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ENG vs SCO Match 6 Results

Match 6, Barbados, June 04, 2024, ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 20241st Innings
90/0(10.0/10 ov)
Match Abandoned
Current RR: 9.00
Reviews Remaining:ENG - 1 of 2, SCO - 2 of 2
Scotland90/0 (10.0 overs)
0/11 (2)
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England vs Scotland Commentary

7:04 PM IST Right then, the rain has had the final say here in this clash between two European rivals. With this outcome, England's record of having never beaten a European team in Men's T20 World Cups will continue. The action does not stop here, though, as the other game of the day between the Netherlands and Nepal is underway in Dallas. Having bowled the Asian side out for 106, the Dutch are going along nicely in their batting effort and look set to give their NRR an early boost. You can simply switch tabs and follow our coverage of that game. Cheers!
7:03 PM IST The skipper of Scotland, Richie Berrington says that it is frustrating for everyone. Shares that the batters did a really job and they will take positives from this effort. Feels that they had a chance on this pitch which had uneven bounce. Adds that had they bowled and fielded well, they had an opportunity. Opines that batting at the top of the order suits Michael Jones really well and that he and George Munsey make a good opening combination.
7:01 PM IST The captain of England, Jos Buttler says he hopes for a dry day in their next game and that they get a full game. Adds it was a tough call to play Archer and Wood, they have good options and selection is a tough job.
6:58 PM IST Time to hear from the captains...
6:49 PM IST So, the INEVITABLE HAS HAPPENED, the game has been CALLED OFF! Quite frustrating, to be honest, as this was shaping up to be a really good one. Yes, a lot of people would think, England would probably knock those runs off quickly, but the game could have gotten interesting if Scotland had bowled well on what was a two-paced pitch. Nevertheless, both teams will share points and open their accounts in the ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 2024.
6:41 PM IST UPDATE - 12.11 am IST (6.41 pm GMT, the previous day) - The rain has picked up and it is coming down really hard at the Kensington Oval. With 12.22 am IST (6.52 pm GMT, the previous day) being the cut-off time for a five-over chase, we do not have much time left and the chances of a resumption are looking pretty bleak.
6:31 PM IST England were quite off with the ball! They just could not land it right and despite there being purchase off the surface, they failed to make most of it. They will be disappointed that they did not manage to take even a single wicket. However, they will need to put that behind and now the onus is on their batters. The target of 109 is going to be a stiff challenge but they do have the firepower. Scotland on the other hand, if they bowl well, they can defend this. For now though, the covers are got on and till the time the rain does not completely stop, the players can't get out there. Stay tuned.
6:28 PM IST Scotland will be very happy with their batting effort. Pretty sure England will be needing to score over 10 per over. Yes, they do. The revised target for England is 109. Scotland’s effort even after the rain break was a good one for them. They managed to add 39 runs in the 22 balls they had after the break. Also, it was the openers throughout, they started well and have helped them to end well too.
End of over 108 runs
SCO: 90/0CRR: 9.00
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Adil Rashid:2-0-26-0

Adil Rashid to Michael Jones, 4 runs

FOUR! A boundary to close out the innings and Scotland end with 90 on the board! Adil Rashid tosses it up, full and turning away, on off, Michael Jones rolls his wrists nicely and nails the slog sweep. Hits it wide of deep square leg for a boundary. Not a bad last over though from Rashid, 8 runs off it.


Adil Rashid to George Munsey, 1 run

Nicely bowled, yet again! Does not offer any pace and it is short, on leg, George Munsey changes his stance again and hits it to mid on for a quick single.


Adil Rashid to Michael Jones, 1 run

Flatter and shorter, slower as well, outside off, Michael Jones walks across to get momentum into the shot but mistimes the hit to long on for just one.

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ENG vs SCO Venue Details

Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
PitchBatting friendly
Matches Won
Batting First20 Won (60.61%)
Bowling First11 Won (39.39%)
Temperature, 26.05C, Rain
Humidity - 94%Wind Speed 3.6 meter/sec
  • 153Average 1st Innings
  • 139Average 2nd Innings
  • 66.16%PACEPercentage of wickets takes by pacers
  • 33.84%SPINPercentage of wickets takes by spinners
  • 224-5By West Indies vs England Highest Total
  • 80-10By South Africa vs Afghanistan Lowest Total
  • 107 Runs Rovman PowellHighest Individual Score
  • 5/27Jason HolderBest Bowling Figures
Reviews Remaining:ENG - 1 of 2, SCO - 2 of 2

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Match Details

Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
Scotland, elected to bat
ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 2024
Series Period
01 Jun 2024 - 29 Jun 2024
Match Day
04 Jun 2024 - (20 - over match)
Nitin Menon (IND), Asif Yaqoob (PAK) and Joel Wilson (WI)
Match Referee
Ranjan Madugalle (SL)
Streaming Platform
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