Don’t love playing with numbers? Mathematics is just not for you

A courseprofile of BSc (H) Mathematics as elaborated by Sudha Arora, Lecturer, Deen Dayal Upadhayay College to HT correspondent.

delhi Updated: May 19, 2010 01:31 IST
Hindustan Times

Mathematics represents a high level of abstraction attained by the human mind. It is more than adding, multiplying and dividing. Mathematics as a subject is becoming increasingly popular owing to its applications in a wide field of study and research. Everything that is designed, built or organised needs to be logically calculated - from the insurance premium offered by a company to the measurement needed for a new bridge.

Being a mathematician is not every individual’s dream. However, those with a burning desire to play and work with numbers are fascinated by this subject. Solving problems, learning new techniques and an urge to innovate and advance methods matters. One should have the ability to put in hard and smart work. One should be able to adapt as well as set new standards to be an expert. These qualities will ensure good financial rewards multiplied by job satisfaction to the power of many career options. Employers value the skills that mathematics graduates bring to the workplace such as ability to handle difficult problems and think logically.

In Delhi University, the course is known as BSc (Hons) course. The course has been recently revised and provides a comprehensive survey of areas such as analysis, algebra, statistics, computer programming etc. The course is market friendly and job oriented. The revision has done away with BA/BSc (H) and a single BSc degree will be given. It has integrated computer software such as Matlab, Mathematica and Maple. Delhi University has provided this software to all the colleges, which students can use on the computers. The software would help students visualise the problems with the help of 3D illustrations and figures.

It has been observed that for recruitment in various companies, computer knowledge and application based mathematics is required. These points have been taken care of in papers like financial mathematics and C++ programming and numerical methods.

To take up the BSc (H) course in mathematics one needs to have studied mathematics till Class XII. All students who wish to pursue the course can look forward to developing their logical ability and analytical skills.

After graduation students can opt for masters in mathematics, statistics, operations research, and computer applications. There is plenty of scope in banking, insurance sectors, civil and statistical services. Opportunities are also open in the field of aerodynamics and market research. Mathematics also offers the scope of being teachers, lecturers or professors in schools and colleges. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics prepares a student for fascinating jobs in statistics, mathematical modeling, actuarial sciences, cryptography and teaching. A strong background in mathematics is also necessary for research in many areas.

First Published: May 19, 2010 01:25 IST