Delhi: Nabbed drug dealer uses 5 loo breaks to plot escape through window shaft

The 26-year-old drug peddler fled from the crime branch’s Daryaganj office by faking loose motions, breaking the toilet ventilator shaft. He was, however, arrested again a day after his escape from outer Delhi.

delhi Updated: Jun 03, 2017 11:56 IST
Prawesh Lama
Prawesh Lama
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The drug dealer was caught a day later by the police from outer Delhi. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Between 3am to 4am on May 28, as the city slept, a Delhi police constable helped an alleged drug dealer visit the toilet, at least five times. The man had complained of suffering from ‘stomach ache’.

A police constable waited outside the washroom each time, unaware of the fact that the 26-year-old known drug peddler was plotting his escape by breaking the window shaft of the washroom.

A day after his escape, when police traced and nabbed the accused, Hemraj alias Shera, from outer Delhi, he was stoned.

Arrested for smuggling heroin into the city, Hemraj was on a five-day crime branch custody. He was nabbed with around 800 grams of heroin on him, worth Rs 1 crore in the international market. The drugs were smuggled from Uttar Pradesh. Hemraj was lodged in the crime branch’s narcotics office in Central Delhi’s Daryaganj.

Police said that on his second night in custody (May 28), Hemraj woke up a constable at around 3am and told him that he needed to go to the toilet. The cop accompanied him; told him not to lock the door from inside and waited patiently outside. They returned after 10 minutes.

Hemraj went to sleep but woke up the constable again later and said it was an emergency and he had to go to the toilet again. Hemraj told the cop that years of doing drugs had affected his stomach. According to the constable’s statement in the FIR, Hemraj claimed he had ‘stomach ache and loose motion’. The previous evening, Hemraj had been examined by doctors at the LNJP hospital, who had found him to be fit.

Drug peddler Hemraj made five trips to the loo, loosening the window shaft each time. On his last trip, he vanished from the toilet
  • Two men Hemraj and Neetu arrested for smuggling heroin in Delhi on May 26 around 11 pm.
  • The two were produced before a judge at Karkardooma court and sent into five-day crime branch custody.
  • The men are taken to Lok Nayak Jai Prakash hospital for a medical examination.
  • The duo is brought to crime branch’s narcotics office in Central Delhi’s Daryaganj. They are locked in a room in the building around 8pm.
1 Till 2.30am The men are interrogated in room number 12. They are then handed over to 2 constables for the night
3am One accused, Hemraj, complains of ‘loose motion’ and asks a constables to take him to the toilet in the room
2 3-4.30am Hemraj says he has a stomach ache and goes to the toilet 4 times, spending 10-12 mins inside on each visit
3 4.35am He goes to toilet for 5th time. Constable outside later finds he had escaped through window shaft
4 4.38am Hemraj returns and locks the room he was kept in from outside. He then disappears in the dark

The constable alleged that between 3am and 4.30am, he accompanied Hemraj to the toilet at least four times. At around 4.40am, when Hemraj went inside for the fifth time, the constable realised something was wrong. There was no noise from inside the washroom. The cop immediately forced the door open and found Hemraj missing . There was debris from the wall of the window shaft that Hemraj had broken and fled.

However, Hemraj did not stop here.

He came back later to the room, in which he had been locked up earlier, and found the constable inside. He then locked the door from outside and vanished in the dark.

Crime branch officers later searched all rooms in the building hoping to find Hemraj, but all they could find were wet foot and fingerprints across the building. Nobody saw Hemraj leave the building or had any information until a tip-off the following morning that he had been spotted snorting heroin near his home.

“Hemraj is not only a drug dealer, but an addict himself. We knew he was desperate to do drugs and our teams kept an eye on his regular hideouts near his home. When our officer nabbed him, he was stoned. Fortunately he is not complaining of stomach ache again,”an officer said.

First Published: Jun 03, 2017 11:43 IST