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WAF vs TSK Match 5 Results

Match 5, Morrisville, July 09, 2024, Major League Cricket, 20242nd Innings
Washington FreedomWAFWashington Freedom
62/0(4.0/20 ov)
Match Abandoned
Current RR: 15.50
Reviews Remaining:WAF - 2 of 2, TSK - 2 of 2
Texas Super Kings203/5 (20.0 overs)
Washington Freedom62/0 (4.0 overs)
0/19 (2)
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Washington Freedom vs Texas Super Kings Commentary

11:00 PM IST The rain has gotten heavier and the match has been CALLED OFF. So, once again Washington Freedom are forced to play against the rain gods. Their last match got them two points but would have to settle with just a point here. It was turning out to be an entertaining chase with Smith and Head up for the challenge but the rain gods had the last say. Freedom will feel a little hard done by as they were in a great position. The Kings on the other hand, won’t really mind the points being shared in this game. Action from this tournament continues on Tuesday. It is the Knight Riders taking on the Orcas. That game begins at 0600 IST (0030 GMT). Till then, goodbye and take care!
10:36 PM IST Update - It was pouring down and we have around an hour before the game can be called off! The problem is, the ground has taken a lot of beating. The good thing is, there's a lot of blue skies around but it is still drizzling. We need that to stop. Fingers crossed at the moment.
10:00 PM IST Update - It has started to rain suddenly and the players are walking off. Looks like a passing shower and we should be back shortly. The big covers have been placed now and we are in for a long delay.
End of over 4.11 run
WAF: 62/0CRR: 15.50RRR: 8.96
  • 1(1NB)
Steven Smith:26 (13)
Travis Head:32 (12)

Naveen-ul-Haq to Steven Smith, 1 run

No ball! Sees Smith shuffle across and Naveen-ul-Haq bowls it outside off, almost outside the deck and it is called as a no ball.

End of over 424 runs
WAF: 61/0CRR: 15.25RRR: 8.93
  • 1
  • 4
  • 6
  • 1(1WD)
  • 4
  • 6
  • 2
Travis Head:32 (12)
Steven Smith:26 (12)
Aaron Hardie:1-0-24-0

Aaron Hardie to Travis Head, 2 runs

Make it 24 runs off it. A full toss, outside off, Head hits it wide of deep cover for a couple.


Aaron Hardie to Travis Head, 6 runs

SIX! 22 runs already off the over. What a shot this is! Very full and on leg, Head steps across, opens his leg and wrists it over square leg for a six.


Aaron Hardie to Travis Head, 4 runs

FOUR! 50 up  for Washington Freedom! Bowls it outside off, Head thumps it over mid off for a boundary.


Aaron Hardie to Travis Head, 1 run

Wide! Full and way outside off. Head slashes and misses.


Aaron Hardie to Travis Head, 6 runs

SIX! The drop is proving costly already! Slants it full and on the pads. Head slogs it high and above mid-wicket for a massive six.


Aaron Hardie to Travis Head, 4 runs

FOUR! Hit hard! Fuller and on middle, Head powerfully struck it down to long on for a boundary.


Aaron Hardie to Steven Smith, 1 run

Length and on leg, Smith taps it to covers for a single.

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WAF vs TSK Venue Details

Church Street Park, Morrisville, USA
Church Street Park, Morrisville
PitchBatting friendly
Temperature, -3.66C, Clouds
Humidity - 87%Wind Speed 1.57 meter/sec
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Reviews Remaining:WAF - 2 of 2, TSK - 2 of 2

Score Statistics

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Match Details

Church Street Park, Morrisville
Washington Freedom, elected to field
Major League Cricket, 2024
Series Period
05 Jul 2024 - 28 Jul 2024
Match Day
08 Jul 2024 - D/N (20 - over match)
Marais Erasmus (SA), Vijaya Mallela (USA) and Paul Wilson (AUS)
Match Referee
Jeff Crowe (NZ)
Broadcasting Platform
Sports 18