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Best blog posts of 2010

From Ayodhya verdict to scams to Kashmir unrest, our bloggers discussed it all with full passion and total reason. Here's a list of hit HT blog posts of 2010.

delhi Updated: Dec 29, 2010 21:01 IST

From Ayodhya verdict to scams to Kashmir unrest, our bloggers discussed it all with full passion and total reason. Here's a list of hit HT blog posts of 2010.

CWG: Haryana state number one

The great thing about these Games has been that a lot of fresh talent has come up. Many sportspersons from small towns and cities all over the country who with their modest means but great commitment and determination have performed exceedingly well...Read more

A stranger friend

Each time Kashmir is on the boil, my mind goes back to the eighties, when the problem had just begun. I don’t remember the year but Jagmohan had just taken over as Jammu and Kashmir Governor and I was assigned to go to Jammu and interview him on his perception on a state where trouble was brewing. Read more they have no mai-baap

Sometime back, I had the opportunity to meet Indian workers in Jaunpur, a backward district in east of Uttar Pradesh. The area sends bulk of workers to Saudi Arabia. Reasons are obvious: Poverty,illiteracy and heartless agents. It was then I had met Abu Ahmad, who in his frightful days in Saudi had found solace in writing. Read more

Teflon Singh?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh direly needed a fresh coat of Teflon amid a plethora of scams haunting his government. On Monday, he sought to acquire one with some political finesse and an air of conviction so typical of him. Read more

India in the Chinese classroom

As we entered the Peking University classroom where Arunachal Pradesh is studied as ‘southern Tibet,’ a student turned to me and asked why the Indian media is ‘so negative’ on China. Read more

Hinduism and Hindutva

Hinduism and Hindutva are two words, which are being used interchangeably but the meanings of these words have different connotations. Mixing up these words are part of the Sangh Parivar’s political strategy to appropriate Hinduism. Read more

Sania Mirza unites the bigots!

Sania, for her part, has avowed she will continue to cheer for India no matter what even when India is playing Pakistan; cheer Shoaib only when he is playing any other team but India and, moreover, her favourite cricketer continues to be not her future husband but Sachin Tendulkar! Read more

The world must be India specific

When the Indian political leadership faces something that requires the country to engage and become part of an international system they rarely focus on trying to understand what the costs and benefits of doing so. They instead look for ways to make it “India specific. Read more

Advanji-ji, why link Ayodhya with azadi?

No leader of contemporary India intrigues and interests me more than LK Advani. He appears at once a man with immense wisdom and understanding of our country. Yet this understanding is not one which everyone can naturally relate to... Read more

Islam has a branding problem: Millatfacebook CEO

I was curious about what’s going on in the mind of the men who launched Millatfacebook — a Facebook-wannabe for Muslims. So, I contacted Lahore-based Omer Zaheer Meer, the CEO of Global IT Vision (Pvt) Ltd, the company that launched Millatfacebook. Read more

First Published: Dec 29, 2010 19:59 IST