%)
Bowling First9 Won (42.86%)
Temperature, 29.65C, Clouds
Humidity - 75%Wind Speed 3.6 meter/sec
  • 139Average 1st Innings
  • 113Average 2nd Innings
  • 57.38%PACEPercentage of wickets takes by pacers
  • 42.62%SPINPercentage of wickets takes by spinners
  • 239-6By Bermuda vs Bahamas Highest Total
  • 47-10By England vs Oman Lowest Total
  • 86* Runs Alejandro FergusonHighest Individual Score
  • 5/16Dilon HeyligerBest Bowling Figures
Reviews Remaining:ENG - 2 of 2, OMA - 2 of 2

Score Statistics

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  • Run Rate

Match Details

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua
England, elected to field
ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 2024
Series Period
01 Jun 2024 - 29 Jun 2024
Match Day
13 Jun 2024 - D/N (20 - over match)
Asif Yaqoob (PAK), Langton Rusere (ZIM) and Nitin Menon (IND)
Match Referee
Andy Pycroft (ZIM)
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