Five get life term for kidnapping businessman in New Delhi

A court in New Delhi has sentenced five men to life imprisonment for kidnapping a businessman for ransom and expressed concern over growing instances of abduction acquiring an 'industry' status in recent times.

delhi Updated: Mar 02, 2009 19:45 IST

The court also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 each, apart from the prison term, on convicts Amar Misra, Satbir, Ravi, Mukesh and Rajender, after holding them guilty of kidnapping Sukhdayal Malik, a businessman, dealing in spare parts on July 16, 1994.

In its judgement, the court lent credence to tape-recorded conversations of the convicts demanding Rs 20 lakh for release of the victim who was rescued by the police four days after the incident.

The court also dwelt at length over the motives of professional gangs involved in such instances.

"Motive behind these kidnappings are always either money or release of other dreaded criminals as done in Kandahar hijacking case where a plane of Indian citizens was kidnapped from Nepal and was kept in detention in Kandahar by terrorists for seeking release of dreaded master mind like Masood Azhar and they eventually succeeded," the court said.

"Despite provisions of death sentence by Parliament, the instances of kidnapping for ransom are increasing day by day and it is now being tagged as industry in the criminal world," Additional Sessions Judge Surinder S Rathi said.

First Published: Mar 02, 2009 19:44 IST