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Bingo to the new chat lingo!

The SMS generation has given way to short, simple and cool lingos, which is slowly making its way to dictionaries as well.

delhi Updated: Jun 29, 2007 16:58 IST

'Hey dey..Ssup! m doin gr8..Cr4 a coffa ton8 ?? kewl.. C'ya at 8...G2g ,tc!!' Shortened verbs, sentences sans prepositions, abbreviations used as never before...Get accustomed to the language of young, considered the 'in thing' today. After all who has the time in this world to inquire if the person on other side is a he or she, an uncle or a kid, a "hi" is much more happening these days.

"The new chat lingo is faster, trendier and a great time saver, when it comes to text chat and on messenger. Moreover, they are in vogue these days", says Sanya Ralhan, Class X student.

As the cell phones replace Barbie dolls and toy cars, it seems laptops are what kids demand for on turning nine.

The generation Y cannot debar itself from using the language in vogue. "One often faces time and space constraints in message chats, therefore use of abbreviations and jargons is convenient besides its fun to play with the language as we go on creating more and more smart lingos," says 12 -year -old Devika Kapoor.

What's more, the word 'sms' itself has found itself a comfortable place in Oxford dictionary. Seeing the wide usage of such lingo by a large number of people, its impact is very much visible on the written day-to-day English.

"With every new batch, chat lingo's are frequently seen in the answer sheets and assignments, but I have no qualms in accepting the changing trend. I feel language is a dynamic thing and changes to suit the needs of man should be readily acceptable," says SD Triparthy, Professor, IP University.

Though not recognised officially, some of the lingos have made its way in the dictionaries.(Brb - be right back, tc-take care, asap - as soon as possible, imho - in my humble opinion, l8r- later , gf- girl friend) according to and all these lingos are extensively used in the west ,in informal as well as formal electronic mails.

No matter how much they use the lingo's, students do not feel the need to declare them as a part of language, as they believe the beauty of words would be lost. "I excessively use the chat terminology in e-mails and messages sent to friends, but that's about it, I make sure it doesn't creep into my answers and homework. As students it's our responsibility to maintain the sanctity of language, and not tamper with it", says engineering student Anshul Vir in Punjab.