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Are candidates ready with a national agenda?

Research Organisation C fore (Centre for Forecasting & Research) conducted the survey between 4th and 6th April, 2009. In all, a randomly selected sample of 523 voters, approximately representing voters of different castes and communities in their actual proportion, were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. See Graphics: National issues high on Delhi’s mind

delhi Updated: Apr 08, 2009 01:40 IST

Methodology: Research Organisation C fore (Centre for Forecasting & Research) conducted the survey between 4th and 6th April, 2009. In all, a randomly selected sample of 523 voters, approximately representing voters of different castes and communities in their actual proportion, were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. See Graphics: National issues high on Delhi’s mind

The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 per cent at 90 per cent confidence level.

Sandeep Dikshit

Congress candidate from East Delhi

I don’t think roads and lack of transport are big local issues. Lot of work has been done on this front in the past few years. This election is being fought on both local and national issues. We are focusing on performance of the UPA government at the Centre as well as the development work done by the Congress in the state. We are giving voters a comparison of the two prime minister candidates and how Dr Manmohan Singh scores over the BJP candidate.

Jagdish Tytler

Cong candidate from Northeast Delhi

National issues are all right but the focus will be on developing my constituency. This is the least developed part of Delhi. It doesn’t have basic facilities like roads and hospitals. The sitting MP tried to do his bit but the focus was more on South of GT Road (East Delhi constituency now). The chapter on 1984 riots is closed. I have been given clean chit thrice by different courts. I am totally sympathetic to Sikhs as I am a Sikh myself (he was born to a Sikh mother).

Ajay Maken

Congress candidate fromNew Delhi

Through the Master Plan of Delhi, we have created enough commercial space so that people can easily open their own business. We have also allowed small shops to open in residential colonies. People would vote for my party and for me as a candidate. I have a proven track record while my opponent is a known escapist. When it comes to water, power and roads, my constituency is the best in Delhi. It is the heart of Delhi with the best available infrastructure.

Kapil Sibal

Congress candidate from Chandni Chowk

These elections are about installing a government at the Centre that provides a vision for solving issues of utmost importance to the nation. The economic slowdown resulting in job losses and pay cuts has been a matter of deep concern. To ensure it doesn't lead to huge pay cuts and massive job losses, fiscal and monetary measures have been put in place. We have been handling our economy wisely, which is why India remains the second fastest growing economy.

Vijender Gupta

BJP candidate from Chandni Chowk

I want to say just one thing — all national issues, in some way or other, are a manifestation of local issues. So you can't ignore local issues altogether.

Inflation and unemployment are affecting every section of the society and the UPA govt can't abdicate responsibility by calling it a global phenomenon. What steps are they taking to address the issue? Once elected, it should be the dharma of elected representatives to be at the beck and call of their electorate.

Jagdish Mukhi

BJP candidate from West Delhi

Unemployment is a huge election issue for my party and me. The UPA government has followed economic policies that have resulted in 16 lakh youths losing jobs. They have killed our manufacturing sector by giving a fillip to foreign goods. It is a shame that even in a city like Delhi, many people do not have access to drinking water, sanitation and good roads. So, yes, a large number of people would vote for or against these issues. The (Congress) government has taken them for granted.

Sajjan Kumar

Congress candidate from South Delhi

If employment is a huge issue among voters then it is because the BJP during its five-year rule did unmitigable damage to rural jobs by uprooting thousands of industrial units and workers. The Congress has safeguarded employment by enacting laws to counter sealing and by notifying 23 villages as industrial areas.

In terms of local development, Congress enhanced compensation amount payable to farmers on acquisition of their land three-fold.

Ramesh Bidhuri

BJP candidate from South Delhi

I am not surprised that Education is a big issue among Delhi’s voters.

Education may be a Fundamental Right but the Delhi (Congress) government-run schools have failed to help children from poor families build careers with proper education.

Students of government schools in Delhi do not secure as good marks as their private-school counterparts and lose out in the race right at the start.

So, people are angry at the lack of good education in the city.

Krishna Tirath

Congress candidate from North-west Delhi

When it comes to the economic downturn, we are better off compared to other countries.

People know that if Congress remains in power, they will never face hardship. I think both national and local issues are equally important. We need to create awareness about national issues like the nuclear deal, sixth pay commission etc. But we are also supposed to solve local problems by telling the local agencies on what has to be done.

Meera Kanwaria

BJP candidate from North-west Delhi

It goes without saying that national issues like inflation, economic slowdown and terrorism play a major role in electing a government at the Centre. They are national issues, which can't be solved locally. But at the same time one can't completely turn a blind eye to local issues like poor infrastructure and lack of basic civic amenities. People in Delhi are directly affected by these local issues and elected representatives have to get these issues addressed.

Chetan Chauhan

BJP candidate from East Delhi

This government has failed miserably to contain terrorism. Last year was worst with terrorists striking at their will in different cities. Our intelligence network failed. The government failed to secure the nation and was soft on terrorism. This time people will vote for the party which adopts a tougher approach on terrorism. The UPA government's economic policies have been faulty. Instead of investing more on infrastructure projects, the government was biased towards real estate.

BL Sharma Prem

BJP candidate from Northeast Delhi

National issues are important because national interest is supreme. Bangladeshis are infiltrating this country, there are enemies within.

If we don't act now, there will be no country left. If there is no country, there is no government and no candidates.

Congress has followed the policy of appeasement that led to the Partition in 1947.

With their current policies, they will divide the country again. I don't hesitate saying I am a Hindu.

Mahabal Mishra

Congress candidate from West Delhi

I do not believe that the Nuclear Deal is a non-issue among voters. It could be that not everyone comprehends the deal's impact on our lives. The N-deal will help us produce cheap electricity. With augmentation in power production, the industries will get a huge boost and new jobs will be created in the country. I am explaining these benefits of the N-deal to people. How can Employment be a huge issue? The economic recession may have taken a toll in the West, but India has done well in protecting itself from its effects. And that has happened due to robust policies of the UPA government. The electorate is aware of that.

Vijay Goel

BJP candidate from New Delhi

At least one crore people are out of work in India right now and the UPA government is responsible for it. When NDA comes to power, we will create jobs in the IT sector, promote tourism and promote small scale industries.

Lok Sabha election is a national issue and that is why people would vote on such issues. The UPA government has failed on all counts when it comes to national issues.

I have won twice from Chandni Chowk, which has both Hindu and Muslim voters. They all vote for me because I work for all communities.