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Medha Nagpal 25, Nutritionist and fitness trainer

delhi Updated: Apr 09, 2013 03:01 IST
Chetna Dua
Chetna Dua
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Medha Nagpal 25, Nutritionist and fitness trainer

Home is in: Gurgaon
School/college I attended: Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University
I earn my living by: helping people to lead a healthy lifestyle
I desire in a man: honesty and chivalry
I appreciate most about my friends: that they support me when I’m down and out
If I could name myself, it would be: Medha. As it means knowledge. I love being myself.
I dream to be: a good human being and be capable to help all
My worst nightmare: is being incapable of helping others
How I want to die: with a perfect 10 figure and a big smile on my face
My present state of mind: balanced and happy
My motto: help all to get better and fitter
Facebook Friends at present: 437
Can’t do without this: my music and a regular long walk
A book I’m reading right now: Autobiography of a Yogi
I love to shop at: Marks n Spencer and Fab India
My last regret purchase: my Blackberry
My biggest indulgence: perfumes
If not in India, I would live in: Australia
One person I want to put on a diet: Akash Ambani. Being the son of a self-made man, a lot of people would take fitness inspiration from him
A cuisine I can’t tolerate: any animal meat

About her...
A nutritionist and certified fitness trainer, she has got more than 50 police personnel from Gurgaon get back into shape in less than three months. “I lost my mother to cancer when I was 17. That’s when I started researching on the benefits of eating the right foods and decided to make people aware of them,” says Medha. “My work is my biggest passion as I would want to help as many people around me to achieve a healthy, happy and a fit life.” Most of her clients have lost 3-5 kgs in a month irrespective of age, profession or medical condition.

First Published: Apr 08, 2013 16:35 IST