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Petrol puns on Twitter

As soon as the government announced what is being dubbed as the steepest petrol price hike in recent times, furious aam aadmi took to Twitter to release their angst against the raise. The attacks are funny but biting and blunt.

delhi Updated: May 25, 2012 02:19 IST
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As soon as the government announced what is being dubbed as the steepest petrol price hike in recent times, furious aam aadmi took to Twitter to release their angst against the raise. The attacks are funny but biting and blunt.

State-run oil firms on Wednesday announced the biggest ever single-shot hike in petrol prices in 10 years. Petrol prices have been raised by an average of about Rs. 7.50 per litre. The firms claim they were forced to raise prices. Well, try and tell that to the people on Twitter.

"Did anyone remember oil companies reducing #petrol prices when international crude price went down except once?" tweeted @DevNakshi.

The government claimed it had no role to play in increasing the petrol price. Here was the retort: the government's claim was tagged as "#toplies".

Vehicles, in Delhi, queue up at a petrol pump on Wednesday evening to fill petrol in vehicle tanks before the steep hike in price gets effective. HT Photo By Sonu Mehta

Journalist Kanchan Gupta picked a hole in the price-hike argument with this logic: "Global oil prices at 7 month low. Indian petrol prices at all-time high. Congressnomics".

"Pay the highest price for petrol in the world when crude prices are down to lowest in 7 months? That's dishonesty," tweeted @Metrans.

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah, whose National Conference party is an ally of the government, made his displeasure at the price hike clear with a tweet which was retweeted over 900 times.

"Petrol Pump Attendant : Saab, Kitne ka daaloon? Customer : 2-4 Rupye ka car ke upar spray kar de bhai. Aag lagani hai. #petrol #pricehike", tweeted Abdullah.

People who supported the price hike seem few. "Away from populist politics, UPA2 takes an economically prudent decision of petrol price hike. Let subsidy on diesel be the next to go," tweeted @KapilSKalhan.

BJP protesters demonstrate against petrol price hike in Hyderabad. AFP Photo/Noah Seelam

With common man and the opposition up in arms, the Centre on Thursday hinted a possible partial rollback in the petrol price hike. As Twitter continues to dole out the humour, it remains to be seen what the government does to handle the situation.


@fakingnews: Sid Mallya says out of court settlement with the molestation victim wasn't financial in any way. Maybe they paid in #petrol.

@gauravkapur: Friend said he had a well-stocked bar. 15 year old Malt, 10 year old wine, but there was no petrol. Such cheap hosts!

@punittongia: The monk who sold his ferrari knew about the petrol hike

@calamur: humour on the petrol rise is awesome. i suppose i wont sound terribly mature if i go 'yay, yay, yay, i drive diesel ' :D

@khush1994: When the finance minister says ‘GDP’ will rise, will he mean - Gas, Diesel and Petrol?

@dipakjagetiya--Breaking News: The little Sardar Kid in the Maruti Suzuki ad, "Papa petrol khatam hi nahi hunda" has just committed suicide.. #Petrol


@devang_for_all: Drinking and driving should not be a problem now. Who can afford alcohol & petrol on the same day?

@rameshsrivats: It seems there may be a rollback of Rs. 2 on petrol prices. Dei government, why are you treating this like a vegetable-shop bargaining?

@Shekhar3108: The amount of rush I witnessed yesterday in the near by petrol pump was never to be seen in my lifetime Thanks to the steep hike


@Raavas_: For all girls ...their 'dream man' will now come on a white horse ! All thanks to the #petrol price hike.

@EnoSAINT: Put a viagra pill in your fuel tank...atleast the fuel indicator will stay up !! #petrol

@shadymumbai: Due to Price hike in #petrol , LPG ,CNG , Vat etc etc ...Effective Immediately Poonam Pandey has stopped all Her Free Home Delivery schemes

@thevirdas: Why worry so much about the petrol hike when you can just sleep with a rich person. Sad to see such a lack of initiative. Sigh!


'Steepest ever hike hits petrol'

Ashok: The Congress Government falls in 2014. and the BJP comes to power, will it change it anything? BJP will follow the same economic policies as the Congress, which it is opposing now.

Sharma: We cannot fully blame on government for fuel hike. the market is in a poor condition.value of rupee has fallen...european market is a major concern...even though the international crude oil price has fallen oil companies were in a poor condition because of this delayed price hike...

Shruti Methaila: KBC will start again and winner will get 1000 liters of petrol :P

PPE: The government is not forcing anyone to buy petrol. If we can't afford petrol, why are we not taking to cycling? If complain, protest and talk. But after all this protest, we buy petrol at a higher price! What hypocrisy!

Mandagaddeshankar: Instead of curbing black money available with corrupt government officials and politicians, the government has chosen the easiest way to increase prices of petroleum products. This adds to inflation further and the planning commission chairman may announce that a person in India can live with Rs 10 per day henceforth.

Venugopal Menon: Recover the the black money stashed in foreign countries to clear the mess we are in.

CANDOR: This again shows poor governance with such hefty increase inflicted at one go. What were political compulsions for holding increases, accumulated and then, implemented at one go? But, ultimately it is people who voted such poor decision maker for which Congress is known since independence.

Riversand: This price increase, coming right after the visit of Hillary Clinton and her requisition that India minimize imports of fuel from Iran, tells volumes about the impotence and puppetry of the government, which has been successful in reducing the value of the rupee 200 times from the day of Independence.

Shekhar: Good job, this was needed to bring some relief to Oil companies. Move welcome!

Adolf: Canada is among the largest producers of oil and average price of regular gasoline in Canada is Rs. 71/ ltr. So go figure who is stealing who. If you can't afford the gasoline then don't buy the vehicle.

First Published: May 24, 2012 23:10 IST