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Man behind syringe murder planned to frame the woman he ‘loved’

Anish Yadav allegedly told the physiotherapist, who he had roped in to kill the victim, that if he gets caught, he must tell the police that the victim’s wife had plotted to kill him

delhi Updated: Jan 11, 2017 14:38 IST
Ananya Bhardwaj
Ananya Bhardwaj
Hindsutan Times
Syringe killer,Anish Yadav,Prem Kumar
Anish Yadav paid a physiotherapist ₹1.5 lakh to inject poison into the body of the victim.

Anish Yadav, who roped in a physiotherapist to inject the husband of the woman he loved with poison, had planned to frame her, if he would get caught.

Yadav and the woman were college mates and after consistent persuasion, she had started dating him. But after a rape case was lodged against Yadav at Dwarka in 2010, the woman’s family refused to accept the relationship. They also pointed out that Yadav had a volatile nature and was impulsive.

By his own admission, Yadav was so much in love with his college mate that he wanted to be with her at any cost. But he told Prem Singh — a physiotherapist who was paid ₹1.5 lakh for the job — that if he would get caught, he must tell the police that it was the man’s wife who had plotted to kill him.

Yadav told the police that he tried to contact her several times but she never came on the phone. He later came to know that she got married in July 2016 with Prem Kumar.

“He claimed he decided to kill her husband as he dreamed of her telling him that she was not happy with her marriage and would love to be back with him. In reality, Yadav never met or spoke to the woman after she got married,” a police source said.

The death cocktail
The accused watched videos on YouTube and researched on internet to prepare the poison
Anish Yadav (left) and Prem Singh
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The plan

It was Singh who suggested that they should kill Kumar by injecting poison in his body. Yadav agreed and the two planned the murder over six days. They anticipated what they would do, if they get caught.

“Yadav paid him ₹1.5 lakh for the job and told him that even if he gets caught he should name the woman. They left their mobile phones at home when they went to kill Kumar to avoid being traced,” a police officer said.


Singh allegedly stole a bottle of Midazolam, an anesthetic, from AIIMS and went home to research how it could be made into a poisonous concoction. He then zeroed down on two more medicines- Fortwin and Phenergan- that he and Yadav, later bought from a chemist shop along with two masks and a syringe.

Singh also watched videos on the internet on how to inject anesthesia and the dosage enough to kill a person.


On the day of the incident both Singh and Yadav boarded the Metro and got down at RK Ashram Marg. Yadav then purchased wine from a shop and the two had a drink, reportedly celebrating the success of Yadav’s love life. Singh then headed to Kumar’s office to execute their plan. “Singh stabbed Kumar’s neck with the syringe. But he was caught by the passersby,” said a police officer.

Investigation and confession

As per their plan, Singh earlier tried to mislead the police by saying that Kumar’s wife had hired him to kill her husband but his phone chats and call details exposed his plan.

“Yadav had sent him Kumar’s photographs on his WhatsApp along with directions. The chat read ‘marne se pehle acche se photo dekh lena’. Also the two had shared several internet links during the planning of the murder and spoke to each other daily,” a police officer said.

“We we confronted him with these facts, he broke down and revealed that Yadav had hired him.”

HT tried to contact the woman but she has left for her husband’s native village for the last rites.

First Published: Jan 11, 2017 14:38 IST