Better coordination may ease traffic chaos at Delhi’s Ashram Chowk

delhi Updated: Jan 04, 2017 07:14 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
New Delhi, Hindustan Times
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Senior traffic officials said that coordination among agencies will ease the chaos at Ashram Chowk.(Saumya Khandelwal/ File)

The Ashram intersection might get worse for traffic movement after Metro services start, unless government agencies come up with a comprehensive traffic plan, transport experts said.

Experts said that with the coming of the Metro station, the intersection will attract short distance services such as e-rickshaws and autos which are likely to clog the stretch. This along with the existing problems of vehicles parked on roadside will only add to the mess.

“When a Metro station comes up, a new habitat comes with it. Local services such as the gramin sewa and mini buses come up. Small vendors also set shops around the station for the passengers coming out of the station. This will only add to the mess in the area. Such things come with development,” Dr Rajesh Sinha, transport researcher at IIT-Delhi.

Sinha said what could help is a plan for the stretch which could include designated parking spots for passenger vehicles. Ensuring the removal of illegal parking along roadsides will also help, he said.

He suggested that since the intersection is used as a transit point by vehicles to get to various parts of the city, providing alternative routes will help better the situation.

“If a commuter can get signal free routes to get to their destination then why would they want to get stuck in traffic,” Sinha said.

Sonakshi Dutt, a resident of New Friends Colony, said that the stretch is surrounded by a posh neighbourhood on one side and a lower middle class one on the other side.

“This is like the worst of both worlds. On one side you have a neighbourhood where people own two to three cars at least which are parked on the roadside and on the other, you have illegal kiosks which keep cropping up in every corner. These need to be controlled,” she said.

Senior officials from Delhi Traffic Police said that coordination among government agencies will also ease the chaos.

“At present every agency is trying to put the blame on each other for the mess at the Ashram intersection. Instead if the stakeholders, including the residents and the commuters, coordinate with each other this intersection can be made into an example for the entire nation to follow. We can show how efficient management can give fruitful results,” the official said.

Once the Metro construction is wrapped up, an inclusive plan can be drawn, he said.

First Published: Jan 04, 2017 07:13 IST